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u/paulsimonbypaulsimon · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

$70 for the Seiko, $60 for the Bulova, or $120 for the pair, shipped CONUS. I'm trying to finance my purchase of a SARB035. A little about the watches:

Seiko "5" SARZ005:

41mm diameter case with a 4R36 movement (hacking, handwinding). Comes with the original bracelet, all links. Condition is good, with some normal scuffs on the case and bracelet (more so the bracelet; I couldn't get the case scratches to show in the photos). It really looks it's best on a brown leather strap (pictured, but not included). It's a hair too big for my tastes, but it always gets compliments for its sporty wrist presence. The applied indices are prominent and have well-applied Seiko lume, especially at 12 o'clock.

Bulova Precisionist 96B158:

40mm case, 22mm lugs and the well known Precisionist quartz movement with a sweeping seconds hand. I bought it as a dress watch but it works way better as a smart casual watch. I picked this one up right before Bulova removed the tuning fork logo from 12', which seems crazy to me since it adds a lot of character to the dial. The crown and clasp are both signed with that logo. Again, good condition with some light scuffing on the polished case. I'm including the stock black strap because the clasp is cool, but it's well worn so I'll also throw in a barely-worn Hirsch "Camelgrain" strap as well (after all, this is my only watch with 22mm lugs!). Lovely match against the grey dial.

EDIT: Also for what it's worth, I think the Bulova punches above its weight. The face and crown are straight class, and that second hand is mesmerizing (not mine, but this video shows the sweep in 60fps). It's just not the smaller dress watch that I'm looking for.

EDIT: BOTH SOLD. Thanks everyone!

u/KnobbyFoot · 1 pointr/Watchexchange


For sale is my Bulova Men’s Precisionist 96B158

I purchased this from Amazon on July 16 this year as an impulse buy on Prime Day. I’m letting it go to make room for other watches.

Price: $85 or best offer via Paypal (+3% if G&S)

Condition: Like new, worn once for a few hours around the house. Protective stickers on crystal and buckle have been removed.

Includes: Original packaging including box, pillow, tag, instruction manual, and warranty registration

Warranty: This was purchased from Amazon so it’s likely the Bulova warranty does not apply.

Shipping: USPS to CONUS with tracking and insurance (covered by me)

Open to trade for a G-Shock 5600 or 5610.

Case width: 42mm

Case thickness: 10mm

Band width: 22mm

If you want an inexpensive, great-looking, highly-accurate and reliable quartz watch, this is a great option.

What attracted me to this watch was the dial which has a lot of 3 dimensional texture to it and the smooth-sweeping seconds hand. The band is a slightly stiff, but comfortable black leather with faux-croc pattern. This watch could be dressed up or down with a strap change. I think brown leather would look great on it.

The most interesting aspect of this watch is it’s Precisionist-class torsional resonator movement which uses a three-prong quartz crystal that creates a vibration frequency of 262.144 kHz. The Precisionist-class movement has been shown to be three times more accurate than standard quartz. This proprietary manufactured movement, including the signature floating second hand, also offers a resistance to gravitational error which further improves accuracy.

Timestamp: Here

Pictures: Here

Video of smooth second hand sweep: Here

Link to product listing on Amazon for reference:

Link to product listing on Jomashop for reference:

If you have any questions, please DM me.


u/ThePayless · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Citizen Eco Drive - BM8475-00x - GREEN DIAL.

I have absolutely no idea why but it seems like these green dials (which are the older discontinued model I believe) are scarce compared to the orange dials and black. I guess I can understand people hold onto the green, I think this watch is just gorgeous, and was really hard to decide to let go. The loom is really impressive and the tech behind the movement is just awesome. Case is 42mm and there is a slight scratch on the lug you can see in one of the pictures. Other than that it's in great condition with no other marks. Even at 42mm it just felt too big for my small wrist.

It comes with an after market citizen strap found here which I think looks amazing.

I would ask $115 ($95 without the strap and just the nato band) OBO

The straps are all 22mm. One is a black leather from the Invicta, the other is a nice clasp strap made of like a sporty nylon material, definitely an active-sporty sorta strap but looks great, and finally a green and navy blue NATO.

For all the straps 135 + watch shipped US ONLY. INTL would pay for shipping

I take venmo or PayPal + fees to you.

