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2. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, Clear - .5 oz. oz

  • PROVIDES HIGH SHINE, GLOSSY FINISH TO YOUR NAILS: Bring your manicure to life with Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Clear Coat. Give brilliance to your polish, and cover them with an invisible shield, protecting the polish from nicking and dulling! It guarantees a glowing finish touch while preventing nails from staining or yellowing, thus, it helps strengthen your nails too. Reward your nail polish a much more durable finish that lasts longer while keeping your nails safe and healthy!
  • FAST-DRYING TOP COAT, NO UV AND LED LIGHT NEEDED: Keep your manicure great looking for days by using this fast-drying top coat gel nail polish from Seche! It has a quick-dry formula that dries as fast as you need it to so you can get back to living your life in just a minute. A perfect trend for today’s lifestyle as it delivers the plumping effect of a gel in a glossy, high shine finish without the use of a UV/LED light!
  • PROTECT NAIL COLORS FROM FADING: Widely praised for its long-lasting abilities, this nail finish is your armor! It’s a seal that makes your lacquer last longer, protects your color from fading, and are built to be tougher than your daily life. Designed to be bumped into, repeatedly, without chipping, and won’t dull over time. Just be sure you’re applying a thin coat and your nail sheen is protected for over two weeks! It’s self-leveling and cures very smooth and hard as a rock.
  • CRUELTY-FREE, SAFE FORMULA: This top coat for nail polish from Seche is widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Its formula is safe, cruelty-free, contains no parabens, 100% vegan, no sulfates no triclosan, guaranteed no harmful ingredients for the user. With just one coat, your nail lacquer maintains that I-just-had-a-mani freshness for days, without peeling, chipping, or yellowing.
  • MADE IN THE US, TOP TIER QUALITY TOP COAT NAIL POLISH: Proudly made in the US with premium-grade quality! Seche Inc. was founded in 1991 to manufacture market and since the creation of Seche Vite, the company has gone on to develop a complete range of nail care that has received acclaim the world over. It is without a doubt that Seche is the innovator in the industry today and provides a simple regimen that will lead to younger and more beautiful nails when followed as directed.
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, Clear - .5 oz. oz
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10. Organic Castor Oil - USDA Certified Organic 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin, Hexane-Free. Best Carrier Oil For Eyelashes, Hair, Eyebrows & Skin (1oz)

  • 👁 GROW LUSH, LONG EYELASHES: Used by famous TV stars, this 100% pure, USDA Organic Castor Oil is the secret to voluminous, thick eyelashes and naturally beautiful eyebrows. Includes 2 applicator brushes for simple application to lashes, browlines and detailed areas
  • 💁 BOOSTS HAIR GROWTH: Extracted from raw castor seeds with the highest quality standards, this cold pressed castor oil for hair is a natural hair regrowth tonic that provides vitamins and nutrition for strong, long and thick hair. This premium hair growth treatment also helps regrow hair and prevent hair loss.
  • ✨ PROMOTES GORGEOUS, GLOWING SKIN: Achieve supple, smooth skin with this unrefined castor oil treatment - rich in all-natural vitamins and fatty acids, it can be used as a castor oil moisturizer to hydrate skin and deliver anti-aging benefits instantly!
  • 🌱 #1 ALL-NATURAL BEAUTY SOLUTION: This organic extra-virgin castor oil is a real beauty remedy! It works as a natural eyelash growth serum (eyelash growth enhancer), conditioner, hot oil treatment, moisturizer, and mask to boost beautiful hair, eyelashes, brows and skin naturally - without the harsh chemicals!
  • 💚 VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE: This professional-grade vegan castor oil is cruelty-free and free of hexane (castor oil hexane free) to support your health and protect the environment (can also be used in castor oil packs)
Organic Castor Oil - USDA Certified Organic 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin, Hexane-Free. Best Carrier Oil For Eyelashes, Hair, Eyebrows & Skin (1oz)
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u/yeslittlehummingbird · 5 pointsr/beauty

Firstly: Drugstore stuff may not be the best quality but it's great for starting out; it's cheap as frick (yes, $6 for an eyeliner is cheap) so you won't feel as bad for wasting it.

