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u/darkangel_401 · 4 pointsr/bodymods

Hey!! I have had mine done for about a year ago. I have one tip I tell everyone. If you have to remove your own stitches. You will thank me if you buy suture scissors they are the best $5 investment I’ve made in a long long time.

Good luck with healing.

u/SampleOfNone · 5 pointsr/bodymods

Besides jewelry material being a common cause for problems (I would advice implant grade materials and definitely not acrylic) and poor placement. Sleeping on piercings can definitely cause havoc. Even more so if you don’t downsize jewelry in a timely matter. One of the problems it can cause is tilting the angle it was originally pierced at to the point of it becoming impossible to heal.
For our teen, a travel pillow didn’t work either. We ended up doing some DIY, to make something like this There’s wrestling head gear that would work as well. It looks ridiculous, but it works great. Because not sleeping on piercings will have a major positive impact on the healing process.

u/kourt3 · 2 pointsr/bodymods

Thank you! I actually got suture scissors from amazon, I attached the link below of the ones I purchased:

STT-SUT45 Premium High Polish Suture Stitch Scissors 4.5" (11.43cm) Stainless Steel

I used these and some tweezers, and I watched a video on YouTube about how to remove the stitches, it was basically painless excluding a few that hurt a bit. But the whole experience for me wasnt that painful as others have experienced. Good luck! After day 5 it was feel better but once you get the stitches out it will be such a sigh of relief.

u/Iriebee- · 2 pointsr/bodymods

Also I’ve had these on my wishlist forever but they suit you better haha.

u/floodingthestreets · 5 pointsr/bodymods

A pill organizer is good for smaller jewelry like barbells and rings.

I like this style of organizer for plugs.

u/NewiePirate · 2 pointsr/bodymods

I used these when I got my ears pointed and they worked great!

u/comfy_socks · 1 pointr/bodymods

Yeah, acrylic is nasty stuff. If you like stainless steel, there are some good starter sets on Amazon for fairly inexpensive.

u/theJa-Raff · 3 pointsr/bodymods

I use an insert that goes into a tackle box. Walmart carries them in the fishing section and they’re pretty cheap.

Plano 23620-01 Stowaway with Adjustable Dividers

u/restivereaction · 4 pointsr/bodymods

My piercer recommended baby soap or unscented castile soap like this one. I would definitely NOT use dial or something, because those can be really really harsh on your skin.

u/DanntheDumbMann · 2 pointsr/bodymods

Just bought their last pair of 00g (10mm) but if you want a pair 1/2 inch or 9/16 here it is!

BodyJ4You 4PC Glass Ear Tapers Plugs 12mm Candy Cane Swirl Teardrop Spiral Gauges Piercing Set

u/darklurkerr · 2 pointsr/bodymods

nevermind i got it!

14G Surgical Steel 1 1/4 Inch (32mm) Notched Industrial Piercing Spiked Barbell

u/barfsnot1000 · 2 pointsr/bodymods

The style of barbell with hanging semicircle would do it! Example on Amazon I personally hate rings, they irritate the piercing, but they are much more visible. This style of decorated barbell (I don't really know what they're properly called) could give you a similar look, though. Unsolicited advice: your current barbell looks like it's a little short.

u/Jakus_Snakus · 2 pointsr/bodymods

Thank you.

There was something I wrote earlier to another comment about my branding being a part of an "art project". It was about destroying the body, and in a sense reclaiming my power.

It happened when things became dark and I began to see my body as a prison. Not wanting to be alive, but also being incapable of suicide. I started fantasising about destroying the body in an attempt to find peace (ie sort of a suicide analogy).

I didn't recover until months later when I visited a monastery and soon after smoked DMT for the first time. My friend was amazed when I returned from the trip and said, "it feels like I have hated my body for so long, and I finally feel at peace with it". (On the DMT that is).


This was an excellent book that helped me to understand the complexities of my branding, and how it helps us to determine our stories. Branding's are an invaluable tool in coming to understand ourselves and the broader world around us.

u/Maddibon · 5 pointsr/bodymods

Bodymods people are so pretentious!
Get these instead. They're stainless steel and will be better for your ears C:
I used to wear fake plugs. I had my lobes stretched to a 00 before and it was too much work. I also didn't like how I constantly had to have them in or else they'd close! There's nothing wrong with fake plugs. People dye their hair, paint their nails, get henna tattoos, wear makeup, and fake tan so why can't you make it appear that a hole in your ear is a few millimeters bigger?

u/reposedhysteria · 1 pointr/bodymods

Lubricate! I used Jojoba oil when I stretched, but I'd recommend this now. It's inexpensive and lasts forever. I use it to oil my lobes now. Massage your lobes with it, hot shower or heating pad/hot washcloth beforehand will help too.

It's better to wear surgical grade stainless steel plugs/tunnels when stretching and while your ears are healing because other materials (like acrylic) tend to be porous and can harbour infection.

Take your time, or you'll end up with either a blow out or thin/uneven lobes that can even rip apart if you're that stupid. Seriously, don't force it. Stretching with weights can also cause the latter. If you bleed, you went too quickly.

In the beginning you can use cheap acrylic tapers off ebay or something. Don't wear them, just use them for stretching to get that size plug in. However, if your ear is being stubborn, you can always go part way and wait a day while wearing the taper, then finish the next day.

As soon as you can, generally once the jewelry is large enough, you should start taping instead of using tapers. It is safer, more gradual, and a hell of a lot easier. You can do this with bondage tape, which is non-adhesive (important!) yet sticks to itself. You can cut it to size, wrapping a layer around your plug at a time slowly and continually to size up.

Some more info can be found on BME Encyclopedia because I'm tired now.