There is also this Invicta, which I know this sub doesn't love, the S1 Rally. throw in 40 for it.

u/clark1409 · 2 pointsr/Watchexchange

I want some new watches but I need to sell a few to be able to justify it to myself. I'll pay the shipping cost to COSU and the paypal fees with reasonable offers.

First up is the ever popular Orient Blue Ray EM6500CD. 41mm case automatic with a 22mm lug width, perfect for all those Natos you all love so much. Comes on the original strap with the original box, papers, and hanger tag. There is a mark on the crystal between the 10 and the 11. Looking for $125.

Next up is the beautiful Bulova Precisionist 93B130. 40mm case size and 22mm lug width. The sweeping second hand and deployment clasp make this a great dress watch. It's in great condition and comes with the box and papers. Looking for $125.

Third up for sale is the Bulova Marine Star 98B112. Water resistant to 100M, 41.8mm case & 22mm lugs. 24 hour sub dial at the 9 and 6 position, date at the 12 position. comes with box & papers, looking for $175.

Orient Ray Raven SOLD.

I also have a few 22mm nato straps. $8 each. Edit: Black & grey NATO sold.

u/LementingWalrus · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Hello. Here we have three perfect watches to start off a nice watch collection, or to just some nice pieces to add to the collection! I am looking to upgrade my own collection, so I need these sold or traded! Trades can be anything, currently looking for a diver (seiko, orient, Christopher ward, steinhart) as well as any seiko sarb's (I will add $ accordingly).

Seiko SNKK65K1

Bezel has quite a few scratches

Running well (I haven't tested it but have had no problems)

Comes with a nice adjustable crocodile leather strap

Original bracelet has about 8" (Normal desk scratching)

Display Case back

$60 Shipped CONUS

Seiko SNK795

Significant Scratching on crystal (accidentally rub it against my skateboard grip tape)

Normal wear on bezel and bracelet

Runs well

Fitted for a 6.5" wrist comes with one extra link (not pictured)

Nice red second hand

Display case back

$55 shipped CONUS

Seiko SNKE56

Great Condition

Runs well

Very light bezel and bracelet wear

No scratches on crystal

Fitted for a 6.75" wrist (No extra links)

Display Case back

$70 shipped CONUS

Almost forgot Time stamp

I will do $150 shipped CONUS for all three. *If you bundle buy I will also throw in another seiko 5 (probably broken) FREE! Also a vintage looking Oris for FREE, if I find it!

u/NowHerePresent · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange

hate to sidetrack your thread, but have you considered these? a daily driver for a carpenter, first thing that comes to mind is a g-shock. indestructible, holds perfect time, and features you could use. I listed a few others for you. Personally. I would get one of these 3, and wear a 007 after work/weekends. IMO, wear and tear is only cool on vintage watches. I agree, 007 is a super sturdy watch, but i'd be a little funny shaking it that much during hard work. Cheers! :D

u/Otangarang · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Hello everyone!

A little backstory: This is my first time selling watches in this sub, so please let me know if I am doing anything wrong. I got into watches late last year, and quickly expanded my collection. However, I have realized that I am really a 2 watch guy as far as mechanical watches go. I really do love all of these watches, but in the end I decided to keep my SARB033. As for the second mechanical watch, I am eyeing the BB58 but those are hard to come by.

Anyways, my goal here is to simply break even on all of these watches except the Bambino (asking $100 instead of $130) since they have all been purchased within the last year and have not seen much wrist time in comparison to my SARB033

Orient Bambino ($100 NET)

Pics & Timestamp -


Seagull 1963 HKED w/ Sapphire Crystal ($310 NET)

This also comes with a Clockwork Synergy 2-piece heavy NATO. I like the two piece on this one because you get to still see that awesome movement thru the display case.

Pics & Timestamp -


Glycine Combat Sub GL0087 ($310 NET)

Pics & Timestamp -


Vero Automatic LE limited edition (only 33 made) ($1180 NET) SOLD

This comes with the original 2 worn and wound straps. This was the watch that was hardest to decide to sell. It offers so much for the price (US made (Portland company), boxed sapphire, 100m water resistance, regulated in 6 positions, blued screws and excellent proportions for smaller wrists), and not to mention its a limited edition. But in the end, the SARB033 won out for me.

Pics & Timestamp -


Even if you're not interested, I hope you enjoy the pics!

u/dbomb0 · 2 pointsr/Watchexchange

Up for sale today are a pair of beautiful dress watches:

I am willing to sell/trade the watches individually but would prefer to trade them as a pair (open to anything).