Secondly: You can completely disregard about 90% of the shit beauty gurus on youtube use and / or do. That kind of makeup's nice to play with when you're bored or want to experiment- and it's absolutely great for inspiration. But literally no one walks around like that every single day. Get the basics down first, and figure out what you like on yourself- then worry about expanding. You'll save yourself a lot of headache!

Third: What I personally suggest investing in straight out the door (and I'm not trans, so you may have to cross reference this with resources from trans women to see if you'll need anything extra) are the following.

  1. Foundation / Face primer (this keeps your foundation on longer)
  2. Foundation (make sure it matches the skin of your neck, do not color match foundation directly to your face!)
  3. A few lipsticks in different color families
  4. Black or brown Eyeliner pencil (you can get one of two types: the actual pencils that need sharpening, or these weird little twisty ones that don't. Up to you)
  5. Black or brown liquid brush tip eyeliner pen (if you want to try out stuff like cat eyes- if not then you can completely disregard this one)
  6. Black Mascara
  7. A neutral colored eyeshadow pallet (neutrals are wearable in all situations and are incredibly forgiving of mistakes in most cases. They're great starter pallets)
  8. Brow kit (you can use shadow, gel, etc. Up to you. I recommend matching it to your hair root color personally)

    You can buy a few blushes, and a contour pallet if you want. But as a beginner, I'd recommend working on eyeliner, eyeshadow, and foundation first. But that's really up to you. Go ham on it all, if you really want to!

    That being said, here's a few basic videos / channels I love that might help.

  • Makeup Glossary: youtube [dot] com/watch?v=8yzzR18Hoss (has a lot more basic terms)
  • Explaining Makeup Terms for Beginners: youtube [dot] com/watch?v=7mYYChm_xDA (has some great tips included)
  • Goss Makeup Artist: youtube [dot] com/user/gossmakeupartist (pretty much my go-to for tips, tricks, etc; nice depthy explanations)
  • Makeup Mistakes to Avoid: youtube [dot] com/watch?v=m0daIFQjLIc (again, great tips included)
  • Makeup Mistakes to Avoid 2: youtube [dot] com/watch?v=ooxyFoBZrXM

    And, of course, the best thing you can do when learning how to do makeup? Is learning how to properly take care of your skin. And in that regard, I suggest two books:

  • The Skincare Bible by Anjali Mahto (actually written by a dermatologist)
  • Little Book of Skincare by Charlotte Cho (lot of the info is backed up by tSCB \^)

    Good luck, love!
u/squeaktoy_la · 5 pointsr/beauty

You're doing it!


A few years back I was in your shoes but instead of a baby, I was hit by a BMW (on a bicycle). Couldn't keep up, in and out of hospitals, dr appts several times a week, everything just fell. I fell hard. Had made great income to (now) living with family. It sucks.


Oddly, reddit pulled me up. I started with education. Got the learning bug (once the seizures subsided enough). Then I started on skincare, books were my first and easiest route This is my fav. From there I could plot out cheap, effective skincare. Here's an all-over good book, please don't be put off by the title (I kinda was). You'll notice that these are cheap on kindle, but also check your library. Over the last year and a half I've been getting more and more back into makeup, haircare (also curly!), and as of the last few months I've been working on fashion. I joined something called the "style confidence collective" after taking the (free) 10-day workshop on body confidence (I've gained 70 lbs since bad driver happened). I'm sick so I haven't started the first one yet, the body confidence did a WHOLE LOT for me.


My problem, I don't know if this is your problem, I think too much. I get all in my head and never pull the trigger. I'll sit and read, and read, and read with a cat on my lap instead of shop. There really is a power in being comfortable with the uncomfortable. I'm learning that... it sucks. It's also the best. Getting up, putting on a playlist, getting ready, feeling confidant just hasn't been me since people don't know how to stay off their cell phone and out of the damn bike lane. I've been living braless and in my PJ's. But if I can go out there and study fucking engineering after a head injury, I can get a grip on style. If you can form a fucking life and push it out of your body, you can do style! YOU GOT THIS! YOU KNOW THIS! DON'T OVERTHINK THIS!


