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u/SwimTownSkers · 1 pointr/bernesemountaindogs

I also use Fromm! It’s great dog food, but my Berner (Brody) can be a little picky at times too.


I highly recommend using additive products made by “The Honest Kitchen”. I use their beef bone broth as a topper to the food, my pup goes crazy for it! Also, it’s not expensive so adding it to your rotation doesn’t affect your budget.

It says to use 1 tablespoon per 25lbs with 4 oz warm water. Brody is 100+lbs, but I only use the 1 tablespoon and that makes enough to cover all the food with beefy flavor.

I hope this helps!!!

Here are some links:

Honest Kitchen The Beef Bone Broth - Natural Human Grade Functional Liquid Treat with Turmeric Spice for Dogs & Cats, 5 oz

Honest Kitchen The Pro Bloom Dehydrated Instant Goat's Milk with Probiotics for Dogs & Cats, 6 oz


u/Spire95 · 2 pointsr/bernesemountaindogs

I have a Berner that loves to chew stuff as well. He never eats it but he just shreds everything he can. Like my college textbooks, pillows, shoes, flip flops.... i mean everything. I remembered that when he was little he loved this little water buffalo horn that was soft yet hard (it honestly feels like a fingernail) anyway he will chew this toy for hours. And ever since i picked another one up hes stopped chewing on my shoes and various other things. It does kind of flake apart but not easily so its very much a challenge for him so that's what keeps him entertained. Here's the thing i'm talking about



Here's what it looks like after a few days


u/Mary-G-Teacher · 2 pointsr/bernesemountaindogs

For everyone who want to show their love for our awesome Berners, here is where I found this cute t-shirt, I hope you like it!

u/Pintoz · 1 pointr/bernesemountaindogs

I use a 6' one mainly b/c my cat will try to eat the food, but from what I have heard they aren't really necessary.
Also if you are shopping for that type of thing consider this water bowl I LOVE it. I only have to change the water every couple of days and my boy likes to dink right from the fountain.

u/fortunefighting · 2 pointsr/bernesemountaindogs

I'd actually recommend against a furminator in your case. Furminators do very well with shorter-haired double-coats like a lab. Berners do have double coats, but their outer "guard" coat is very long so the furminator wouldn't get down the to the undercoat very effectively.

My recommendation is a greyhound comb (all dog owners should have this, #1 tool in your arsenal) and an undercoat rake with curved teeth like this:

Source: Used to be professional dog groomer, tried a lot of equipment, and asked a lot of questions from fellow groomers at several different locations.

u/Erehwon15 · 2 pointsr/bernesemountaindogs

We have our Berner wear a backpack on almost every walk. Usually we fill it with some water bottles and a collapsable bowl (so basically he's carrying his own stuff). And he LOVES it! He knows his backpack is for "working" and after we put it on he has to make a big deal of showing it off to each of us. He always looks so proud of himself!

As long as yours isn't overly heavy and as long as the backpack isn't too big you shouldn't need to worry about heat. For the most part they're usually pretty breathable. You want one with a meshy material for the pads that are on the underside against the dogs back.

This is an inexpensive one we've used.

u/Sick_Trix22 · 2 pointsr/bernesemountaindogs

If they are chewing things like corners of wood tables like ours did, there is this spray that we purchased on amazon that you could spray whenever the dog would chew and it takes away their desire to chew that area. I’ll look for it right now and put in the link.

Edit: Searching “dog chewing deterrent spray” on Amazon gives you multiple good choices, but I’d recommend this one due to the wide range of usage.

u/mbake · 3 pointsr/bernesemountaindogs

I use the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer. Dog enjoys a frozen peanut butter KONG, and we get the job done! Hope you lucked out with white toe nails... Ours only has two black ones, and I get so nervous cutting them. They will probably be forever longer than the rest of his nails...

u/Wyvern_Kalyx · 1 pointr/bernesemountaindogs

We put this in a corner of the kitchen. It makes a daily sweeping with a light broom extremely easy. We also have a Dyson Animal, but it's heavy; although great for getting hair out of the car.

u/FATRN · 3 pointsr/bernesemountaindogs

I agree with all that you have said. It took at least 2 months before our Berner was fully house trained. I work nights and my wife works days, so both of us lost quite a bit of sleep during this time period. It is almost as bad as a newborn... almost... The first few nights are the worst.

We have this crate Amazon Midwest Crate and it has worked well for us. Our berner is a medium sized male, and he still fits well at 1 year old (100lbs). We use the crate only if we are gone from the house for more than an hour.

We got our puppy last July, and my wife had a baby in January. They are great together! Imgur

We have limited our puppy to certain rooms in the house. Our breeder recommended limiting stairs, so our puppy sleeps downstairs. He also isn't allowed in the formal living room or dining room. We did this by using gates. We had at one point 5 gates in our house. When he was about 8 months old, we slowly removed them, 1 at a time. The first night, he tried getting upstairs. I heard his paw at the top of the stair at 7am, and told him sternly to get back down. He hasn't tried it again since! We reinforce his boundaries by telling him "out" if he gets bold, and then praising him when he leaves. Positive reinforcement is key.

Our puppy was a little mouthy at times... a lot longer than I had wanted. Just be patient, but pay attention to your baby around him during this time.

u/MrBlargh · 1 pointr/bernesemountaindogs

I'm a professional dog groomer, and I myself own a Berner as well. As stated by others, it is definitely important to keep up with at home grooming because they are a double coat breed.
Invest in a double coat rake and use it maybe once or twice a week to avoid skin irritation and around no more than 15-30 minutes of raking at a time. A good comb is also something to consider having once done with the raking. Keeping the undercoat regularly controlled helps regulate their temperature throughout the year. You'll notice a fast difference in their coat if you're doing a good job.

u/G_Porgie · 1 pointr/bernesemountaindogs

Does your dog get wet often? If so it may be as simple as making sure to thoroughly dry the dog whenever he/she gets wet. Moisture can stay in a Berner's fur for a long, long time and can lead to hot spots. Also, applying some Coconut and/or Argan oil to the dog's coat after drying can help replenish their natural oils and prevent skin issues.

We actually bought one of these dryers and it works very well for drying our boy whenever he's wet. Prior to that we used a hair dryer (without heat), but it just took forever. Also used the output side of a shop-vac, but was too noisy and dusty.

u/bossbellini · 3 pointsr/bernesemountaindogs

We have one of those that you can adjust the height, like this one. Ours has been sitting at 40cm (15in) since she was around 8 months old.