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6. VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 600W LED Grow Light,with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

  • 【Optimal Spectrum】The secret to VIPARSPECTRA’s success is optimal full spectrum lighting which provides plants in all stages from veg to flower with everything they need in the natural sunlight. This results in bigger buds and higher yield all while saving you on energy costs.VIPARSPECTRA is a trusted brand in the lighting industry by providing the best customer care with quality and safe products.
  • 【VEG & BLOOM Switches】 The V600 light comes with VEG and BLOOM switches,which are suitable for each growing phase. Upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks and advanced high speed quiet fans are great for heat dissipation.
  • 【Daisy Chain Function】Daisy Chain feature assists growers to connect multiple lights together with fewer outlets. Each package includes a US power cable, but with a dual purpose of serving as power plug as well as a daisy chain cable. No additional cords is needed, simply plug in the provided power cord into the second light's outlet to connection among multiple units. To ensure safety, each total true wattage of extra connected light must less than 600w, you can maximum link extra 2pcs V600.
  • 【Coverage area & Hanging height】The 600W LED grow light is perfect for a 3’x3’ vegetative coverage at 32”and 2.5’x2.5’ flowering coverage at 22”. We recommend hanging the light at 28"-40" and running the lights 18 hours per day during the vegetation stage. During the flowering and fruiting stage, hang the light at 18"-24" while running 12 hours per day with both VEG and BLOOM switches. Remember to properly adjust the height of your light accordingly to your plant desired level for optimal growth
  • 【Worry-free 3 Years US warranty】We are a professional manufacturer who specializes in LED grow lights for many years. Product quality and professional customer service are always our top concern. We offer 3 Year local warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will offer you professional guidance to help you and your plants grow better.
VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 600W LED Grow Light,with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower
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u/literocola431 · 1 pointr/bostontrees

a good starter pack of nutrients - a small sized grow tent that can fit 4 plants - a fan ventillation system that will handle the smell when you get to flowering - airpots if you want to grow from soil - or DWC hydro buckets if you want to go hydro note that these are pretty easy to DIY, buckets are $5 ea and pumps run $20-50. LED lights to grow with for $160 or you can skip up to the good stuff and go with Quantum Boards which are far superior - not on amazon You can do a lot of your own work on these boards to make them not as expensive.

After your get some seeds, either from bag seed or from an online seller, its really just a matter of paying attention to what the plants are doing and keeping a good schedule with your nutrients or watering. There is a ton of information online, both on reddit and elsewhere that can guide you with anything.

u/burningretina · 7 pointsr/bostontrees

This looks great for a first go! Congrats dude. Now arguably the hardest part to pin down: curing. How do you plan to go about it? These mini hyrgometers have been super helpful for me to monitor the humidity in my jars, I highly recommend them.

u/Zarsk · 2 pointsr/bostontrees

There are some fabric cases with locks on them. That will be best for your purse. Some thing like this. Pelicans would be best for your home.

Stash Man Smell Proof Case with Lock - Activated Carbon Lining - Includes 3 Airtight Pop Tubes & 4 Part Grinder - Odor Resistant Travel Storage - Perfect for Dry Herb, Medicinal, Lighter & Accessories

u/ekac · 2 pointsr/bostontrees

If you want a list of materials you'll need, go on Google Maps and find your local hydroponics store. Any clerk at those stores will help you out. They will also help you understand the basics of a set up.

The real necessities of an indoor grow are:
A grow tent (I prefer Gorilla Grow )
A grow light (I prefer California LightWorks )
An inline ventilation system with carbon filter Link for example.

Then there are optional appliances like an indoor air conditioner or an air filter.
This completes the "set-up".

Then you have to decide what kind of grow you're planning - Soil, Coconut husk, water culturing. Typical gardening uses soil and it's what most people are used to. So unless you already understand the other stuff, start with soil.
For soil, you'll want fabric 5-gal pots with plastic drip pans underneath.
It's also recommended to get some sort of support for the plants - either a SCROG net, or a tomato cage (I prefer cages for mobility).

So you fill the fabric pots with soil, put it in your set-up grow tent. Now you need to get seeds going. There are tons of youtube videos showing this, you can google them.

That's really it. You can add nutrients to the soil, but most soil has base nutrients in it already. You really won't need to add much, and if you're not adding much; you won't need to flush really either.

