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u/HippySol · 1 pointr/adventuremobile

Put a 12v Fantastic Fan in the roof of your van. Just cracked open they will allow air flow but on a hot day, with the fan on high, they move a ton of air and it makes even a small space comfortable. Come highly recommended by all RVers.

There's also a free standing version if you dont want to cut your roof and it's cheaper. Hang it in front of a cracked open window.

They're not cheap but you won't regret it. Beats all other fans with their efficiency and low power draw.

u/lukey · 3 pointsr/adventuremobile

I'm mainly a BLM camper with occasional city stays. I use two main methods.

When camping, I use a backpackers' solar shower. *

In/around cities, I usually do state park campgrounds, swimming areas, sports clubs etc.**

  • I use a MSR dromedary (black) water bag, with a MSR shower spigot with the hose cut down, with a Sun-Grip hanger and two rubber car floor mats.

    It heats up in 30 minutes on the dash, or with 1/3 hot water off the stove. Enough for 2 navy showers. You stand on one floor mat (wet) while showering and then on the second to dry off your feet and put on your clothes and shoes. The sun-grip hanger is a MUST. You can never find a tree with the right height of branch to hang the bag at the perfect level otherwise...that's a Pro-Tip!


    Most state parks you can drive in and pay about $1-2 dollars for a shower without a stay, it's totally legit. Sometimes, if they don't have a clear policy or you are just traveling through an area, there's an ideal time to do this on the down-low, which is around 7PM at night when the gate staff are gone. You can drive in and park in the free 15 minute parking spot at the shower building and grab a quick shower and leave, and thus dodge the "day-use" entry fees.