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u/ohyeahthatguy · 1 pointr/blackbookgraffiti

Hey man, thanks!

I used Uni Posca PC-1M paint markers. I did an initial outline in pencil then just did the fill and outlines like I would paint a piece full-scale: Do the outline in the lightest fill color, decide the fill pattern, final outline, then accent outline.

I like the Uni Posca PC-1Ms because they're so fine and perfect for HO scale stuff, but I wouldn't mind getting some markers with a slightly wider nib (like the PC-3Ms) for the fills.

Hope that helps!

u/bigbutso · 2 pointsr/blackbookgraffiti

yeah I spent a lot of money on different marker trays lol, I find thee to the best and cheapest

u/sekthree · 2 pointsr/blackbookgraffiti

how about techniques using particular pens, markers, pencils, etc.?

places (online or physical) to purchase such said gear.

Not sure if An7hrax meant this by styles but definition/use of force fields, bubbles, mist, arrows, stripes, scribbles, glow, etc.

Do's and Don'ts, ie. do use a scrap piece of paper for back covering when coloring with marker as ink will seep through, potentially ruining a good page. Do spray your pages with fixative. etc.

Recommended books, videos, sites.

u/yeeerrrp · 1 pointr/blackbookgraffiti

Thanks! Here's a link to the pens I use

u/Kaysuhdiller · 1 pointr/blackbookgraffiti

This one from Amazon It was like $6 the last time I bought one and came with some tracing paper and gridded pages towards the back. I just covered the front with stickers.

u/gpm479 · 1 pointr/blackbookgraffiti

Yeah, I've been looking around at all the ones people suggested here and I think I'm gonna go with Prismas. I'm looking at the 24 set of the double ended Premier markers

u/Trebek604 · 1 pointr/blackbookgraffiti

Nice. Got a copy of his book, The Art of Getting Over, when it came out, but, like an idiot, I lent it out and never saw it again. Recommended reading if you can snag a copy (at least a $100 for a used copy these days).

u/see_fox · 1 pointr/blackbookgraffiti

it's such a pain to get that saturation with colored pencils. there is a prismacolor blending marker, although i've never used it. i'd imagine it helps with blending similar shades together but not making a gradient with one color.

u/kenjinyc · 1 pointr/blackbookgraffiti

No, from Chino & Sasha’s piecebook reloaded:
Piecebook Reloaded: Rare Graffiti Drawings, 1985-2005