Seiko SNKK52 - "Seikonaut" - SOLD

  • Case diameter: 38mm
  • Movement: Seiko 7S26 (non-handwinding, non-hacking)
  • Extras: Comes with all boxes and papers
  • Amazon listing: SNKK52 Amazon
  • Album:
  • Condition: 8.5/10. There are two small scratches on the crystal at the 12 o'clock position.


    Citizen Eco-Drive BL6005-01E - $100

  • Case size: 26x37mm
  • Movement: Citizen Eco-Drive Calibre B023
  • Extras: Comes with all boxes and papers
  • Amazon listing: BL6005-01E Amazon
  • Album:
  • Condition: 10/10. The watch has been in my possession for ~1 year now and has never been worn. It still runs great.



    Thank you very much!
u/blaster99 · 2 pointsr/Watchexchange


Price: $95 shipped to CONUS via UPS w/ Tracking

Condition: Excellent. Worn just once.

Pics and timestamp:

My all positive feedback:

More info:

u/kingofthecode · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange

Hello all!

Welcome to my Wolf Watch Box Blowout! Up for sale today are 4 Wolf Windsor Watch Boxes. All coming to you at a significant discount over retail. These boxes are brand new in box. They have all original packaging and keys. They even have those little packs of branded silica gel.


Here are all the details.

  1. Wolf Windsor Watch Box, 15 Slot, Black & Purple - $125 SOLD
    Need more space? This box has you covered. It will fit your entire Rolex Submariner collection. Chrome finished hardware, locking glass cover, and smooth vegan leather. Direct from Wolf you’d pay $219 and $180 on Amazon. I’m letting this one go for $125.
  2. Wolf Windsor Watch Box, 10 Slot with Drawer, Black & Purple - $125 SOLD
    This box comes with a convenient drawer to hide all of your gold Krugerrands. Chrome finished hardware, locking glass cover, and smooth vegan leather. Direct from Wolf you’d pay $235 and $189 on Amazon. I’m letting this one go for $125.
  3. Wolf Windsor Watch Box, 10 Slot, Black & Purple - $85 SOLD
    Chrome finished hardware, locking glass cover, and smooth vegan leather. Won’t clash with your collection of blue Seiko Alpinists. Direct from Wolf you’d pay $159 and $105 on Amazon. I’m letting this one go for $85.
  4. Wolf Windsor Watch Box, 10 Slot, Black - $85 SOLD
    Chrome finished hardware, locking glass cover, and smooth vegan leather. Dead sexy. Direct from Wolf you’d pay $159 and $110 on Amazon. I’m letting this one go for $85.

    All prices include shipping to CONUS. I’m not looking to ship internationally at the moment. I just think it would be too cost prohibitive for the size of each box.

    PayPal or Venmo accepted.

    I’ve been buying and selling on watchexchange for a while. I have a little feedback here: I’d be happy to talk with you if you have questions.

    Thank you!
u/elysium73 · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Up for sale are some great straps, all 20mm except for one 19mm.



  1. 20mm - new and unworn Omega Speedy Tuesday Strap (CUZ007061). This is the strap that comes with the Limited Edition Speedy Tuesday, asking $170 shipped in CONUS.
  2. 20mm - lightly used Bulang & Sons Caramel Brown Pepsi Stitch Leather. Worn only a few times, super nice and soft, and plenty of life left, asking $70 shipped in CONUS. SOLD
  3. 20mm - new and unworn Two Stitch Straps Green Leather. Beautiful and custom made. Has quick release spring bars, asking $50 shipped in CONUS.
  4. 20mm - lightly Hadley-Roma Blue Leather Calfskin. High quality, used a few times, lots of life left, asking $30 shipped in CONUS.
  5. 19mm - lightly used generic alligator leather strap. I believe it's this one, but I'm not 100% sure, asking $20 shipped in CONUS. SOLD

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Payment by Paypal F&F. I have plenty of references here and on other forums. Thanks!
u/judsonm123 · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

i would like to sell this white G Shock to fund the purchase of a Seiko SNK809. (So if you have an SNK809, I will possibly trade you.) I am asking $50 plus shipping. I bought this watch as an Amazon Warehouse Deal, so all i have is the "stand" in the picture and the manual shoved underneath. It is a good watch, but I like my black square solar G shock more.

