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u/cookie_junkie · 5 pointsr/attackontitan

Not sure where you live, or what your budget is but these are some of my favorite things my boyfriend has gotten from me. You can find some figures on Amazon that range in price. The main characters, in case you're not familiar with them, are Eren, Armin and Mikasa. I don't know if she has a favorite that you know of.
You can also find various shirts. I just got this shirt and I love it. My boyfriend also gave me [this plush] ( and it's one of my favorite!

PM if you need any additional ideas!

u/anniemehtaa · 4 pointsr/attackontitan

Don’t go for wish. This is just my two cents, but buy it off of amazon instead. Last I checked, it was $28. The quality is quite good if I do say so myself! The instructions suck, but there are an abundance of YouTube videos to help you out. Here is the amazon link :)

u/heathersaur · 1 pointr/attackontitan

Desktop page

Seems safe enough. Keys I look for:

  • Lists manufacturers. They list GSC as the main even though it's Max Factory, but they list Max Factory in the product description.
  • They use the manufacturer's product description (You'd be surprised how many fakes don't copy & paste the official product description)
  • Lists item as an import and from Japan
  • Reasonable price range. MSRP is around $45, so the price isn't "Too good to be true"
  • Fulfilled by Amazon means you'll be guaranteed to get your money back if it's a fake.
u/7amanJ · 4 pointsr/attackontitan

Ohh lmao I was really confused there for a second. The manufacturer is called Banpresto, here I found it on amazon:

u/yunarose84 · 1 pointr/attackontitan

Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition 1

Multiple volumes (1-5) under 40 bucks right now :)

u/dekuintheface · 1 pointr/attackontitan

Attack on Titan Soundtrack (Limited Edition Green Marble Colored Vinyl)

There you go!