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u/julieannie · 9 pointsr/blogsnark

Some ideas that have worked well for me/others:

Aging Parents - Kind of expensive (fluctuates a ton) but if you have a parent with a ton of photos who talks about scanning them all in someday, this scanner is fantastic. I have the older version and it's literally so easy to use that even my mom and dad could figure it out when I let them borrow it. Not a great bulk doc scanner but exactly what you need for photos. Pair with a case like this to store the originals in and you've done a great deed.

Newlyweds- If they don't have specific interests, a picnic blanket goes over well. I have the one linked and it's nice for the cheap price. Pair with some wine, maybe some other picnic accessories. I'm also giving a minted gift for a custom designed print for wedding photos to my brother/new sister-in-law.

Teens- Move beyond the selfie stick - some phone lenses go a long way, get a self timer for the phone, or a PowerCore. The powercore isn't sexy but super loved by all. I usually hit up BaubleBar or Sephora for deals too.

Handyman- I shoved this cheap light in my husband's stocking last year and he loves it. It's super handy.

Homebody- This is out of stock in the best size right now but it always comes back in. It is the softest blanket ever, doesn't shed, and we bought them for every room of the house.

Dog- What dog doesn't love bully sticks? A good deal, really good quality and my dogs have loved them.

On my wishlist- A milk frother, The Food Lab cookbook, a magnetic pincushion, maybe some Ugg slippers, a bunch of Etsy art and Essie gel couture nail polish. Debating a special purchase for myself with a bonus I received, I'm thinking a camera for a big trip coming up if I can find the right holiday deal.

u/cherrycereal · 14 pointsr/blogsnark

Pretty sure the goal of that post was to get some of that Chris Loves Julia Fake Fiddle Leaf Fig Affiliate Link Money that was discussed here a week or two ago. What was it, 20,000 people that bought one or something ridiculous like that?


CLJ, Bower Power, YHL - all of their most recent posts have been product lists to troll for affiliate-link income. Bower Power's is of course the least subtle lol.


By the way, the best real plant deal I've come across recenetly are these:

30$ for 3 legit plants?! And aloe of all things!!! Mine are amazing. I love them and I've sent two sets for gifts since buying them myself. Do the DIY bloggers get money from anything I buy on Amazon in a month where I've accessed their site and clicked on an affiliate link to something else that winds up being on Amazon? Do I just need to never click on any links in their posts if I don't want them getting a % of my transaction?

u/PM_ME_TSUNAMIS · 10 pointsr/blogsnark

Oh yeah no, please don’t buy the Dyson— it won’t be able to make a dent in hair that long.

I have a conair Revlon brush dryer, too, a giant “volumizing” one, and it’s the best I’ve tried. I also have to get my hair mostly dry with a regular dryer before I use it, but honestly the results with the Conair brush are as good or better than the results I got with the Dyson round brush attachment— in half the time or less.

And the Dyson curling attachments won’t even begin to work on your super long hair, no way. They’re too short to fit any hair on! Especially if it’s hard to curl? Forget it.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

u/obscure_cellist · 11 pointsr/blogsnark

why would anyone mangle an apple pie like that? i love baking pies, and my apple pie recipe is amazing - i poach the apples in apple cider first and it makes all the difference. everytime i serve it people tell me it's the best apple pie they'v ever had. the recipe came from this book. the only recipe that flopped was the fig & grape pie, otherwise they have all been insanely good.

also, your daughter sounds cool.

u/genreand · 1 pointr/blogsnark

Sounds like the azelaic will definitely suit you then! I really like the squalane too, and if you plan to order from The Ordinary and you can swing it, you may as well grab both because their inventory can be a little touch and go.

The best thing for my redness and irritation has definitely been a heavy focus on moisturizing--I use a hyaluronic acid, the squalane oil, a lightish gel moisturizer and, often, aquaphor, and every time I add a moisturizing step my skin gets happier. (Obviously this is a lot! But none of these steps require any wait time so it's really only a ten-minute routine.) Azelaic and squalane will both contribute to that.