Here's a link to the watch on Amazon:

White G Shock

Again, I am selling this watch used with NO BOX. The module is 3155, which is actually a neat module.

I'm selling it to fund the purchase of this watch:

Cheap Seiko 5 Field Watch

Because I just have more watches than I need. I really only want the Seiko for the exhibition caseback (and the sweet design). My daily driver is a Seiko SRP777 which I love, but sadly, I can't see the movement.

My zip code is 30309.

u/dan_blather · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

As the thread title says, I'm selling a Citizen BM8180-03E Eco-Drive watch. Despite being about three years old, it's very lightly used; I'd say a 9+/10. The second hand strikes exactly on mark. I love the flieger-like face, but I very seldom wore it; with a diameter of 37mm, it looks quite small on my wrist. I'm also including the original box.

The BM8180-03E seems to have a small following on /r/watches, and it earned hundreds of excellent reviews on Amazon.

$75 (Paypal), with free shipping from 14850 (Upstate NY). Sorry, but US only; I really don't want to deal with customs declarations and the like.

EDIT: $65 firm.

u/HeyItsJay · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Yeah no big deal.

Here is one that sold a week ago for $340.

This one is the more rare White Dialed version of it currently listed for $325.

Opposed to the $430 on Amazon, Seiya offers it for $396. Though Amazon has one for $398 right now. Long Island has it for $399 also.

The watch isn't as scarce as you might believe.

They usually sell for around the price I stated. Not trying to shit on you or anything, just giving out some other viable options. Because for that price (Minus the Straps) a buyer will be able to buy one new with a warranty attached.

Though, GLWS and hope you find it a new home. And to OP's favor, the straps he has on it are significantly better than the trash that Seiko put on it which really is doo doo.

u/hyde76 · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

[WTS] Seiko Astron Ladies LE SSE021J1 (Solar + GPS) Limited Edition Solar Chronograph from the Astron collection / GPS controlled time and zone adjustment / Perpetual calendar correct to the year 2100 / Signal reception result indication / World time function (39 time zones) / Daylight Saving Time function / Power save function / Three-fold clasp with push button release / High intensity titanium case and leather bracelet / Ceramic bezel with rose gold dials / Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating / Lumibrite Hands And/or Markers
Case diameter: 45 mm / 100m water resistance (10 BAR)
New Timestamp here:

Gallery here:


Price reduced to $1400 USD Perfect for Mother's Day!


Today we have a Seiko Astron Ladies (there are diamonds) GPS Solar watch with a white leather strap. Accurate time anywhere on Earth. This was purchased 3 years ago for my wife who decided it was too large for her wrist. She wore it on one trip to Europe (where it worked flawlessly) and never touched it again. The watch is in perfect condition while the white leather band has a couple of marks on it consistent with wear and clasp adjustment. You’ll see in the photos. Full kit, comes with box and papers. Asking USD $1400 shipped priority insured and tracked in the US. Payment: Bank Wire or Paypal + 3% Fee. International shipping will be determined by location and added. No returns unless it’s not as described.
For comparison, on Amazon - It’s my second time selling on Reddit and I have a long history on e-bay both buying and selling with 100% feedback.

u/HelloWuWu · 2 pointsr/Watchexchange

Up for sale is my Casio Edifice EF-503D-7AVDF Chronograph. It's quite a good looking watch and made it's rounds on r/Watches as the poor man's Speedmaster. The case diameter is 42mm and sits comfortably and well on the wrist. This watch does need a new battery as the current one in it is drained. Selling to slowly add to my fund for my grail.

Included is the watch + all the original additional links for the bracelet. I believe I may also have the original box and packaging, so I'll update this space once I confirm that (just need to look in storage). The watch and bracelet is in excellent condition. I've only worn this about a half a dozen times.

Here are some additional photos of the watch:

You can read all about the specs of the Edifice here:

Asking price is $110.00 USD (SOLD) shipped in the continental US. Not looking for any trades at the moment. I haven't bought or sold much on u/watchexchange but I'm happy to provide references on other forums or on my eBay account. Don't hesitate to PM me any questions you may have.

Sold That was quick.

u/purabc · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Im open to looking at all offers, reason for sale: does not look good on my watch.

So, i won this strap from this giveaway [proof i actually was one of the winners Unfortunately the strap i got doesnt match my watch at all so i'm looking to trade it for some other strap either a brown leather strap or some type of NATO that would look nice on this watch it is my only watch at the moment and dont plan on buying another watch soon since i am a high school student so i can't afford it which is why i would rather trade it than keep it for years in the back of a drawer and forget about it.

