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29. Bellabe Facial Hair Remover for Women. Remove Unwanted Hair on Upper Lip, Chin, Face, or Neck | The Original Hair Remover Spring for Unsightly Hair | Made in the USA

  • UNIQUE SPRING DESIGN: As seen on TV, the Bellabe facial hair removal device lets you enjoy safe, effective and virtually painless hair removal without waxes or irritating hair removal creams. Simply hold, bend and twist your way to a smoother face without waxing or expensive permanent hair removal treatments. Our hair removal springs grip hair better than the competitors making hair removal easier with results lasting up to 4 weeks.
  • FASTER THAN TWEEZING: Stop the painful tradition of plucking your way to perfection. The Bellabe facial hair remover for women is specially designed for those with sensitive skin. If you're looking for a flawless hair remover to get rid of unsightly dark, wiry hair or that annoying peach fuzz on your face, chin, or upper lip, you'll be amazed at the results this hair removal device will bring.
  • HELPS REDUCE COARSENESS OF HAIR OVER TIME: No need for laser hair removal. With Bellabe’s virtually painless facial hair remover, your hair will eventually grow back finer and softer, reducing the need to remove facial hair as often. Made of hypoallergenic, medical grade, ultra-strong carbon steel (nickel-free), Bellabe leaves skin hair-free with minimal discomfort or irritation.
  • SMALL, DISCREET, PORTABLE: Take this anywhere you want without the hassle or irritation associated with hair removal cream, waxes, shavers, or razors. Easily fits in a handbag or purse so you can remove unwanted hair as it pops up. The compact design allows you to use this anywhere privately and quietly. TSA Compliant because it's not battery operated.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our hair removal springs are plated with hypoallergenic material and manufactured in the USA for unsurpassed quality. Our products are quality tested by A2LA Laboratory Accreditation Program to ensure compliance with the highest standards of safety. If you're unhappy with our product, simply return it for a full refund.
Bellabe Facial Hair Remover for Women. Remove Unwanted Hair on Upper Lip, Chin, Face, or Neck | The Original Hair Remover Spring for Unsightly Hair | Made in the USA
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u/kksue · 16 pointsr/beauty

You’re not ugly! You just need styling! Don’t worry, unless you’re a model most people do :)

You have a nice nose, beautiful lips and a killer jawline. I understand it’s tempting to grow the facial hair to hide the acne but don’t do it, you’ll distract from your best features!

For the hairstyle, I’d recommend keeping some length on the top and styling it with product to push it up. The hair combed down makes the forehead appear smaller.

Here’s a few ideas: Always go to a barber who has good hair him/herself. And don’t be afraid to ask for personal recommendations on products or to have them demonstrate how to use it if you’re unsure :) hairstyling takes practice and always has good days and bad days.

Your eyes brows are so thick and nice! Go to an eyebrow threader and get them “cleaned up naturally”. Check it out in the mirror and if you’re happy then that’s enough! But if you want a little more done then request a small arch by having the underside plucked towards the end of the brow.

A dermatologist will help with the acne, I know personally it can be so so difficult to feel confident with acne but don’t worry, but people don’t judge you for your acne! (Only in middle school, people grow up after that!)
If your dermatologist doesn’t recommend something for the redness then ask :) For the big pimples that surface, I SWEAR on my life by -Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch
I always keep the patches on at home longer than the recommended time. Often sleeping with it. They’re cheap little pimple erasers :)

If your dermatologist does extractions, do the first few times with them. Remember, your face will always get worse before it gets better! If you want to save money on the extractions part you can get it done at places that might say “Nail and Spa” the spa part offers services that often times include extractions. Just call and ask :)

If you properly pop pimples on your own at home as well the aftercare of a popped pimple is important also. Try to make sure you’ve gotten the root of it but always be gentle with your skin. Once popped, disinfect the open pore. If it’s bleeding or oozing afterward, keep a piece of tissue or paper towel bit on it the way you would do for a shaving nick. Don’t let it dry! keep replacing the tissue until it will no longer stick. Put a thin layer of neosporin on top of you’re confident you got the entire pimple out. Otherwise stick on a pimple patch :)

One of the easiest ways to appear better looking is to stand up tall with good posture and show off those broad shoulders! Set a daily “posture check” reminder on your phone to go off twice a day to help build good posture habit.

