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u/Raider7oh7 · 2 pointsr/bassfishing

here are my choices i will break down my choices under the list.

dobyns fury 703/733 - $119

abu garcia silver max - $41

berkley lightning rod - $35

pfleuger president reel - $59

daiwa aird x - $54

abu garcia silver max $41-

total $350

  1. med-fast lightning rod -- many reviews throughout the years continue to state that this rod fishes above its price point.
    med-fast so you can do spinners, drop shot , ned rig, jerkbaits
    because of the med power you can use it for crankbaits too , just do more of a sweep then a powerful hook set so you dont rip the crank out the fishes mouth. i specifically chose this as a spinning rod so you can throw the lighter baits further.

    reel pfleuger president -- not much to say about this reel imo its been the best bang for buck reel for many years. a little heavier then the more expensive reels, but its smoooth i have had one for about ten years.

  2. heavy-fast daiwa aird x -- this is your frogging, punching, heavy rig rod.

  3. dobyns fury 703 aka medium-heavy/fast -- texas-rig , carolina rig, jigs etc. this is your bottom contact rod. because of that i chose to go to a higher end rod because with these techniques better sensitivity really does help to detect bites. what can i say about dobyns. pretty much universally respected. well made rods , great customer service. again this is a rod who many people say fish above its price point. i have a dobyns sierra 735.

    abu garcia silver max reel-- this is a good beginner reel at a good price. i have a friend who has been fishing an abu garcia for a couple years and it feels good, he hasnt had any problems with it. at 40 dollars hard to beat.

    if someone would like to spend a little more i would upgrade the silver max reels to daiwa fuegos. I chose to go with better rods and save money on reels to stay under the 350. sure you can do something where the rod and reel are comparable, but i rather have a better rods with cheaper reel. then two mediocre items.

    and i chose amazon just out of convenience and because their prices dont normally fluctuate too much. im sure if you shop around you can get some of these items at a lower price.
u/rjw214 · 3 pointsr/bassfishing

Not a documentary but a book series - In-Fisherman's Critical Concepts, particularly the first book, "Largemouth Bass Fundamentals." The book was published in 2002 so is a bit dated but has a bunch of pertinent info with the most useful (to me) being bass tracking studies over fairly long periods of time. There's other information in the book that doesn't cover a full life cycle but, overall, it's the most comprehensive work I've seen that generally doesn't rely on what I call fishing bro-science.

The other thing you can do is chat up an ichthyologist or a fishery manager at a hatchery. I assume all states (provinces, territories, etc) have people who fill these roles and they LOVE talking about fish (seriously, get ready for a new best friend). It can take a few phone calls and a little bit of persistence but those guys and gals are a wealth of information once you track them down.

u/5uper5kunk · 3 pointsr/bassfishing

The sadly out of print book series InFisherman Largemouth Bass Fundamentals are summary and used to be priced far more reasonably. I think the price on amazon fluctuates wildly, I got all three for like $10 each maybe 2-3 years ago and the last time I looked (maybe 4 months ago) they were still around that price. Otherwise, the InFisherman website has a lot of good articles with good illustrations so stuff like the difference between inside and outside weedlines are made clear. "In Pursuit of Giant Bass" is another great one and looks to be more available. I have also heard good things about "High Percentage Fishing" but have yet to pick it up.

I have yet to find any really good videos going over habitat/behaviour other then this great one about spawning, but I have not looked in a while. Otherwise I just did a lot of reading random bass forums. It's slow and there are many idiots out there but once you figure out who to listen too there is a ton of info out there.

u/icandriveacar · 1 pointr/bassfishing

I had been looking for some time for the same setup. I also required a 2 piece pole due to my hatchback. I just went and pulled the trigger on a reel and a pole. I am VERY happy with both. Links below

This rod is great, came with three different top pieces, Medium light, medium and medium heavy, the latter of which I'm using with frogs

My hardest decision was between the Tatula Type R and a Lews Reel. Very happy with the Type R (this link is for a left handed model, I am right handed but prefer left hand reeling)

All said and done, I one-day shipped everything through prime and loaded up some 30-lb braid and hit the lake for a couple days. Both with shipping put me only a few dollars over $200 so it was right in my range as well

u/logawi3 · 3 pointsr/bassfishing

I just use a tactical backpack. Does the job of holding my giant 5000 flambeau trays, plastics, spare line, scale, etc. As a bank fisherman, i suggest getting small simple backpack. We're limited to the rods, and baits we can throw. If that isnt an issue then get a full size backpack. I always like to overpack with gear for different situations. It does get heavy limiting movement but I am a pretty strong guy so I dont mind.Bobbing thru trees and brushes, get a small.