Any offers are appreciated if you would like more info please dont be affraid to PM me

u/_olemiss_ · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

imgur album

amazon link

Watch works just like it's supposed to. Keeps time as if new.

There is a very noticeable scratch on the face of the watch, Tried to get a good shot of it - visible in at least the first 3 shots.

I don't have the original leather strap. IMHO it was kind of junk anyway. This NATO matches the watch so much better anyway - it should come standard.

I really like this watch and the combo, but I've moved on and a g-shock is now my daily.

Lume shot of similar watch

Price is $95 shipped CONUS. I'd love to move this. I'm open to offers and trades.

u/crispybaxon · 6 pointsr/Watchexchange

The cheapest watch in my collection also happens to be my most favorite, most used, and easily the most complimented. The Casio MDV106.

Here's a whole other bunch of Casio watches under $50. You can't go wrong with this brand.

u/piro7 · 0 pointsr/Watchexchange

I bought this Citizen off of this sub back in March. I thought it would be a fun beater watch, but honestly have only worn it once or twice. I'm looking to sell it to put towards a new purchase. I bought it for $90 and it is listed for $146 new on Amazon. The watch overall is in fairly good shape, however the crystal is scratched between 12 & 4 o'clock. They are very light so only show up in certain light/angles. It might be able to be polished out.

Asking $90 $80 OBO shipped to CONUS, I'll absorb paypal fees.

u/beautifulwatchez · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

BRAND |Citizen Eco-Drive BM8180-03E
Price | $[50]
Watch Condition|Brand new
What's Included|Watch, retail packaging, and warranty pamphlet
Payment method|Bitcoin (Coinbase), and Direct Bank Wire Transfers
Location |Tennessee, US
Shipping Method|(US ONLY) USPS Priority Mail w/ insurance, ships same day as payment. I will gladly ship to other countries, but I will only contribute $10 towards shipping cost. So if it cost $20, you will need to pay $10. Cool??? Thanks!
Anything Else?|Original purchase receipt from, has 5 year manufacture warranty

Reference price: Amazon

IMPORTANT NOTE**| I realize some of you view a transaction with me as risky... new account, type of payment, and so on. So I'm offering to those who have solid rapport on Reddit, that I will ship the watch to you before payment. Yeah, I know, that's crazy, but for me its simple and straight forward. I don't mind being the one taking the risk, so to speak. I doubt I'll do this in the future once my account is established, but I'll figure that out when the time comes. Also, I think I'm going to use only Bank Wire Transfers, since most everyone has a bank account, and Coinbase has been a nightmare for some. Thanks.

u/dummytim · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

[WTB] G-Shock

Looking for something like this or any other Bluetooth variant.

Bonus for a mix of analog and digital displays. Prefer something with a second hand since that's what I'll be using for work.

Wouldn't mind the cheaper beaters as well since I'll mainly be using this for work. Somehow lost my previous G-Shock...

u/Processing86 · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Unworn - Received as a gift and am unable to return.

Link to same watch on Amazon where it's being sold for $995 plus tax. It's original retail is $1,795.

Shipping in the CONUS, standard shipping will be included.

Payment Methods include Venmo, Zelle, and the Cash App. Please let me know if you have any questions!

u/spamologna · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange




I just received this in the mail yesterday. I think I got an ok deal. Was hoping to add a cheaper watch to my collection for work days etc. I unfortunately think this is too big for my little wrist.

Currently on Amazon for $291,

I was hoping to pass the deal to the community and can ship this to someone for $245. If no one wants it, I can still return it as I did not remove the tags.


Thank you!

u/NotSoSasquatchy · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange

$475 on Amazon but you get free shipping / returns / guarantee it’s new....

u/elBenhamin · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

I bought this watch pre-owned in identical condition as it is today. I was blown away by the construction of this watch, but found that this it was too small for my tastes. It was worn seldom by the original owner and for a few hours on my wrist in my apartment. It comes with all original packaging and a Strapcode Endmill bracelet. This is my first transaction on r/watchexchange, so I will be happy to provide references from my eBay profile.