Maintaining eye contact while speaking helps people to stay engaged in what you’re saying but also keeps eyes locked into yours. This is hard when you’re not feeling confident but as a server who can’t hide when she has a terrible acne outbreak, locking eyes helps me know their eyes aren’t wandering around on my face..

And lastly!! Be kind! I knew a girl always laughing and smiling, she was supportive in her responses to people and always was there to lend a helping hand. I truly did not notice her acne on a daily basis because her character was the most noticeable thing about her.

u/yeslittlehummingbird · 5 pointsr/beauty

Firstly: Drugstore stuff may not be the best quality but it's great for starting out; it's cheap as frick (yes, $6 for an eyeliner is cheap) so you won't feel as bad for wasting it.

Secondly: You can completely disregard about 90% of the shit beauty gurus on youtube use and / or do. That kind of makeup's nice to play with when you're bored or want to experiment- and it's absolutely great for inspiration. But literally no one walks around like that every single day. Get the basics down first, and figure out what you like on yourself- then worry about expanding. You'll save yourself a lot of headache!

Third: What I personally suggest investing in straight out the door (and I'm not trans, so you may have to cross reference this with resources from trans women to see if you'll need anything extra) are the following.

  1. Foundation / Face primer (this keeps your foundation on longer)
  2. Foundation (make sure it matches the skin of your neck, do not color match foundation directly to your face!)
  3. A few lipsticks in different color families
  4. Black or brown Eyeliner pencil (you can get one of two types: the actual pencils that need sharpening, or these weird little twisty ones that don't. Up to you)
  5. Black or brown liquid brush tip eyeliner pen (if you want to try out stuff like cat eyes- if not then you can completely disregard this one)
  6. Black Mascara
  7. A neutral colored eyeshadow pallet (neutrals are wearable in all situations and are incredibly forgiving of mistakes in most cases. They're great starter pallets)
  8. Brow kit (you can use shadow, gel, etc. Up to you. I recommend matching it to your hair root color personally)

    You can buy a few blushes, and a contour pallet if you want. But as a beginner, I'd recommend working on eyeliner, eyeshadow, and foundation first. But that's really up to you. Go ham on it all, if you really want to!

    That being said, here's a few basic videos / channels I love that might help.

  • Makeup Glossary: youtube [dot] com/watch?v=8yzzR18Hoss (has a lot more basic terms)
  • Explaining Makeup Terms for Beginners: youtube [dot] com/watch?v=7mYYChm_xDA (has some great tips included)
  • Goss Makeup Artist: youtube [dot] com/user/gossmakeupartist (pretty much my go-to for tips, tricks, etc; nice depthy explanations)
  • Makeup Mistakes to Avoid: youtube [dot] com/watch?v=m0daIFQjLIc (again, great tips included)
  • Makeup Mistakes to Avoid 2: youtube [dot] com/watch?v=ooxyFoBZrXM

    And, of course, the best thing you can do when learning how to do makeup? Is learning how to properly take care of your skin. And in that regard, I suggest two books:

  • The Skincare Bible by Anjali Mahto (actually written by a dermatologist)
  • Little Book of Skincare by Charlotte Cho (lot of the info is backed up by tSCB \^)

    Good luck, love!
u/wakatopatopa · 8 pointsr/beauty

Okay. There's a few ways to approach this, but I've got a few questions for you.

Is it just darkness, or darkness and puffiness, or darkness and hollowness? If it's just darkness, that's something that can be covered with makeup without looking too makeup-y. Puffiness can sometimes be addressed with a dermatologist's help with botox and other injectables; similarly, hollows can be treated with fillers.

Have you seen a dermatologist about these specifically? I'm totally against unsupervised use of skin lightening creams, particularly in such a sensitive area, but under a dermatologist's supervision, these may be some help.

It's worth noting that the under-eye skin is the thinnest skin on your body (thinner even than your eyelids), so one needs to be very, very delicate with it.

For a makeup solution, I recommend Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles. You can get it at pretty much any drug or grocery store, and the puffball applicator makes it really easy to apply naturally, even for those with no makeup experience. It also contains caffeine, which will help tighten up the skin.

Creams that will help with dark circles over long term treatment include those with Vitamin K, which helps boost blood flow in the area. I like Korres Evening Primrose Eye Cream. Caffiene creams also help. For that I like 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream. You definitely don't want to use cheap creams around your eyes. For one, if it gets in your eyes, it'll hurt like the dickens, and also because that skin is so sensitive, they can make problems worse.