As far as the glycolic: I use [this one](] once a week for six or so weeks at a time (though the paper that comes with it will suggest no more than every three weeks...that is very conservative, and I have very sensitive skin). It's done a lot for my sun damage--knocked out the recent stuff very quickly and refined a lot of my older texture issues. That same blog that I keep linking has a pretty in depth guide to chemical peels. Glycolic will brighten your complexion and refine skin texture from the first peel and improve scarring and that orange peel texture as you go through the series. 30% is a pretty mild concentration but you'll still want to start short--I started with two minutes with, again, very sensitive redness-prone skin. It's been great for me. I'm also very interested in this Fade Peel but I'm currently pregnant and breastfeeding so I can't use the BHAs in in. This appears to be a harsher peel though--probably not advisable during the summer.

u/eastward1526 · 4 pointsr/blogsnark

I like buying and making cards to send to my friends! I sent Mother's Day cards and two birthday cards last week and this week I'm sending two congrats on the baby cards and another birthday card. I also made and sent invitations to my going away party, and when I have time I do more elaborate paper cut-out cards, like for Christmas.

Coloring books are fun to do in front of the TV - here's my favorite -

u/ohkaymeow · 13 pointsr/blogsnark

I was going to post this yesterday but it was late and I wanted it to get at least a little notice: the 30% glycolic peel I (unintentionally) timed horribly with my poison ivy is a gosh darn miracle worker.
I never had terrible skin, but for the past year or two the area near my nose/eyebrows/chin were always so pink and I had to actively start using foundation/concealer on those areas for the first time in my life (I don't even know the difference between foundation and concealer, tbh, because I've only ever used whatever it is -- probably concealer -- to hide little bits of redness/etc.).

I thought it was maybe rosacea of a sort or something else and my skin was never fully soft, just kind of pebbled and unhappy, despite the fact that I was using moisturizer to try to help because it was also dry.

A week after using the peel, I can't stop touching my cheeks (I know I need to, but they're SO SOFT) and the redness is almost completely gone. There's a tiny bit of pink left but this weekend when I woke up at "Jim"'s place, I used a micellar face wipe and some 100% argan oil (both from TJ's) and could have left the house without any embarrassment whatsoever.
Word to the wise, definitely don't leave it on too long if your skin isn't used to it, as the first few days were rough (there was some poison ivy and also some marks from the peel itself) because I put it on for 4 minutes.

However, I really cannot say enough good things about what it's done for me a full week in (and after 3ish days I could tell it was doing a lot) and I intend to keep it up (though for a shorter time) as a regular thing.

It sounds so stupid but it has been a HUGE confidence booster. Nothing else I did was working, so I am very thankful.

I believe it was u/genreand (nope: u/HedgehogLeapfrog, but both have recommended it so thank you both!) that convinced me to get it, but if that's wrong I'll update.
Link to what I used is here

u/edith_bluth · 7 pointsr/blogsnark

Buy this comb. Ulta sells it too if you need it immediately. I've survived 3 or 4 lice infestations with my daughter, so I feel like I'm an expert at this point. Start out with combing morning and night, then go to 1x a day when you don't find any, then after 10 days of none you are fine. Lice are pretty resistant to the pesticide shampoos now, so combing out the nits - and live lice - is the best way to tackle it. I'm raising a glass in sympathy. My daughter got it most recently as we traveled for Christmas, so I didn't have any of my supplies with me. Also, pretty sure my sister was gonna burn her house down after we left.

Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb, Professional Stainless Steel Louse and Nit Comb for Head Lice Treatment, Removes Nits, COLORS MAY VARY

u/Nessyliz · 3 pointsr/blogsnark

I recommend Japanese sunscreen, specifically the Skin Aqua Sarafit. Great protection and the formulations are truly amazing. They absorb effortlessly and are totally weightless and don't have a weird smell!

u/nothinglefttouse · 13 pointsr/blogsnark

Richard, be the hero Emily needs and buy one of these to rid the house of the flies.

"The BUG-A-SALT 2.0 is the most powerful, efficient BUG-A-SALT designed yet. The Bug-A-Salt shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies on contact. A surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task. Rid your house of all those pesky pests and have a blast while doing it. For use by adults only! 18 years of age and older!"


u/aliciamc · 2 pointsr/blogsnark

This one!

