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u/ironman7 · 2 pointsr/Vue

I do this currently with Google Home. It's pretty complicated for the return you get.
If you just want to send commands to PS4 AFTER ITS ON, the harmony hub + remote/app can do it via Bluetooth.

To turn on the PS4 you need:

ps4-waker | Turn on/off a PS4 on the same network and logs in. Can also start applications (like Vue) and send commands.
IFTTT | To activate a link in response to Alexa command
Autoremote chrome extension | Receive web request from IFTTT on local computer
EventGhost | To perform action on local computer after an AutoRemote request
always-on computer | To run Autoremote, EventGhost and then ps4-waker command

To send specific commands to PS4 from Alexa/IFTTT, same setup as above but instead of ps4-waker, use:

HarmonyHubCLI | Tells a harmony hub on the same network to send a command to any device like PS4, TV, etc.


This is how it flows:

  1. You tell Alexa to do something.
  2. Alexa activates IFTTT recipe with the Maker channel opening a web link.
  3. That link is received by AutoRemote.
  4. This activates an activity in EventGhost.
  5. In that activity, you can run ps4-waker or HarmonyHubCLI in command line.

    I use this computer stick and leave it on. If you are serious about home automation, this is the way to go. You can control everything on your local network via scheduling, HTTP requests and IFTTT.

    edit: I forgot Vue doesn't accept bluetooth commands from anything but a controller. On mine, my TV supports HDMI Link which passes TV remote commands to the PS4. So Harmony hub send the TV commands and the TV passes them to the PS4 and that works. If your TV can't do that then using HarmonyHubCLI/harmony remote to send bluetooth commands won't work for Vue but works for other PS4 applications. I will leave this up anyhow for turning on the PS4 at least.

    edit2: HDMI Link also supports turning on the PS4 from standby when the TV input is switch to PS4. Not all TVs support this though. Worth checking out, but this won't open PS Vue like ps4-waker would.

u/HolyLiaison · 1 pointr/Vue

I bought this attic antenna from Amazon for like $30. It's been a great purchase for me. Cheap and it works fantastic. I use a 6 way powered splitter with it to send the antenna signal to every TV in my house. Works great.

u/Glenathon · 3 pointsr/Vue

This thing was supposed to come out in March, but looks like was delayed until July. I already have a Logitech remote, so I'm pretty excited once it arrives. It works with a number of different Logitech remotes.

I use my PS4 primarily with Vue as of late, and I agree, using the controller is not idea. I think this is the perfect fix for this solution and it's made by Sony and for the PS4.

EDIT: Licensed by Sony

u/mhunterchump · 2 pointsr/Vue


Plus this:

Equals Awesome Capturing.

I have a Toshiba 500 GB External plugged into front USB and just one press of record button and it records. Press the record button again and it stops. The light blinks so you know your recording.

It's easy to use, easy to setup. The on screen menus are slow to load but I don't need them as I only press one button on the remote ever. It has a built in editor but it didn't work that well. I just record on hard drive. Then take hard drive to my PC and edit footage.

I love this thing. If you use the splitter I linked it removes HDCP and you can even record streaming apps like NF and PSV.

u/ericklemyelmo · 1 pointr/Vue

Alright so the one I got is good but bad at the same time. I'm trading it out for a universal remote, mainly for the function of having a guide button. the one I got is the ipazzport controller like one:

It was easy to set up and use but the problems it had were double clicking sometimes, poor one handed use, and no guide button, which is a deal breaker for me. I've found out that the mi box has an ir receiver on it, so I'm going to be getting this:

I personally wish it was a bit less old school controller look wise and had a QWERTY keyboard, but what can you do. I was torn between that one and this one, which I will get if the guide button doesn't end up working out:

The other ones I read up on as basically being the dankest nugs are the harmony remotes, but I really can't justify that much money for a remote. Stuff like this has me wishing I would have just gotten a ps4 and gotten the PlayStation remote with it. I will make a new reply to you guys when I get and try out the new remote. Hope some of this has helped!

u/AF8791 · 1 pointr/Vue

We have Verizon Fios (Frontier now) 150mbs up and down. We upgraded to that router and it worked better but we still had issues.

What fixed it totally was getting the google wifi we went from 70 to 80 down to right on 150. Vue has worked perfectly since then no pauses or skips.

Parents have vue and use the Amazon fire tv and were have issues with skips and pauses. Got them Google wifi haven't had a issue since.