Now the actual advice:

Vo5 is curly girl approved! (99 cents)

Flaxseed gel, make it at home

Old T-shirts to dry and plop your hair


Bianca Renee Today- youtube for curly everything

Tati- search youtube page for "best drugstore" or "best underrated" for makeup. Her wear tests are no joke.

Gothamista- search youtube for "best of under $10" as well as a "best of under $20".

​ is slightly better than Target in quality, BUT for $10 you can get things CUSTOM to your body. This makes a huge difference. Huge. As an overweight woman with an 8+ inch hernia (thanks BMW), I can tell you this makes a difference.


Style is about confidence. I'm not there yet but I do know it's a personal journey. Feel free to PM me anytime about anything.

u/FunInTheSun85 · 2 pointsr/beauty

I'm in the same boat, I've been slowly giving away my nicer stuff and trashing the crap. Here is what I currently use on a regular basis (and it all fits in a small makeup bag):

Chanel Double Perfection foundation. It's a pressed powder and it is AMAZING. I'm acne prone and have quite a bit of scarring and just a light application of this stuff hides it all. I've been using it for about 12 years now, have yet to find anything better. I don't use a concealer because this foundation gets it all. It's a bit pricey but I use it pretty much every single day and one compact lasts me for 6 months.

NARS blush in Angelika. I tried so many cheap drug store blushes and none of them worked, I own several NARS blushes and they are all amazing. Totally worth the price.

Physicians Formula Eyeliner. I can make some amazing cat eyes with this product. It's also fairly waterproof, I've gone swimming with it on and it didn't run. I also own a Stila liner which was more than double the price of this Physicians Formula one and I don't like it nearly as much.

Laura Mercier Brow Pencil

Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies

My lip products vary, I'm liking the REVLON Colorburst Lip Butters. I also LOVE NARS lipsticks, I actually own that color (I know it looks awful in the picture but it's quite pretty). The formula is creamy but it stays put and isn't drying. And I don't wear glosses often but when I do I use either Chanel glosses or Smashbox glosses from this set. Neither brand are too sticky which I can't stand.

I haven't worn eye shadow in ages, and when I do it's from a few Sephora brand palettes so that isn't going to help you much. I like MUFE eye shadows though. Great pigmentation.

My brushes, bronzer, and luminizing powder are all Sephora brand so I didn't bother mentioning them either. I don't use primers much but when I do I use Smashbox Photo Finish Light.

Also I'm pale/cool with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and I'm oily and acne prone, if that helps.

u/lasvegaserica · 1 pointr/beauty

Mad props on being so proactive! I see people outside working all the time and I can tell they aren't using sunscreen. Where I live currently in Iowa, farmers are always at my derm's office getting things removed OR bring diagnosed with melanoma.
If your face is dry an hour after washing it, it could be because you're not using moisturizer. Try adding waste your riser and then once it dries, apply your sunscreen. Or hopefully you can find a sunscreen that has a moisturizer in it. Cervae AM is nice and light.
I have extremely sensitive skin and it's also dry and this is my favorite non-tinted sunscreen right now. Isehan Mommy UV Aqua Milk 50g

If you're willing to give the chemical sunscreens I try, this one is very good. Shiseido Senka Aging Care UV Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ (Pack of 2)

I'm not sure if you have sensitive skin. It sounds like you have combination skin, but the dryness could just be because you're not using a moisturizer.
If you get really in the afternoon, wipe your face down with a wet paper towels and reapply your sunscreen.
Hope this helps!
If neither one of these sunscreens appeal to you, I have other recommendations, but I gave you three options to start you off. All budget friendly. ;)
Tell your SO that they are lucky to have a guy who is protecting his skin! :)

u/NepEnut · 2 pointsr/beauty

Remington is my go-to heat tool brand. I have very similar hair - thick, wavy, prone to frizz. I bought this straightener a few years ago and it's fantastic. It's got good temperature control and gives great results:

