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u/mlgsnail · 3 pointsr/Wrangler

I got these:

They are knock off's but they use Cree LED's and work pretty well. The two suggestions I will give you is 1. use a ziptie for the connector to secure it better, the lock doesn't really work very well. and 2. use a protective 3m headlight film, as the plastic on the headlight seems prone to scratching.

I haven't had moisture intrusion issues with these and they are very bright. In my book it definitely beats 250 for JWS lights. I can find better things to do with that money.

u/mokujin · 4 pointsr/Wrangler

First polyfil (pillow stuffing) the sound bar. Can be found in any sewing/craft section or store and is cheap. Do not pack too dense. You unscrew the speakers and stuff the fill on the space behind them. This will give more depth to your sound.

Kicker makes a direct fit replacement for you. I went with an Infiniti setup, they fit, but I had to add my own mounting holes. It is easy, but, direct fit is easier.
You can always spend more but these will get you in the door.



As for subs a single 10" (even some 8's) in a "truck box" will give you the missing low end. You will retain your cargo space and much easier to take out if you need to load up. Or should someone decide they need your subs more than you, it will be cheaper to replace. Of course you could do a 12" or double up on anything...I was young once and competed in many audio events. If you want to go nuts let's talk.

As for your head unit. Head over to and poke around. Many use Crutchfield to see what fits then shop around for a better deal. If you purchase from them you will many time receive all the wiring and mounting hardware +phone support.

If you are newer to modifying things your stereo is a good entry into learning how things work. Feel free to hit me up if you need to talk through anything.

u/5HT2 · 4 pointsr/Wrangler

Hey, crutchfield has stereos and the wiring etc. Sometimes they are as much as 30 percent higher in price, but you will narrow down your search quick. Also, I got some great LED headlights/fog/markers off Amazon. They work great and we're only 100 bucks.

DOT Approved 7'' Black LED Headlights + 4 ''Cree LED Fog Lights for Jeep Wrangler 97-2017 JK TJ LJ

Edit:crutchfield has Marine stereos as well. (Weatherproof)

u/Ookly_The_Monkey_God · 4 pointsr/Wrangler

I'm going to assume this will be a generic mall crawler and not leave the pavement very often. If you plan to take it wheeling, reply back and I will add a few more suggestions.

Things to think about

  1. The hardtop takes up a lot of room. Either plan on putting in some sort of hoist to store it up high or giving up a lot of garage space.

  2. Until you have the previously mentioned hoist in place, the hardtop is a pain in the ass to put on and take off without help. Not because its heavy, but because its awkward. It also means that you can't just drop the top if the day is nicer than expected. On my old jeep, I eventually sold the hardtop and went soft top only. On my new Jeep, I skipped the hard top entirely.

    If you plan on storing instruments in the vehicle and need the secure storage, great. If not, then the soft top is the way to go in my opinion.

  3. For long haul trips, the back seats suck. The angle of the backrest on the rear seats is a bit steep and becomes uncomfortable after awhile. Also, there is no support under the center of the back seat. If the person in the middle is heavy, the seat could sag and become even more uncomfortable. There are a few aftermarket products to address both seat sagging and the recline issue but I've never tested them.

    Options to consider:

  4. 3.73 gears will cost you ~$600 or so. If you ever plan on putting on bigger tires or towing, you want the 3.73 gears. The 3.21 gears will give you an extra mile or so per gallon but at the expense of quite a bit of power.

  5. Don't buy either of the tow packages. The basic tow package costs around $350 and is just a hitch and wiring harness. You can buy the same receiver hitch on its own for $75. The wiring harness just clips in and its a quick and easy 4 bolt install.

    The Max tow package is almost as bad a deal. That's $900 and gives you the $3.73 gears ($600 above) and the hitch in one package. Still better to buy the gears on their own and use your own hitch.

  6. Spiderweb Shade This is a must have if you plan on going topless very often. The best part is that once its installed, you never have to remove it. It fits right under the factory tops.

  7. Unless you plan on putting in an aftermarket sound system, spend the money for the alpine upgrade. Without it you can't hear the music over the sound of the wind if you have the top down.