You mentioned you have allergies - are you on any allergy medication? The other issue is that people with allergies tend to rub their eyes a lot. I did and didn't realize what an impact it was having on my dark circles. The way I stopped was by first making a mark in a notebook every time I touched my eyes. That made me cognizant of how much I was doing it, which made it easier to stop.

So, to sum up.

  1. See a dermatologist or a certified esthetician that you trust. Especially since you've got your wedding coming up (congratulations!) there may be a clinical intervention that will work quickly for you.

  2. Consider long term treatment with a Vitamin K cream, caffeine cream, or both. Also, find a night cream you like, and use it every night. I like Aveeno Smart Essentials Nighttime Moisture Infusion, but what works for you will depend on your skin type.

  3. Be cognizant of how you treat that skin. Touch it as little as possible, and if you have to, be very gentle. Anytime I'm putting on makeup there, or itching a spot, instead of rubbing, I tap with my ring finger. It's the weakest finger, and therefore has the most delicate touch. Be very, very gentle with your eye skin when you wash your face in the morning.

  4. When you wash your face, splash cold water on it once you're done. That will help close your pores and tighten your facial skin over all. Consider using a toner. I like Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner.

  5. Find a moisturizer with broad-spectrum SPF that works for you and apply it every morning. That thin skin is especially prone to darkening in the sun (a little melanin goes a long way in skin that's that thin) so it's very important to protect it from both UVA and UVB rays every day. Even when you're sitting inside and it's raining.

    Good luck! I'd love it if you reported back, let us know what's working and what's not so we can help you further.
u/soggy_waff · 30 pointsr/beauty


I'd recommend for skincare to start with the basics : cleanser, moisturizer, and spf.

Cleanser is to clean the dirt, sweat, and sebum off your skin.

Moisturizer is basically to put back into your skin what you took out when cleansing (cleansing removes some good stuff with the bad) and helps keep your skin healthy, a lot of moisturizers contain things that are important in your stratum corneum (the skin that we see) like lipids and ceramides (don't worry too much about this, it's just the sciency stuff, all you really need to know is that moisturizer restores good stuff to your skin).

SPF is to protect your skin from the sun, there are UVA and UVB rays. The SPF rating on a sunscreen is a rating on how well the product protects your skin from UVB rays (rays that cause a burn) and broad spectrum on american sunscreens means that it protects you from UVA rays as well (rays that age you and I believe can cause skin cancer). If you're looking at asian sunscreens, they rate protection from UVA rays with a PA+ rating, and I believe UK sunscreens use a PPD rating although I'm not sure how that works exactly. (basically you want broad spectrum, PA with 3 or 4+ signs, or a high PPD rating depending on where you're getting your sunscreen from).

For product recommendations, I'd say try cerave, they're a good brand and have quite a few options. I'd say try their hydrating or foaming cleanser, and either Cerave PM moisturizer or Cerave moisturizing cream (I'll leave links). Sunscreen is up to you, I prefer physical sunscreens (meaning they contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) but they can leave a whitecast. You can try some neutrogena sunscreens, I've heard good things about those too. So I'll put what your routine should be pretty much :


u/squeaktoy_la · 5 pointsr/beauty

You're doing it!


A few years back I was in your shoes but instead of a baby, I was hit by a BMW (on a bicycle). Couldn't keep up, in and out of hospitals, dr appts several times a week, everything just fell. I fell hard. Had made great income to (now) living with family. It sucks.


Oddly, reddit pulled me up. I started with education. Got the learning bug (once the seizures subsided enough). Then I started on skincare, books were my first and easiest route This is my fav. From there I could plot out cheap, effective skincare. Here's an all-over good book, please don't be put off by the title (I kinda was). You'll notice that these are cheap on kindle, but also check your library. Over the last year and a half I've been getting more and more back into makeup, haircare (also curly!), and as of the last few months I've been working on fashion. I joined something called the "style confidence collective" after taking the (free) 10-day workshop on body confidence (I've gained 70 lbs since bad driver happened). I'm sick so I haven't started the first one yet, the body confidence did a WHOLE LOT for me.