Small I used this before going full ham -


Big is -

u/blarghusmaximus · 1 pointr/bassfishing

Hey man, just following up on the frog lures. Did you get it yet? I hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts.

If you havent, and dont mind, can you eave me an amazon review at ...

It reaalllly helps me stay in business.

Thanks a bunch.

u/Evodius · 1 pointr/bassfishing

I had this scale actually tested and it's incredibly accurate for the price.

I have a small fish grip attached to it by a small key ring so I don't even use the hook.

Works great.

If you wanted an all-in-one thing my buddy has this Rapala scale. It's really awesome and we use it to cull fish.

u/Penguintx · 1 pointr/bassfishing

Take a look at lews speed stick. It's about $100. Light and has Winn grips. The speed stick lite feels better and has great action for about $150.

I recently got a falcon Jason christie rod and grill it's well worth the $100 I paid for it.

u/travisjo · 2 pointsr/bassfishing

I didn't keep track but several hundred dollars at least. Planning is key. Stainless hardware isn't cheap!


My best guess would be:

u/DeleriumTrigger · 1 pointr/bassfishing

I got this one, based on reviews and price. It worked alright for me in it's initial test run, and seemed pretty accurate, but I have not compared it side by side with anything else (link to live action shot).

Complaints are that you have to actually turn it off or else it just stays on in your bag like mine did, as well as a teeny little hook attached that would be good if you had a gripper but I do not.

u/Captain_Moseby · 2 pointsr/bassfishing

I did a ton of plopper fishing earlier this year and can confirm: those treble hooks are NASTY! I too got stuck in the fleshy part of my hand by one of those hooks with a three pound bass hanging off the other hook and thrashing. Luckily, I was able to push the hook point through, crush it flat and pull the hook free or my day of fishing would have ended there.

After playing 'treble hook roulette' with plopper hooked fish too many times I finally decided to do something about it.

#1 I sent off for a fish picker upper so that I no longer needed to put my fingers into a caught fish's mouth while trying to remove the hooks. I got this little one to hang off my fishing vest:

#2 I refuse to use my fingers to remove plopper hooks anymore. Now I use a fishing forecep. Search Amazon if you want to get a good idea of what's available. Using them to grab hold of a stuck hook is tons less risky than using your fingers.

#3 Possibly the most radical thing of all. I removed the trailing treble hooks on all my ploppers. After noticing that time and again it was the forward trebles that hooked the fish and not the trailers, and that the trailing hooks were constantly sticking into the fish's face or underbelly for no good reason - I removed the trailer hooks entirely.

Mind you, I paid very close attention to how this affected the lure's performance and my hookup ratio. After observing a bunch of hook ups the results were in: The forward treble hooks are more than enough to hook and land good sized fish. The trailers were an unnecessary fish and hand threatening bother.

After making these changes I have not had a repeat of my hand injury. You might consider doing something similar.

u/Gorris · 2 pointsr/bassfishing

That is what I use currently and its as accurate as my buddies Rapala digital scale. Very easy to use. I recommend using a gripper with it.

u/tarheellogan · 1 pointr/bassfishing

[Backlit LCD Display] Dr.meter...

This is the scale I got. Really cheap and works. It doesn’t have the latest hook if you’re just weighing under the gills. There’s definitely better options though.

u/Postal1979 · 1 pointr/bassfishing

I have a spot on my bag that I attached a s clip to, then have these

6pcs Pack Fishing Lanyards Boating Multicolor Fishing Ropes Secure Pliers Lip Grips Tackle Fish Tools(Color Ramdon)

Attached to the s clip. Easy to find and take off to attach to myself when I get to a bank.

u/huskrfreak88 · 2 pointsr/bassfishing

Just bought one of these and love it.

Edit: mine is a little larger

u/DrZoo4040 · 1 pointr/bassfishing

Finding an "all-in-one" isn't exactly cheap. If you wanted the all-in-one, I would get this


If you want a cheaper more affordable route, get the Dr. Meter and a Fish Grip Jr. Remove the J hook from the Dr. Meter and attach the fish grip to the scale with a large 3 inch split ring or some other sort of homemade option.