  8. Hood latches - There are several options, both with and without keys. If you live in a zero crime area, great...but for the rest of us, a set of keyed hood latches will help keep your battery from getting stolen. Also, the hood flutters at high speed with the stock latches. That makes me nervous.

  9. Door hinge locks are also a good idea. Jeep doors are easy to take off, expensive to replace, and are stolen more often than you would think. While not foolproof, they are better than nothing...especially if you don't keep the key to them in the jeep itself.

u/themadpants · 1 pointr/Wrangler

I have the 4100NEX too. Love it.
I went with an Alpine PDX-V9 for the amplifier:
Polk DB6501 crossovers for the speakers:
My sub is the slimline JL 10tw3-d4:
The box requirements are tiny for the sub, and the bass is amazing! The amp is really small but powerful.
Sound quality is awesome with the top on or off. I got the bass adjustment knob for the amp to help with this.

u/wilmsas · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

I am not a fan of LED headlights by any means. Most people do not know how to aim them correctly, thus blinding everyone they come across.

If you have your heart set on LED lights, I highly suggest looking at this website:

The guy's name is Daniel Stern and he is THE guru on lights. He gives an extremely detailed how-to on aiming LED lights. He also gives tutorials on how to correctly aim normal bulb headlights. They are extremely detailed, but rest assured, he will give the best advice

Alternatively, you can go the route I took and purchase Cibie (pronounced cee-BEE-ay). It is a brand made in France or Belgium, I believe and are european code lights. I have run them in my RX-7s, Miatas, and other cars to which I have received no complaints from cops or anyone else. They give an amazing light pattern, and give plenty of light (feathering) on the sides of the road which really come in handy when deer and the like are out.

The link to them are here from Amazon:

Make sure to buy the bulbs (DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS WHEN INSTALLING!). I purchased the 60/55W bulbs, also at this link:

Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

u/MY__ASS · 5 pointsr/Wrangler

I have a 2DR with the rear seat out and absolutely love it. Light, nimble, feels like a toy. Excellent city car actually due to parallel parking capabilities. I would only go 4DR if you have hauling needs or anything more than a significant other & dog. If you do go 2DR i'd suggest grabbing one of these:

In fact I just drove across the country camping with both of them in the car and it was workable with that additional cargo space


Edit: Hard top is pretty easy to move on and off 2DR w/ 2 people, so I went hard

u/LegalPusher · 1 pointr/Wrangler

Also, the 2 door has several advantages, like a very tight turning circle - helpful on anything from trails to mall parking lots.

I assume the Sport S comes with the 32" tires? That and the 3.73 ratio and pretty much the only things I'd consider essential. (Well, AC too, if you're not going topless all the time, but maybe I'm just a wimp.) But I don't think you can get locking rear diffs on it from the factory...I thought they only came with lockers on Rubicons, and there was just the option for limited slip? Personally, I didn't bother with limited slip. The BLD system is pretty good, so I don't know if I'll ever put lockers in.

I'd suggest going to a dealership and taking a look. The rear seat folds up in a weird way. There's probably enough room, but I'd want to check to see if there's enough room for your gear.

For other stuff that's less sensitive to the elements, you can bolt on a hitch pretty easily and get a cargo carrier. That's the one I've got...notably, the lip is low enough for rear door to open without taking off the cargo carrier.

u/Reeladdicted · 1 pointr/Wrangler

Thanks. I absolutely love them. Excellent quality and great price.

U-Drive Auto B62S0921 Tuxtured Steel Flat Style Fender Flares for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited (Drilling Required)

u/Green85CJ7 · 1 pointr/Wrangler

I just put an android HU in my 2013 JK. I've had it in about two weeks now and I love it. I bought this ( I guess it all depends on what your comfortable doing when it comes to installing a HU. I spent a total of $365 for the HU, Steering wheel control module, mounting bracket and wiring harness. With the HU, I have 3 USB ports (1 USB 3.0/2 USB 2.0), Bluetooth, backup camera and all my favorite android apps (Google Maps, Spotify the main two) Overall, I love it. Just an option, I know its not for everyone.

u/Ninjamuffin_399 · 1 pointr/Wrangler
There ya go! Pretty comfy and a pretty good fit for my seats, I don’t use the wheel or seatbelt covers, but the person I gave them to said they help on a cold day to keep the wheel pretty warm

u/Ermahgerd_its_Bubba · 3 pointsr/Wrangler

Halos take a little bit of wiring knowledge, can you/husband splice wires?