Just watch the pH of you water. Cannabis likes a lower pH (around 5.8 to 6.3). You can get a cheap pH meter, but they need to be cared for. Store the probe in the storage solution and calibrate often. Hannah or Blue Labs are what I'm used to using. When you buffer the pH of a solution, remember the free h ions follow an "S" curve. What this means is adding a drop of pH down when you measure 10.1 may not move that down far (like to 10.0). But if you add a drop of pH down when you measure 7.2, it may drop much faster (like to 4.5).

u/SickTransitMundus · 8 pointsr/bostontrees

You don't get to choose the clinic, usually. When I have taken piss tests it's either administered at the employer's site or I've been sent to a lab of their choosing like Quest Diagnostics.

Seriously, buy some THC test strips and check your whiz every couple of days. They have the same 50 ng/mL cutoffs that pre-employment tests do. Practice loading up on Gatorade - not water - and see if that can push you under the line. Your low bodyfat will help you get clear faster.

I use concentrates daily too. My personal time-to-clean is about 12-14 days from daily use. Good luck.

u/Boston_06 · 1 pointr/bostontrees

I did a grow with my buddy a few years ago, this time I had some plywood and bought 2 rolls of this poly stuff off amazon and kinda built a tent on the cheap haha.

Nuggs lookin good.

u/climb-high · 2 pointsr/bostontrees

Screw these onto the ends of the syringe. Use a hairdryer for 20 seconds near the oil, flows like olive oil after that.

I recommend this for self filling :)

u/evillittlekiwi · 1 pointr/bostontrees

I used these strips. Good luck!
15 Pack Easy@Home Marijuana (THC) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit - #EDTH-114

u/kronicyolo · 2 pointsr/bostontrees

That thing is a smoke buddy.



But yeah, the only way around this I've seen is getting smoke friendly apartments on craigslist, type in 420 friendly.


Non-smokers will complain and they are very sensitive to the smell.

u/soxfan4505 · 4 pointsr/bostontrees

A smokebuddy works great too - fairly cheap to buy and last for a long time.

u/Medic-Oil · 3 pointsr/bostontrees

That oil is very viscous you won’t be pouring it anywhere. (And those carts suck IMO). To answer your question, you need some blunt tipped syringes. I found a variety pack on amazon for less than $10.

I emptied one on these apex and another similar one from theory wellness (again, bad cart) into used mostly empty ones from sage (really good cart). Works fantastic.

To reduce viscosity and make it easier to suck up with the syringe, use a hairdryer on warm to throughly heat the cart and oil.

Edit:: link
Check this out: 9 Pack - 10ml, 3ml, 1ml Syringes with 14Ga and 18Ga Blunt Tip Needl...

u/snoogins355 · 1 pointr/bostontrees

Tightvac jar. Vaccum sealed so no smell gets out. If you use a pax, I recommend using prerolls to pack a bowl. It keeps everything organized and I usually have 7 different strains in there. Also can mix it. CBD is a good mixer

Tightvac - 3 to 12 Oz Vacuum Sealed Storage Container, Black Cap & Body

u/WEEDandGUINNESS · 6 pointsr/bostontrees

Curaleaf in Hanover. They're currently on sale buy one get one 50% off. I bought ten that came to ~ 250$ after rewards points and discounts and a pack of these:
to refill my cartridges and pax pods. I have so many empties (I never throw them out) so I should be able to get buy only reusing each cart once.


u/newaddress1997 · 3 pointsr/bostontrees

smoke buddy

several of my friends have them and they work.

u/xyfz · 1 pointr/bostontrees

like this? Quantum LEDs 135 Watt Quantum LED Light 304 Board Kit in 2700k,4000k,5000k - White Light Grow Lamp for Horticulture (5000k)

got a link?

u/jambears · 1 pointr/bostontrees

Yes they can. However you’re going to either need to make your own distillate out of oil or purchase some on the back market. You’ll need this to fill it up.

u/amberfc · 3 pointsr/bostontrees

Just did the same thing this week! It’s been working out really well. I recommend getting some blunt tipped needles (I used these Lost ocean 100pcs Green Color Metal Blunt Tip Dispensing Needle (14G) that attach to the end for injecting the warmed up oil into the cart to minimize waste.