I highly recommend getting it. You can buy it in a three pack or individually. Easy setup.

u/mmitch1031 · 2 pointsr/Vue

Yes. Tablo TV I've used it for a couple of years it's great. They just rolled out commercial skip and it's a thing of beauty.

My sister has the Amazon Recast which is also an OTA DVR. I think it's still kinda buggy but I've heard good things:

u/markneill · 3 pointsr/Vue

The Harmony Hub remotes will work today, the IR ones don't.

At least, not until March 31...

PDP PlayStation 4 IR Receiver For Logitech Harmony Remote Control Devices

USB connection to the PS4, promises to map all 51 controller functions to your Harmony IR remotes (350, 650, etc).

u/DR-Gustav · -3 pointsr/Vue

You might want to know that with this $5 app on our Fire TV 2 AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) we can Airplay with little to no problems. Sometimes I need to restart the APP, but that's about it. Regardless of low score reviews, we've had great success casting from iPhones and iPads, Macbooks, they all work just fine.

u/akatherder · 4 pointsr/Vue

If you have multiple TVs, amazon has the Fire TV on sale right now (refurbished).

I couldn't recommend the Fire TV any more strongly for using Vue. I have tried many devices but I don't have a PS4 (though I understand it's also a great experience).
Just an fyi if you're looking to hook up any more TVs.

u/LRH2380 · 1 pointr/Vue

Thanks. I have this

and I it has been working great now. Not sure if vue was doing some work or what, but I haven't had any issues. I also kept my old gateway from verizon and disabled wifi from the gateway which may have made it better.

u/DeltaEchoXray · 1 pointr/Vue

Do you like the remote? I've been reading that people don't find it ideal for Android TV, especially with Vue. I've been expecting to purchase a more user-friendly third party remote like this:

Some of the 2015 models on Ebay get bundled with the new remote too.

u/quietstorm560 · 1 pointr/Vue

You could try going with an powerline adapter to convert your wifi to wired through your home wiring. Something like this --

If you do want to go back to cable, I'd suggest that you purchase a used/refurb cable box to avoid the rental fees associated. Or you could get a TiVo/DVR that'll play with your cable company nicely.

There's ways around the cable companies' rental fees.

u/lastemp3ror · 2 pointsr/Vue

You have to add the $10 Playstation card to your cart. Make sure you are adding the one that is "digital code" or whatever the wording is. Here is an example of one. Not the one where they physically deliver the card to you. Then at checkout you have to make sure the payment method is "digital credit". If you don't have $10 dollars of digital credit, you can apply what you have towards the payment.


Samsung 49"

This is a nice set.

But I would use the money saved and get an Amazon Cube. MOST Tv's are not there yet with the built in interference (performance wise). You will be sold the first time you walk into a room and say "Alexa, turn on the tv" or "Alexa, tune to ABC" and your will is commanded.

u/lanemeyer88 · 1 pointr/Vue

My brother and his family were struggling with their new 1 tb cap with Comcast. He discovered the rest of the family wasn't always backing out of apps like Vue/Pandora/Netflix before shutting off the tv because they were expecting the hdmi cec to put the fire tvs to sleep. Either the FireTV or tv hdmi cec wasn't working correctly but he would turn on a tv later and find apps that had been running for hours while everyone was sleeping or at work/school. He added a smart power strip to every tv which shuts off power to FireTV when the tv gets turned off. It does take the FireTVs a little extra time to power up vs. waking up from sleep but it has solved his particular cap issue. I think this is the brand strip he bought:

u/Bullonparade85 · 2 pointsr/Vue

Our prayers have been answered!!! Just upgraded to a harmony elite and I'm so looking forward to this!

u/BeardedBarney · 2 pointsr/Vue

Yes you can. The remote communicates through Bluetooth, so the box doesn't need to be in line of sight. You can use this mounting bracket, it seems to have solid reviews.

u/mintusaurus · 2 pointsr/Vue

Got you covered! I use this with my PS4 and TV. Volume controls work through my sound bar without having to switch inputs. It works well.

u/jp81392 · 1 pointr/Vue

I don't believe there is a similar command on the actual Mi Box Remote. However I purchased a remote off of amazon that has the command that you are looking for. I just tested it and it does work to bring up the guide shortcut.

u/IceZ23 · 1 pointr/Vue

Is this the device you are talking about?