For $250 and under you'll be looking at Amazon headlights, they're relatively hit or miss, I have a set and am at 2+ years now of them running fine. Some people have them die sooner.

Xprite I believe is the leader of cheap headlights: Xprite 7" Inch LED Halo Headlights for Jeep Wrangler JK TJ LJ 1997-2018(DOT Approved),CREE LED Chip, 80W 9600 Lumens Hi/Lo Beam with Halo Ring Angel Eyes DRL

Basically you'll need some dielectric grease, some scotch locks with dielectric grease already in them, a test light, lots of electrical tape, and zip ties. That and a thin t10 or t15 torx screw driver to aim the headlights afterwards.

The halo wire would get scotch locked to the running light in the fender (test light to determine the positive wire), taped up, and then the headlights themselves are plug and play. Just be sure to use the grease on the connections to prevent corrosion, and then tape it all up to keep water out.

Takes like 1-2 hours.

Also, of you live where it's snows a lot, the LEDS don't get hot enough to melt snow. So while they're 1000% brighter than stock halogen, the LEDS are useless in blizzard driving. I have halogen KC lights when it's heavy snow driving.

Good luck!

u/UJGA · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

If you are interested in completely replacing them, I would recommend these.

Put them in mine back in April and love them, they are extremely bright.

u/kspdrgn · 3 pointsr/Wrangler
  • locker. with a soft top you may want to be able to leave something expensive in your jeep with some peace of mind. any kind of locker that affixes to the vehicle and is made of metal. lots on amazon.

  • kicker speaker upgrades, they are a direct replacement, and sound much better for a good price.

  • interior LED light replacement, you can get a drop in LED dome light replacement at your local shop that will let you actually see inside when you need to.

  • mopar gas cap cover, if yours doesn't have one.

  • little stick-on wide angle mirrors, big help for blind spots. they're everywhere and cheap, find one you like and put on one or both mirrors in the corner.
u/Shelbdoo · 1 pointr/Wrangler

I just got this and hooked up a 10" sub to my wrangler. Took about an hour to do and it hooks into the stock stereo so you don't have to buy a new stereo deck, cheap and effective. I already had an amp and sub so I just had to pay for the connector. But you can find good quality sub/amp at best buy or places like that if you're looking to go inexpensive that is what I reccommend.

u/eweidenbener · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

I recommend a powered sub! I just put this in my LJ:
and I love it! Didn't even replace the other speakers and it sounds so much better! With the top on, this thing POUNDS the inside of the Jeep, so much that I've had to turn it down when playing EDM. With the top off, even at highway speeds, the bass comes through and just makes everything sound better. I was able to run a high pass filter for the overhead and dash speakers taking the pressure off of them, making them sound louder and crisper.

This is of course an alternative to adding an amp and messing with everything, which is more hassle, more hardware to hide, more wires to run, and more money to spend. Let me know if youve got any questions.

u/Serbeus · 9 pointsr/Wrangler

I have this one mounted in the top-middle of my windshield. Kind of above the rear view mirror. It's great, really easy to use.

Rexing V1 2.4" LCD FHD 1080p 170 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder Car Dash Cam with G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording

Here it is in action:

u/FourMakesTwoUNLESS · 5 pointsr/Wrangler

Looks great! Is that Tank green? You must have gotten one of the last few made if it's a 2016. Here's my 2015. Now you've got me wanting to upgrade the tires and bumper. If you don't care too much about radio reception, I'd recommend an Antenna X, it looks better with the black and green in my opinion.

u/Bageeka · 1 pointr/Wrangler

I think KC, Hella, and Rampage are the most common ones. I've heard rampage ones are cheap so it'll be safer to go with the other brands

I bought these cibies which have great reviews on the Jeep fourms and amazon. You just have to buy the bulbs later

u/dvsdan · 1 pointr/Wrangler

Are these yours?