It's challenging the shit out of me to do it, but it seems to be helping. I also dove back into Love Me, Don't Leave Me last night, which is a really good book about negative self concept and how it affects relationships!

u/HedgehogLeapfrog · 11 pointsr/blogsnark

I did an at-home chemical peel on Friday (this one thanks to a rec from this sub!) and yesterday I kept catching myself checking out my skin in the bathroom mirror while washing my hands, which is out of character for me! I have acne scarring, both hyperpigmentation and uneven texture, and I thought I was stuck with this for life (too cheap/chicken to go to the dermatologist) and generally would avoid looking in the mirror the rest of the day after putting on make up. The treatment didn't work miracles yet (if I do it consistently, I should see real results in like 6 months) but I do think I notice some brightening and maybe a sliiightly smoother texture. I'm just so excited to have hope that my skin could look normal/nice one day!

u/0uija-bored · 4 pointsr/blogsnark

Yes! If you haven't already, you should read her books, From Here To Eternity and Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. Her writing style and humor reminds me a lot of Mary Roach, who actually inspired me to change my career path. Such a wonderful human.

u/mrs_mega · 2 pointsr/blogsnark

I bought a bento box for my toddler when he started daycare at 18 months and it's been a lifesaver for me - I have some standbys that I pack [like goldfish and raisins] and then his meal will usually be leftovers from the night before, or pasta [he likes it cold] or a sandwich cut into strips - sometimes when I'm real lazy I just cut up a piece of lunch meat + a slice of mozzarella. I HIGHLY recommend for working moms because I don't have to really meal plan, just fill in the blank bento areas!

This is the one that I purchased:

I send pouches for snacks, unsweetened applesauce, chobani veggie greek yogurt and Happy Tots veggie and fruit pouches. I felt really bad about this, like I was being lazy because I don't craft whole dishes for each lunch but last week one of the caretakers was like "you always pack the cutest, healthiest lunches!"

u/PrestigiousAF · 65 pointsr/blogsnark

In terms of Roe, remember that around 12-15 states will most likely continue to have legal abortion, and that women will need help getting to those states. Please follow to keep updated. If you are in a red state, and you want to have a line to resources, or if you are in a solid blue state and think you could help with room and board or transportation, you can send me your email, I will keep it secret, never use it unless needed, and will never ever consider doxing you, even in a court of law. I'll go down with a real tight lip, I don't crack. We are building our underground railroad, and it's go time.


Edited to add:
If you want to see how to go on when we don't have body autonomy, read this inspiring story. Regular women, helping regular women

u/ghostofcaterpillar · 24 pointsr/blogsnark

This is a strong theory, although I don't think Kate would've been quite as successful if she was taking pictures of Will nude in bed after the night on the lash for 750k people to see. Although we can only hope Caro's contribution to literature can equal Pippa's. (see )

u/voice_of_vinegar · 9 pointsr/blogsnark

It's possible that they're just linking to Amazon pages as a non-affiliate.

Years ago, Amazon affiliate links had the account name in the URL. Shauna used to do undisclosed affiliate links and I remember checking on some and they definitely had the word "glutenfreegirl" in them.

I just looked at a couple of Chefsteps Amazon links and their name wasn't in the URL. But there's also something called cloaking which is used to hide the affiliate ID, i think. And the other thing is that the last time I looked into this was years ago and the internet changes all the time. So.

I compared ChefSteps' link to a spatula on Amazon to the URL of the same item when I did a search for it myself.

First, my direct search URL:

Next, URL of the ChefSteps link:

I know zero about coding but the internet says that when a URL has "tag" in it, it's an affiliate link. I'm guessing that the long string of characters at the end, after "linkId=" is the ChefSteps ID. I mean, that seems pretty obvious, right?

u/volksmadchen · 1 pointr/blogsnark

Can you scrunch it and make it wavy/curly?? I do that when I air dry and it looks pretty decent. I use: when it's wet, scrunch it up, twirl some of it together for bigger curls and let it go. I also have this for days I dry it and wear it straight: and it cuts the blow drying/straightening time in half cause it's doing both at the same time.
Sorry for the long links.