Case/crystal condition: 10/10
Endmill bracelet condition: 9.5/10 (very few hairline scratches)
OEM bracelet condition: 10/10
Specs are here:

I also have a Helgray Silverstone for sale for $180 here. I would prefer a cash sale because I am saving for a Pelagos. However I may be open to trades for a Black Sumo, Borealis Sea Hawk, or a similarly sized/styled automatic diver.

u/ninjamike808 · 2 pointsr/Watchexchange

I don't have one for sale, but Amazon has this one for a good price, imo

u/runawaygrape · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange

This would probably suit you: SNK809

I wear mine on brown leather. Looks great.

u/mikedt · 2 pointsr/Watchexchange
Bullet-proof and lasts for years. I have a 20+ year old version that's still one of my favorite watches. Plus you get to see it every so often in TV and movies.
If you want an inexpensive mechanical watch, start with a Seiko. For $56 you get probably the cheapest name brand mechanical watch on the market.

u/Richard_MacDuff · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

I fully understand that this is not really the same thing. However, in my opinion, this casio diver is a reasonable option for much less money.

Just in case you don't find an SKX in your price range.


Edit: For sale atm

u/cmanthony · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange

Hey, have you looked into orient watches? They are automatic and on the less expensive side.

Here are a couple of links on Amazon:

Orient Esteem

Orient Classic

Edit: not sure if you mean your budget is 300$ or you want to spent less than 300$ per watch.

Edit 2: inexpensive Seiko 5

Edit 3: more Seiko

in black

u/oraanges · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Orient Ray, Amazon purchase link for spec review

Diameter; 42.5 mm

Band width; 22mm

Thickness; 13mm

Price; $75 shipped conus, paypal ff preferred.

Comes with; Original box from when I purchased, 22mm orient rubber strap, 22mm nato strap (blue, white, orange)

Notes; few small scratches on the crystal, bezel, and bracelet - this was a beater watch. I bought the watch with the rubber nato, but bought a used steel bracelet to replace the rubber strap. Selling because I am downsizing my collection and this one hasn’t seen much wear

Time stamp


wrist shot ~ 7.25”. You can see the two scratches; above the 5 marking and across the 1 marking.

mineral glass - realized that the pictures show a bunch of fingerprint smudges on the mineral glass. This is the current condition of the glass cleaned up.

I have sold a few watches on r/watchexchange along with trades, purchases, and selling on r/goodyearwelt and r/mechmarket.

u/pointyendfirst · 4 pointsr/Watchexchange

Just wanted to point out they’re selling new on amazon for $356 right now.

Seiko Men's Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch, Color:Brown (Model: SARB017)

u/Malne · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Rodina and Weekender are good but the Weekender is loud as fuck.

I'll suggest the Casio MDV106, hard to beat for a $40 watch and you can throw on a leather or Nato strap as you like.

Also if you want to stick with the Timex, go for the "Weekkender Chrono it's still a little noisy but much much better than the basic Weekender and you can get it in multiple colorways.

u/Youreaccurate · 6 pointsr/Watchexchange

Still not entirely sure why everyone has such a love affair with the Alpinist, but buying it with a warranty is still (for the moment) an option.

u/barnicleman · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

I came here to post this too... you really can't go wrong with the Casio MDV106. It's a lot of dive watch for around $40 and 22mm band gives you unlimited strap options. 10/10 would buy again!

u/MatthewBosch · 1 pointr/Watchexchange

Seiko Men's ' Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch, Color:Brown (Model: SARB017)

u/PartyBees · 5 pointsr/Watchexchange


If you want the straps, I think it's worth it, but if not, then definitely buy new.

u/pocketlim · 5 pointsr/Watchexchange

£45 is just about equivalent to what you'd find on Amazon btw: SNK809

u/Mastermachetier · 4 pointsr/Watchexchange $59 and similar straps around 30-40 bucks all together way cheaper then what your selling for. Realistically without knowing the strap brand info $40 bucks would be a big ask and the watch should be going between $35-40

u/TheOPoftheOP · 7 pointsr/Watchexchange

It is $4 cheaper on Amazon...
Casio Men's MDV106-1AV 200M Duro Analog Watch, Black

u/scycron · 13 pointsr/Watchexchange

I'm not very aware of the prices of diver watches, however I do know you can get this casio one for sub $50. Keep in mind it is 44m and is considered to be on the bigger side for watches

u/Erpderp32 · 6 pointsr/Watchexchange

Just a heads up OP, it's going for ~$64 CAD on brand new. Figured I'd give you a heads up on what offers you'll see