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16. ECBC Lance Daypack Travel Backpack, with 17” Laptop Sleeve, TSA FastPass, Black

  • X-LARGE 28L CAPACITY -- Fits all the essentials you’ll need throughout your busy day. The 19 storage pockets effortlessly carry school notebook accessories, a 17" laptop computer, and all of your small electronic devices with plenty of room for more.
  • FastPass SMART GEAR -- Created for professional men and women on the move from the office to the airport and beyond. The TSA-approved, specialized electronics compartment allows you to unfold and place it into a flat position for security screening so you won’t have to spend time unpacking your laptops, tablets, or cords.
  • DURABLE FABRIC -- Made from nearly indestructible, anti-theft ballistic nylon, the Lance tech backpack is built to last without sacrificing comfort. The padded Duraflex straps and waist belt are adjustable, allowing for even distribution of weight while being carried so it’s easier on your back and neck while commuting or traveling.
  • NOT-SO-BASIC DESIGN -- The water-resistant material and self-repairing YKK zippers protect the items inside from rain, ice, dust, and dirt. Additional features include a padded top handle, compact zippered water bottle holder, quick access front external pocket, and a comfort foam back panel.
  • BUILT FOR MODERN LIFE -- ECBC makes durable luggage and backpacks built for modern life. Its innovative design has been praised by seasoned business travelers and industry experts from Newsweek, Cnet, The Talk, Wired, and more.
ECBC Lance Daypack Travel Backpack, with 17” Laptop Sleeve, TSA FastPass, Black
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u/l0ckd0wn · 2 pointsr/backpacks

Suggestions below are at the $100 price point (+/-$20).


I own all bags below.


If you are very hard on bags and looking for an all-in-one solution for school/work/hiking/camping/etc.

  • Mountainsmith "Grand Tour" -
    • Pros: Lifetime warranty, great materials, hydration bladder pocket *AND* a dedicated 15" laptop pocket (holds 15" MacBook Pro with neoprene sleeve snugly), 2x bottle pockets that support 32oz EcoVessel water bottle snugly & securely, solid padding for your back, simple design, straps that can condense the side of bag, waist strap, fleece-padded eyeglass/sunglass pocket at top of back for convenience,
    • Cons: Not a lot of organization pockets, large footprint when bag is completely full, does not support 17" laptops well, waist strap is not removable


      If you are looking for a solid commuter/overnight/road-warrior bag for school/work/etc. then I'm a huge fan of these two similar bags:

  • Ogio "Renegade 15 RSS" -
  • Kenneth Cole "Pack of all Trades" -
    • (Applies to both) Pros: Good overall size with 15" laptop support (may be able to fit a 17" if it's slim), material quality is pretty good and both use fairly high quality nylon, solid zippers, lots of organization pockets in all compartments (Pack of All Trades is superior of 2), dedicated tablet sleeve inside middle pocket, dedicated pocket to hold a water bottle (with elastic cable to secure), dedicated power supply pockets that will fit a full size (i.e. 90w Lenovo, Apple MBP, or 90w Dell, etc.) power supply and the "Pack of All Trades" bag is capable of carrying 2 full size 15" laptops in the laptop pocket if you have to, fleece-padded eyeglass/sunglass pocket at top of back for convenience, "Pack of all Trades" has an external dedicated through "pocket" on the back-padding to easily attach to roller-bag with extendable handle, both bags have good back padding which have an air-flow design to reduce back sweat
    • (Applies to both) Cons: Overall stitching quality could be better/stronger thread along top of bag where back straps meet the bag and also on the straps are sewn together where the removable chest strap attaches, footprint of bags even when relatively empty is large with no way to condense (no straps that condense bag when not full), when set on the ground the bags are generally front heavy even when holding a laptop and like to tip, no hydration pocket
u/riddle3master · 1 pointr/backpacks

Check out Chrome backpacks. Also like /r/mariettai's suggestion, I'd check out Timbuk2's backpacks in general. Both these companies make bags that look good in the office and can be used in the outdoors as well. They usually have laptop compartments, are made of water resistant materials, and water bottle holders as well.

Osprey makes less office-looking backpacks but they are great quality backpacks. Some of them even include integrated rain covers which makes your backpack super safe against the rain. I personally have the Osprey Radial 34, unfortunately this one didn't come with water bottle holders (but the 26 liter version does). The back panels for these backpacks are usually top of the line if you're looking for good ventilation.

ECBC Lance Daypack - this one really is an office backpack. Just another bag that might peak your interest.