As far as products to combat dryness, look into the Shea Moisture line of products. They have a really great mask for dry hair - manuka honey & yogurt. I tried it out a few months ago when I was having trouble with dry hair and it was an absolute lifesaver. Another tip is to try and use sulfate-free and silicone-free products, and limit use of shampoo. You can co-wash with conditioner a few times a week, and shampoo about once a week. I've been doing that for a few weeks and I see a noticeable difference in the feel of my hair. You can check out r/curlyhair too - they have a lot of great info for people with thick, wavy/curly hair :)

u/pewpadewk · 2 pointsr/beauty

I am super addicted to sunscreen so I use several. After I moisturize in the morning I use Sheseido SPF 50, it is a liquid and is super smooth and feels like a great supplement to my moisturizer:

Shiseido Senka Aging Care UV...

I just ordered some canmake mermaid gel though, it seems very popular.

I’ve also really fallen in love with bare minerals spf stick, its reminds me of a stick of deodorant but it’s tiny and is easy to carry around, and I just swipe it over my cheeks, nose and forehead very two hours

Bare Republic Mineral Sport SPF 50 Sunscreen Stick (.5 oz)

They have a tinted stick, but I didn’t choose it. The white cast is pretty severe upon application but it rubs in nicely.

u/Smashpiecer · 6 pointsr/beauty

I find your advice with being comfortable with your genital region very important. Even shaving in the anal region well I sit in good lighting and put a towel under me get out the shaving cream and use a razor. It's the only way to get everything if you are worried about it. You notice you miss a lot generally in the shower to be hairless. Also around the anus go with the the grain of the skin not the opposite direction.

If anyone here doesn't want to wax...
I use an electric razor, this one. Cheap and effective.

Panasonic Electric Shaver for...

I use it for the pubic patch area (courser hair) and I never get ingrown hairs and razor shave the rest of the crotch area and the bikini line. Another good thing if you use this razor on the patch area just buy a dry brush like this

Dry Skin Body Brush - Improves...

You can make the tiny hairs under the skin come out before shaving and you are smooth. You don't even have to shower first to get a smooth shave. I usually wait 2 days maybe 3 to do it again.
Also I never wear underwear unless I'm on my period. This helps a lot with ingrorowns. I never have any.

Would love to try waxing though. Just hate letting it grow out that much.

u/Jessica_rose_gg · 1 pointr/beauty

I tend to over pluck my brows when I am anxious or stressed out so I use a serum from "pronexa hairgenics" on Amazon. This serum has a really good review, and you can see the before and after in the pictures. I am currently on my 2cnd bottle. I've also gone through 3 bottles of their lash serum which also work for brows. I recommend this though, if you want to use it on your scalp too.

If your sparse brows are genetic then hair growth serums have to be applied regularly. Another long term - semi permanent option you could do is get your eyebrows microbladed. Its a procedure that lasts 1-3 years and its like a tattoo that looks like natural hair strokes that really fill in or reshape brows. I've gotten it done 2 years ago and they have been great.

u/SlightlyCrazyCatMom · 2 pointsr/beauty

I adore the:

Profusion Cosmetics Mini Artistry Highlight & Contour I Palette - Light Medium.


The highlighters in it are awesome, and I use the palest powder under my eyes. One of my best buys ever.

u/kennanoel608 · 1 pointr/beauty

My eyebrows and eyelashes just grew back after finishing chemotherapy in January and I wanted to share what I used to help them grow back quickly and thick/full! Every night after taking off my makeup I applied Castor Oil to my eyebrows and lash line and it was so easy. From nothing in the middle of January, to back to normal by the middle of March!