My aftermarket headlights have a broad light at night and not really focused on the ground even when I adjusted them down. Worst part is when they are on they mess with the radio performance. Googling says cheaply made lights put out noise that could affect radio frequencies. The previous owner of my jeep put them on and I just been living with them. I was willing to spend for the JW speaker ones but if I can save $400, more money for other mods, lol.

u/lazd · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

Sure thing! This is the set I got.

When you go to install them, you'll probably find your fog lights don't work at all because the polarity is reversed on the fog light's connector. Instead of cutting wires and splicing like other reviews on Amazon recommend, you can use a very sharp set of tweezers to grasp on either side of the pin to disengage its lock, side it out of the connector, and swap the pins within the connector. If you have trouble doing this during the install, feel free to ping me.

The headlights snap into a couple grooves in the headlight assembly. You might find that they don't quite fit into the grooves, and if so, you'll have to file down the headlight (preferred, but removes the anti-rust coating), or modify the headlight assembly. I opted to file down the headlight, inserting it first from the bottom, and noting that the inner portions of the tabs were hitting the outside of the grooves. After a few tries, I got it to fit in snugly.

Also, since I have the AEV front bumper, I can't remove my grill. This wasn't an issue, I was able to unsnap it and get it sort of out of the way and do the install with it still hanging there.

Finally, don't forget to aim your headlights afterwards (and probably foglights, too; mine are a little bit low still). There are a bunch of good guides out there. I ended up aiming mine about 6 inches lower than recommended because I'm lifted 4.5" and I don't want to blind people as much when I pull up behind them in traffic.

Here are some photos:

u/daveed2001 · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4" LCD FHD 1080p for my dash cam permanent mount.

And a GoPro Hero 5 Black for my interior, and exterior with a RamMount Suction cup mount for all of my weird angle or interesting shots.

u/Help_Me_Reddit01 · 1 pointr/Wrangler

Aftermarket headlights.
Xprite 7" Inch Round 80W 9600 Lumens Hi/Lo Beam Cree LED Headlights With Halo Ring Angel Eyes DRL For Jeep Wrangler JK TJ LJ 1997 - 2017 (DOT Approved

u/zildjian · 1 pointr/Wrangler

Yes, I had to use this interface in order to get line-level audio out of the stock head unit.
The 10" might fit if you're able to take the seat out, put the sub in, and then replace the seat. But without taking the seat off, I wasn't able to slide the sub into place.

u/guy425 · 1 pointr/Wrangler

Any LED lights would do, I got these off of amazon for 90 bucks and they've been good, just remember to adjust the height so you dont blind oncoming traffic

u/ToplessNedFlanders · 4 pointsr/Wrangler

Can’t vouch for this particular one but I’ve used this style for a bit and it tucks in nicely.

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4" LCD FHD 1080p 170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording

u/mallcrawler1 · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

First swap your speakers out with something like these:
Kicker 77KICK10

  • get 2 sets (front and back)
    Also swap the little speakers in the dash and rollbar with 77KICK25
  • again get 2 sets.

    Then get you a decent amp. I prefer DD Audio D4.90 amp but any quality 4-channel amp at 75w per channel is fine. The D4.90 can take line-level inputs from your 130 head unit.
u/LJ-Rubicon · 1 pointr/Wrangler

Don't know about the hard top, but why not just get a hitch cargo carrier?

Something like this

Easy to load everything on and off

Plus, once you're done, just unhitch it and store in the garage

u/Mikeycoch · 8 pointsr/Wrangler

Recently bought these and installed myself. Good bang for your buck!

u/Travels4Work · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

The biggest buyers remorse for me was the 730 Nav/XM radio with the hard drive. Jeez does that thing suck. I'm not kidding, it was a $1895 option and is worse than anything I've ever encountered. The XM sound quality is terrible - generally flat regardless of setup. The NAV functions cause instant rage trying to input a location, and of course they want $200 two years later to update the maps. The only thing that sounds halfway decent is playing high bitrate MP3s, but only after I replaced the garbage factory speakers with higher end units.

Basically, you could replace every single function the in-car entertainment system does with a cheap cell phone, and have it all done much better.

u/BearWrangler · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

Right here

Just a side note, I had to cut into a part when installing. If you have any questions if you do decide to get em, please hit me up.