My problem, I don't know if this is your problem, I think too much. I get all in my head and never pull the trigger. I'll sit and read, and read, and read with a cat on my lap instead of shop. There really is a power in being comfortable with the uncomfortable. I'm learning that... it sucks. It's also the best. Getting up, putting on a playlist, getting ready, feeling confidant just hasn't been me since people don't know how to stay off their cell phone and out of the damn bike lane. I've been living braless and in my PJ's. But if I can go out there and study fucking engineering after a head injury, I can get a grip on style. If you can form a fucking life and push it out of your body, you can do style! YOU GOT THIS! YOU KNOW THIS! DON'T OVERTHINK THIS!


Now the actual advice:

Vo5 is curly girl approved! (99 cents)

Flaxseed gel, make it at home

Old T-shirts to dry and plop your hair


Bianca Renee Today- youtube for curly everything

Tati- search youtube page for "best drugstore" or "best underrated" for makeup. Her wear tests are no joke.

Gothamista- search youtube for "best of under $10" as well as a "best of under $20".


https://www.eshakti.com/ is slightly better than Target in quality, BUT for $10 you can get things CUSTOM to your body. This makes a huge difference. Huge. As an overweight woman with an 8+ inch hernia (thanks BMW), I can tell you this makes a difference.


Style is about confidence. I'm not there yet but I do know it's a personal journey. Feel free to PM me anytime about anything.

u/silvanaavalos96 · 3 pointsr/beauty

The twice a week wash is gonna do great, since the natural oils on your hair helps it grow. Still, I’ve also been trying to grow my hair as fast as I can so here’s what I’ve been doing: I do Castor oil soaks the night before I decide to wash my hair. I just rub it all over my scalp, put my hair in a bun and cover it with something while I sleep with the oil on. When I wake up I wash it (just shampoo, no conditioner since the oil conditioned it already) but I do have to warn you though, that castor oil is really thick so I use this to take it all out:

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, MAXSOFT Scalp Care Brush https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074ZDXFL6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ka0zDbNK7H9H5

(Also helps with hair growth, since it helps blood circulation on your scalp)

I also take biotin and collagen, (collagen mostly for my skin) and brush it every night before bed, and avoid as much as I can heating tools.

You also wanna take a good look at which shampoo and conditioner you’re using, in the long run, it’s better to spend a few more bucks and get a better quality haircare kit.

u/[deleted] · 12 pointsr/beauty
  1. Not moisturizing makes your skin produce even more oil to compensate for the dryness. Properly moisturizing your skin will eventually help it be less greasy. I strongly recommend pure jojoba oil, since it's inexpensive, non-greasy (despite what you might think), and helps control oiliness. You only need a drop or two for your whole face. It's best used immediately after washing, when your face is still damp.

  2. Don't use super harsh cleansers on a regular basis to get your face grease-free. That'll backfire on you. I suggest plain Cetaphil or something else that's advertised to be non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging) and gentle. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean it'll be better.

  3. Toner isn't a necessary part of cleansing. If you still feel like there's grime on your skin after washing it, then try swiping it with a cotton pad with witch hazel on it. I've also had good experiences with heavily diluted apple cider vinegar and lemon juice.

    But again, these things can be drying. So be sure to moisturize after cleansing and/or using these things to tone.

    Other things:

  • Eating greasy foods won't necessarily give you pimples or greasy skin. Acne is still something of a mystery and there are lots of different things that could trigger yours.

  • Keeping that in mind, I urge you to start a skincare diary. Keep track of what you ate that day, whether you exercised, whether you took any medication or supplements, whether you were stressed, etc. This'll help you start to narrow down the list of possible acne triggers. Sometimes it might not even be an outside thing--a lot of adults still experience hormonal acne (androgen is the culprit). Knowing what triggers your pimples is half the battle.

  • Popping your zits can lead to scarring and hyperpigmentation, which can take months or years to fade. Try to avoid it, if you can. If you can't help yourself, always make sure your face and hands are clean before popping. And put tea tree oil or some sort of antibacterial on it afterwards to prevent the bacteria you've just unleashed from spreading. Treat the area with Neosporin or something similar to help it heal.

  • There are a ton of different treatments for pimples. You have to experiment a bit to find what works best for you. Lots of people swear by benzoyl peroxide, but I get some sort of allergic reaction to it, so I stick with alpha hydroxy gel, Tazorac, pure tea tree oil, or crushed aspirin and clay masks. Again, what works for one person may not work for another. This is where keeping a skincare diary and educating yourself about skincare ingredients comes in handy.