Here's the oil I have been using:

Makeup Products Used: Huda Beauty - The New Nude Palette // Fenty - How Many Carots?! // L'Oréal - Lash Paradise

u/LeagueImaginaryWomen · 3 pointsr/beauty

AlexandrasGirlyTalk has some great tips on shaving, she even did a bikini line maintenance routine video. I tend to wax my bikini line during the summer, but for more intimate areas like closely around my vulva, I like to use electric shavers. I use this one from Panasonic. It's ok, not super great but it is really quick (and cheap) and easy to use.

u/carmen2211 · 3 pointsr/beauty

Charcoal. And not the dumb ones they package and sell as toothpaste for like $24, but like food grade charcoal. A whole tub of it is like $7. It works but you have to do it consistently. Like 3-5 days a week. That, and oil pulling. (Mouthwashing with oil).

I use this charcoal

Literally just dip my wet toothbrush in it and brush away. And then I use coconut oil to oil pull.

u/-colette- · 7 pointsr/beauty

The lamp I bought.:

The top and base coats:

The best affordable gel brand I've found!:

Gellen has a lot of sets on Amazon groups in colors you can look up. There's also CND Shellac that I've also used and is good, but it's a tad bit pricer. It ends up being a fair amount cheaper to buy the packs on Amazon than buying individual polishes. Basically buying all these and doing your manicure at home pays off after 1-2 salon gel manicures!

Edit: spelling

u/Beautifile · 3 pointsr/beauty

I have a NY State Waxing License & in your case, I do not recommend waxing nor threading. Coarse hair often has large follicles which when they come out will make you bleed. Not a ton, but it's just not worth it. I used to be on a forum called MakeupAlley & at one point everyone was buzzing about (I kid you not) the Magic Cooch Powder. I had to know wtf this was. I think it's the answer you need. It's a product marketed to African American men as an alternative to shaving because due to the fact that their hair can be super curly, many of them suffer horrible ingrown hairs. This powder is like Nair but gentler & meant for the face. You mix it w/ water into a paste then apply. I just looked it up: it's actually called Magic Shave Powder- It's only $1.99 on Amazon & it's literally made for faces. Back to the name I originally called it, all the women on the forum were using it for their bikini areas, thus the cooch part. It's supposed to be super gentle. Also, FYI, for your laser hair removal, if it's available where you are, check for Groupons for a year of sessions & double check the fine print for how many they say you can do. If not, 6 sessions will still leave you relatively hairless w/ occasional touch ups (I've found that it's STILL cheaper for me to pay the Groupon price for 6 sessions for 1 touch up when they send me coupons or I use Groupon select).

u/redyellowand · 9 pointsr/beauty

Salux towel!

Try looking at your local Asian market first, but omg, I friggin love this thing. Obviously the scrubbing takes work, but tbh it's almost like a ritual...and then my skin is soooo smooth afterwards.

u/L-N-E · 5 pointsr/beauty

I believe they're referring to the Bed Head Wave Artist. I agree, it's pretty great.

u/shelteredsun · 2 pointsr/beauty

Seconding Dr. Bronner's. Also try using a Salux cloth rather than a wash cloth/sponge/loofah.

It's like a slightly scratchy towel thing that exfoliates your skin as you wash and it's great for your back since you can hold each end in one hand and properly scrub your back.

If you check the reviews there are multiple ones mentioning it helped them with bacne.

u/bebe_dreamer · 2 pointsr/beauty

I use Seche Vite top coat and it works really well. It also has a ton of positive reviews on Amazon, so I guess it works for others too.

Seche Vite on Amazon

u/saifbomb · 1 pointr/beauty

The best facial moisturizer (which helps your skin be smooth, and youthful looking) that I use is:

u/bestlifebear · 36 pointsr/beauty

Seche Vite top coat works wonders and drys insanely fast. I think it’s cheaper on amazon than at beauty supply stores. seche vite

u/reddictator · 2 pointsr/beauty

The Seche Vite top coat is by far the best. It's a little pricey depending on where you get it from, but man, it is so worth it.

UK link

US link