  • laptop compartment
  • water resistant materials
  • water bottle holder
  • chest strap
  • stowable waist strap
  • good organization

    Hope this helps!
u/hsj910708 · 1 pointr/backpacks

Hi there, I'm short just like you ;) Totally get you, cause I also prefer the simple looking backpack, stylish but still practical! High five!
I got my campus backpack from Ricky-H, I love the side pocket, it got two layers, one with zipper which I love to put my keys, chargers,IDs inside for easy access and safe storage. There's also open side pocket, which is great for water bottle and umbrella. As to the main compartment, it's so roomy that I can put several big textbooks, A4 binders and notebooks, and my 13" MacAir in its laptop pocket.

u/nk1104 · 1 pointr/backpacks

I will preface that my taste is super functional with some solid simple design.
Some really great functional, light breathable backpacks are the companies that specialize in hiking daypacks - Osprey, Gregory, Kelty, etc. Pockets and access where you need them. I have found that a lot of the more stylish bags will not be as comfortable and less breathable. It depends on what you want to do, what you like, and how much you want to carry. I am guessing you just want a daypack, which will be ~20-30L. If you want something really stylish and do not plan on hiking, then there are other people besides me who can help with that. If you plan on walking a lot with a backpack on, my personal recommendations are:

u/Antistotle · 5 pointsr/backpacks

>The entire tech industry in general is styled towards men

There is a huge space between "not styled explicitly towards women" and "styled towards men". The vast majority of the backpacks available are in that space.

I will grant that there are more backpacks designed to appeal to young men of a certain mindset than there are to appeal explicitly to women.

And let's face it, it doesn't matter what color you make it, once you build it for a 15+ inch laptop and assorted heavy stuff it's going to be shaped heavily by the reality of needing to be X x Y x Z in size, capable of carrying N amount of weight, and it's a *backpack*, not a cute little purse with two shoulder straps.

OTOH, women *are* built different than men (at least so as I've noticed) and when you get into packs designed for long distance and heavy loads getting one that fits the female form better is worth it. However at the range you're asking about I'm not sure that is necessary unless you're more than one standard deviation to the left when it comes to height.

There are also very few packs that are designed to carry two laptops. The only one I could find is, and it's a HELLA nice pack. Not pink, not even vaguely feminine. The thing is that not very many in the tech industry carry two laptops on a regular basis and most who do find a *sturdy* backpack get a sleeve for your second laptop.

Note that if you opt for the Bihn pack (and they make *good* packs) you should talk to them about how to get the second laptop in there.

Also consider how far you're going to have to carry this--if you're going to be marching through airports, or walking a long distance as part of your commute your shoulders will be much happier at the end if you get a pack with a decent hip belt (not "waist strap". Hip belt. If you're just riding a train you can take the pack off and put it on your lap or the ground.

The trick to this is to tighten the hip strap at the *top* of the hips, then loosen the shoulder straps just enough to move *most* of the weight to your hips, without loosening it so much that it messes with your shoulders--might take a while to get right.

North face makes this: with a hip belt, and it comes in Red, which is kind of a intense pink. It also comes in purple. Amazon has this in many different colors or at least they list different colors--some are out of stock.

Eagle Creek makes this which may be way overkill for your needs. It's in a nice blue color. Eagle Creek makes pretty robust stuff.

This is a nice looking pack with a good hip belt. It has a very elegant and streamlined look. A bit pricey, but good reviews.

I've been using a Jansport Odesssy as a travelling backpack for the last 4 years. I carry a 15 and a 11.6 inch laptop in it--but the smaller one is an "educational" laptop and is sort of semi-ruggedized, so I don't even put it in a sleeve usually. Jansport seems to make it in two colors every year--black and something else. This year that "something else" is "arctic camo", which would be the "styled towards men".

u/loddist · 1 pointr/backpacks

Check out the solo max then. I've heard from others that it's pretty good quality. 5 year warranty. 35L in size, a bunch of pockets. Shoe compartment. You can replace the zipper pulls later with your own black paracord. I was thinking of getting it, but it's too expensive in the UK. It nearly triples in price here.

Laptop compartment can carry tarp/blankets instead. If you fold nicely and fit it in there, it'll even add more back padding and make it more comfortable. Google some reviews on it too. Generally the reviews seem very positive.

u/noralinbb · 1 pointr/backpacks

In my opinion, to fit 15.6'' laptop, thick binders, textbooks is a must, but looking awesome with it still Essential ;) I found this Ricky-H backpack on Amazon pretty nice, check it out!

u/orijinal · 1 pointr/backpacks

Initially, I wanted to get an Aer Fit Pack 2, but I don't really have the cash to spend that much on a backpack at the moment. What attracted me to it was that it looked nice and had compartments that I was looking for; one to place my laptop and notebooks, another to place my clothes, and a third for my shoes.

After spending several hours on Amazon searching for a cheaper alternative, I ended up ordering a Solo Elite Backpack which should (hopefully) arrive some time tomorow. I'll let you know what I think of it once it arrives, but in the meantime, maybe this short video will help you determine if it's something you'd want to consider.