  • Gently exfoliating on a regular basis is important, since the dead skin build-up contributes to pimples. Don't get one of those drugstore apricot scrubs--they're too harsh and will make things worse. Queen Helene makes facial scrubs that are pretty good since the grit is like sand. You can also make your own scrub with sugar and lemon juice. Just be sure to gently massage the scrub into your face rather than rubbing away like mad. Don't exfoliate everyday. 1-3x per week should be enough for most people.

    HTH! With some patience and experimentation, you'll find a routine that works for you.
u/wickvit1 · 2 pointsr/beauty

to be clear, this is not a plug: I came across an add for [this] (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071KW9GTT/) a few weeks ago and decided what the hell, it's only 20 bucks.

It. Is. Amazing. You barely feel anything, it just vibrates pleasantly and boom, all the hair's gone. I'm always worried about hair growing back rough and this worked so wonderfully that i've ever started using it on peach fuzz on my sideburns and stuff. The fact that it looks like a cute little lipstick container is a huge bonus.

u/youmaddiebro · 1 pointr/beauty

Amazon, really, they have the best deals. Something like that, with prime. Such a great deal. I just rubbed some on me before showering :).

u/lunalaya · 13 pointsr/beauty

You have got to try fanola no yellow shampoo!


I kept reading about it on other subreddits, buzz feed and some random sites and didn’t think it would be worth the hype since I’ve tried many types of purple shampoo / conditioner and none of them worked very well but this stuff is the best!!! It makes a huge difference on my hair and it’s affordable you should check it out

u/Luca_77 · 2 pointsr/beauty

I bought this pack for one of my girlfriends, came with the Gua Sha as well and a booklet with techniques and instructions of best practices etc. Was better quality than the cheap 7 dollar one she bought.


u/saltbutt · 2 pointsr/beauty

This is what I use, and it's really popular for it's price/quality.

Here is just one example of many threads on the subject. Additionally, you could type in "coconut oil hair" on YouTube and find videos. There is a ton of info out there on it.

You don't have to drench your hair, but yeah, cover it all enough so that you can feel the oil is evenly distributed. Some people do this dry, but I find starting with damp hair helps to spread it out when I comb.

u/beansofsu22 · 1 pointr/beauty


This looks close to the one I have (in South Africa so I don't know what other countries have) but if you look for an eyebrow trimmer it should help with something like this.

u/megzicle · 1 pointr/beauty

I just bought a new mirror for my vanity. Looks like this: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B073FWQSM5/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

You can also get vanity lights that are adhesive for a reasonable price, or you can get mirrors with them already. Those are quite pricey though. Depending on the room, you'll definitely want to get lighting. A small, round mirror might also be nice for close-up work.

u/PM_ME_YOUR_PUPPR · 24 pointsr/beauty

I have really long blonde hair that gets brassy really easily. Someone suggested I try fanola no yellow shampoo. It’s definitely much stronger than regular purple shampoos. I use it 1-2x a week. Just be sure you’re using a good conditioner after cause it does dry my hair out a little but I use leave in conditioner and bumble and bumble oil after showers anyway so it’s never been a big issue for me personally.


u/FunInTheSun85 · 1 pointr/beauty

I've never heard of Kiel's...I really like Purpose face wash though, I started using a different brand a few weeks ago and I broke out like mad, when back to Purpose and it's going away. It's cheap, and you can get it at CVS.

And I agree with the moisturizer suggestions, if your skin is too dry it will overcompensate and produce too much oil. I like Cetaphil.

Spot treatments have never helped me unfortunately, so I don't have any good recommendations. I do like this stuff though, when I use it regularly on my entire face I seem to break out less.

u/notsofluffy · 4 pointsr/beauty

I use the Bellabe. It works great and pulls from the root.

u/amstarcasanova · 1 pointr/beauty

I haven't tried it personally but I have heard good things about these

u/tiredmom123 · 1 pointr/beauty

This facial oil was my all time favorite amazon find. I had to quit purchasing because for some reason it became harder and harder to get. The price got raised and they even took it off Prime.



u/FoxInTheField · 1 pointr/beauty

I use a shampoo brush when I wash my hair and it works better than I could have ever dreamed. I have been dealing with dry scalp and flakes for years and have tried several shampoos and tonics to make it go away. This works so well for my dry scalp, I have only noticed a flake or two after about 3 days without washing my hair. I use the same shampoo and conditioner as i did before but instead of lathering the shampoo with my hands, I use the brush. And at $6 it's a less expensive item to try than a $30 bottle of specialty shampoo.