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18. Yogasleep Dohm Classic (Tan) The Original White Noise Machine | Soothing Natural Sound from a Real Fan | Noise Cancelling | Sleep Therapy, Office Privacy, Travel | For Adults, Baby | 101 Night Trial

  • THE ORIGINAL SOUND MACHINE: Beloved by generations since 1962, the Dohm Classic model features our fan-based natural white noise producing our signature sound – the soothing ambient sounds of rushing air, without the disturbance of actual moving air.
  • CUSTOMIZED SOUND EXPERIENCE: With two-speed options for adjustable tone and volume, making it simple to create a personalized sound environment, excellently masking background noise and allowing for better sleep, office privacy, effective soothing for kids and babies, and calming for sound-sensitive dogs.
  • UNBEATABLE QUALITY & GUARANTEE: Sleeping is believing. For over 50 years, Yogasleep by Marpac has been the gold standard in white noise machines - read the reviews and you'll learn why. Assembled for decades in the USA and backed by a one-year limited warranty and the always exceptional Yogasleep customer service promise, we stand behind each product and offer you a 101 night trial to try it out.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Powered by a 7-foot 120V AC plug, just plug in the Dohm Classic, flip the switch to high or low, then rotate the cap and collar to find the best sound for you. Let the noise-masking magic happen for a natural sleep aid, office privacy, baby soothing, tinnitus relief, respite from noisy snorers and unfamiliar hotel rooms, and a relaxing calming balm for barking dogs.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: Featuring a compact and basic design that fits anywhere and blends unobtrusively into surroundings, the Dohm Classic White Noise Machine is available in white, black, gray and tan.
Yogasleep Dohm Classic (Tan) The Original White Noise Machine | Soothing Natural Sound from a Real Fan | Noise Cancelling | Sleep Therapy, Office Privacy, Travel | For Adults, Baby | 101 Night Trial
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u/ElbowDeepInElmo · 9 pointsr/burlington

I'd highly recommend the ROAV A1. It's only $50 right now with a coupon and it's a great cam.

If you're looking for something a bit higher-end with GPS capabilities, better video quality, and an interior-facing camera, I'd highly recommend the AKASO Trace 1 Pro. That's $110 right now with a coupon. This is my current cam right now and it's awesome.

u/PhantomMadman · 3 pointsr/burlington

As pween said, layering is key. For really cold weather, having a base layer is nice for insulation. I have the Minus 33 merino wool long johns and top and it makes a huge difference in comfort.

You're also going to want a pair of good boots. See my post here for my thoughts on boots: Here

If you're adequetely prepared, the winters are bearable. The sunlight issue can be tough, so I recommend Vitamin D supplements, and possibly St John's Wort (depending on individual situations).

u/Catamount90 · 4 pointsr/burlington

I do not deal locally, so, unfortunately, I cannot recommend any institutions, however, it would be a good idea to understand the market and your options beforehand. Reading Investing for Dummies , Investopedia and subscribing to r/stocks & r/investing will be a good start. You do not need to be an expert, but having a solid base of understanding to get started will allow you to have a better idea of where you want to put your money.

u/AltAccount997543 · -3 pointsr/burlington

If you are referencing Gracie's Girl, congrats on being another 2edgy4u internet asshole. Clever and original 8/8 m8 gr8 h8.

Edit: Apologies, I was a bit oversensitive when I wrote that and assumed the comment was basically saying it was done intentionally to get attention.

u/contacternst · 2 pointsr/burlington

Yeah, I have had some luck. Honestly, you probably won't get many channels, but ABC comes in really well and a couple others.

I bought this one:

My one warning on this is that if your tv is over 4-5 years old, it may have some compatibility issues. If you have a flat panel, it should work for you.

And if you have a really solid internet connection, you can usually stream whatever you want. However, the quality if doing this isn't great, but to me it's preferable solution.

u/thespice · -1 pointsr/burlington

I think I've found your problem!. It's "Looking to buy a Charlie Hebdo in Burlington area". The best solution right now is here bonne chance!

u/time_again · 1 pointr/burlington

I know very well that this is not professional knife sharpening, but I'll throw it out there anyway. After hearing so many rave reviews on Cooks Illustrated / America's Test Kitchen, I orders the <$10 AccuSharp. Its amazing. Thew away my old much more expensive sharpener. I never even think about my knives needing to be sharpened because this thing works so quickly and so well. You may want to try it.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/burlington

If you want cheap, you could just poop in the truckbed until you have a full truckload of fresh compost -- dogs, roommates, and neighbors may also be willing to contribute. Humanure = best manure!

But that might not be recommended if you're planning on growing food crops. I'm not sure, though -- I have more reading to do on the subject.

Other than that idea, I'd just call around to local garden/farm supply places. Maybe check craigslist too?

u/TedWashingtonsBelly · 0 pointsr/burlington

Recommended reading for individuals who don't actually know anything about parking policy: The High Cost of Free Parking
, Walkable City

u/skiyuh · 5 pointsr/burlington

Might be worth doing a test of your water. Any alarming results could be taken to Public Works to hopefully find a solution to the problem.

u/wickedcold · 1 pointr/burlington

I actually just got this four key sample pack. I'm likely going to get blues myself. Although it still doesn't seem quite as nice as the clicky mechanical keyboards I remember from years ago.

u/therealrico · 7 pointsr/burlington

I do, it’s cheaper in the long run. Bought mine in 2014, still works great paid between 100-150 but can’t remember.

This is the model I bought in 2014.

u/tossawayintheend · 2 pointsr/burlington

I have this one and it works great.

I get the the advertised speed when wired to my laptop, but not on WiFi because my laptop doesn't have a dual band modem so I'm stuck with the 2.4GHz band.

My phone gets the full speed on the 5GHz WiFi band.