Other alternatives I was considering**

|Backpack|Price|Reason I didn't go for it|
|Crosslandy College Backpack|$35.99|Didn't like how it looked. No exterior pocket for water bottle.|
|Solo Everyday Max Hybrid|$46.68|Yellow straps are ugly.|
|Targus Work & Play|$59.81|Yellow accents. Would have gone with this instead otherwise.|
|Targus Work & Play (Black & Gray)|$79.99|Costs more than the one with the yellow accents. At this price, I like the look of the Solo Elite more.|
|Solo Elite (Burgundy)|$60.00 (plus tax and shipping)|Prefer black and wanted to get it sooner rather than later.|

u/beaslon · 1 pointr/backpacks

I have an Osprey Nebula. Before I go any further, the TLDR: Go right ahead and get one.


I use it as my (I hate this prepper term) EDC. I am a field technician and I also do a lot of outdoors activities, and the two crossover pretty neatly in what I need to carry.


In the front panel I always have a mosquito headnet, antibac hand gel, buff and indigestion tablets in the upper three sections. In the lower section I have a medium sized medkit with various dressings for minor things and an array of other over the counter drugs that I have collected and always come in handy when someone is unwell/uncomfortable with minor ailments.

I also usually carry a few snack bars and potato chips. All this is to share with other people as well as for myself.


In the back section (closest to back) I put my waterproof jacket and trousers (rains a lot in the UK) and hat. They are always with me even on boiling hot sunny days, because I don't want even a slim chance of getting wet clothes or forgetting to put my kit back in.


In the centre section I have a light down jacket, and whatever else I need to carry for that day, and there's plenty of room here. Sometimes I have my laptop (theres a sleeve for it in the centre section) and a pouch full of cables, sometimes portable SSDs. I'll have my lunch and coffee kit in here for day hikes too.

In the top section I have a headtorch and hat and gloves.


I usually carry water and fruit in the side mesh pouches.


Can't speak for the patagonia but it doesn't look as sexy as Osprey stuff. But I like their company aim.


To throw a spanner in the works here, have you considered Millican


Or Fjallraven


Both a bit pricey but I have fallen in love with these classic looking bags and just thought I would plant that seed ;-)

u/timothyoneil · 1 pointr/backpacks

I agree you have to think of the backpack as an investment not a purchase. Especially when you consider how often you use it and what you carry in it. I have the Fidelis Co ALCON which has turned out great for me. I can use it in a professional setting or on the weekend and it does well in both environments. Most importantly for me though is that is built to last...and like you ask it has one main pouch that folds down, so no zips.

u/Burrito_Capital · 1 pointr/backpacks

The North Face


Microbyte this one is small and well organized, I have one and like it quite a bit.



Ace a convertable messenger bag or backpack



Hope these help!

u/manaxktp · 2 pointsr/backpacks

Pacsafe has some pretty nice bags.

Hope this helps!

u/bleuiko · 1 pointr/backpacks

The CPL24 is one of my a favorite bag bags and still my EDC; the lack of organization is definitely a negative. I currently use this organizer which fits perfectly in the front:

I don't love it though but I tried many things and this one works best.

u/azmr_x_3 · 2 pointsr/backpacks

I've heard decent things about these pouches from Condor, relatively inexpensive

Personally I got a cocoon Grid-it organizer panel about a month ago,
fits pretty well in my edc/school backpack. I keep my pencil case, headphones, calculator, the plug for my phone charger, a small calendar, and one or two other small things on the front occupying less than half the space. The back just has a zippered pocket where I keep some misc papers, a formula sheet and ruler in. It sits in my bag in front of my laptop, my notebook, and a thin text book, but behind my laptop charger, and few first aid things and my waterbottle. It really has made my backpack organization more efficient.

u/cassettecc · 1 pointr/backpacks

If you are looking for a "good-enough" option.

I use this for my daily carry (big powerbank, misc cables, earbuds, earplugs, random bits) and it's really good. Can't fault the quality and the size fits great for me.

If I need to bring a mouse and a charger like you I use this one: for me it's good enough. Doesn't "feel" like quality but it works fine and fits the stuff, and if it's not full its really slim.

u/tom_1 · 2 pointsr/backpacks

This fits my tall skinny Hydroflask perfectly. I think its similar in size to the bike bottle holders. It definitely wouldn't hold a fat 32 oz Nalgene. It has snap loops on the back that would go over a belt.

u/wd0jim · 1 pointr/backpacks

Take a look at this one. I used it this past summer for my European vacation. Highly recommended for high quality and great workmanship.


u/hungryhungryhippooo · 1 pointr/backpacks

Also, check out something like this organizer if you go with something that is just a single large compartment.

u/Jasonrdev · 1 pointr/backpacks

The Ogio renegade backpack is what I use for university. Can carry laptop, notebooks, electrical components, and some clothes and not feel heavy. Sometimes on sale for ~80$

OGIO Renegade RSS Day Pack, Large, Black Pindot