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u/rasiahs · 7 pointsr/canadaguns


  • Personally I would recommend either a Remington 700 over the 783. There's nothing wrong with the 783, but the 700's fit, finish as well as the overall quality is just superior and I'm a firm believer in the "buy once, cry once" philosophy, especially with firearms. If you buy the 783, my bet is that as you get a little more serious about shooting, you'll end up buying a 700.

  • With all that said, if you're not hell bent on buying a Remington, I personally would go with a Tikka T3 (there are many, many models). Overall it's about the same as a Remington 700 in terms of quality, but the bolt action is just silky smooth and the trigger pull is wonderful. I'm biased because I'm a bit of a Tikka fan, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

  • In regards to the .308 calibre, again I'm a bit biased because my rifle is in .308 but regardless, I think .308 is the way to go. It's easily found, and comes in a variety of weight from (approximately) 120gr to 200gr so you have a choice of choosing a lighter bullet for smaller game or a heavier bullet for larger game.

  • To pass the time while your PAL/RPAL is being processed, I strongly suggest buying high quality safety equipment You don't have to break the bank, but don't skimp. Apart from that I'd say buy a good soft case, and later down the road you can buy a hard case (my personal favourite is the Pelican 1750). Here's a little list....

  • Ear protection: Howard Leight Impact Sport and Howard Leight earplugs (Personally I use both-- you only get one pair of ears!)

  • Eye protection: Smith Aegis Arc (DS Tactical is a great company to deal with)

  • Hard case: Pelican 1750 (Production Case is a nice Canadian company with prices way better than anywhere else and great customer service)

  • Bipod: Harris Engineering (widely considered the best bang for your buck product-- I use the 9-13 inch because I'm a bit taller, but most people like the 6-9)

  • Soft case: Cabela's drag bag-- great product at a great price.

  • Torque wrench: VERY important in my opinion, as I see way too many people over-torquing their gear (i.e. scope mount screws) and messing things up. Wheeler Torque Wrench-- this is what I use. It's reasonably priced and I use it all the time when I'm working on my rifle. I know plenty of people say they're not necessary, but they'll save you from major headaches in the future.

  • Bonus: When you buy your scope, DO THIS to level it. I've tried all kinds of methods, but this by far the best (assuming your rifle is levelled first). It's so simple, but so effective.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. I'll check back in a little bit (studying for finals right now) if I think of anything else.
u/ThatLightingGuy · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

Oils/cleaner: G96 Gun Treatment. Pretty much the only thing I use. Smells nice, cleans nice, lubes nice. Plastic/wood safe, it's just all-around awesome. I keep some Hoppes solvent around as well, but I honestly don't use it much.

Cleaning gear: You can buy the kits, but the best ones I've found are the fibreglass or carbon fibre one piece rods, like these. They seem to be the most reliable. Keep a threaded one in your range kit, but for the shop, get one of these guys. I have this Birchwood Casey kit and it has held up pretty well.

For tools, this Mastercraft set is like 90% of what you need. Get yourself a set of Allen keys, a staple gun (for targets), a small brass/plastic hammer, and a pin punch for drifting pins.

I carry all my stuff around in one of these cases.

Home Depot sells a bag of rags in their painting department that's basically just scrap white cotton cutoffs. Perfect for patches and wiping things down, just trim to size. You get like 100 of the things for about $15.

u/riottaco · 1 pointr/canadaguns

I am definitely considering this cheap Simmons .22 mag scope, but I'm wondering if it's worth spending a little more for something like a Nikon Prostaff for almost three times as much.

Hadn't seen the RAR in wood. They look super nice, but the durability of a plastic stock is definitely a bonus. Not so much the flex you mentioned... The Savage B22 could also be interesting in a very similair price range.

u/FinusFiatus · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

i might get some flack for this, but i am extremely happy with the [utg 3-9x32] ( the qd rings are great. a stick of loctite (blue stuff) will keep the threads from loosening. be gentle, vortex and leupold fanboys.

u/gsg9dotca · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

You're best bet for a cleaning kit is to get one of the deluxe versions. They only cost ten bucks more but you're good for this and future purchases.

Hard case protects a bit better but soft is fine to.

Patches come with the kit. Unless you're using Otis or some other brand that requires special patches get what ever is one sale. They're all the same.

You'll usually get a small bottle of oil with the kit. 3in1, Hoppe's, or Remington are all fine. The expensive stuff doesn't really do much other than waste your money.

Slings are for carrying your gun in the bush. At the range they generally want you to move you gun while cased. Get a piece of string and test what looks/feels right. Most slings will come with 6" of adjustment. You don't want it to be overly long that the excess flops about but to short isn't handy either. Measure the interior dimension of your sling swivels so you get the right width. A cheap nylon one will work the same as a hand tooled leather one but leave you more money for ammo.

Get a silicone gun & reel cloth for wiping your gun down before you put it in the safe.

that should be about it to get you started. have fun

u/MadePancakesOnce · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

for the ear pro, get some electronic ones for the outer layer, and you can crank up the volume so you can still hear somewhat. I have these, and they're excellent

if the gun is in mint condition and you want to keep it that way, I'd say get a cheap hard case. I have some cheap ones and some expensive ones, and I'd say there's not much benefit to an expensive case unless you're protecting a delicate optic

as far as I know, any type of gun oil should be sufficient for any rifle.

I removed cosmo from my milsurps by soaking the metal bits in windex, but there are plenty of effective methods. I didn't bother with the wood though so can't help you there

tipton makes excellent cleaning products, I have their .30 cal carbon fiber rod and am satisfied

to avoid rusting during storage, give all the metal parts a light coat of oil before storage, and inspect it every week or two. I've been told that the foam in a hard case will attract moisture, so maybe store it outside the case

u/throawayzero · 0 pointsr/canadaguns

This is the one you want. Make sure it's Champion brand and it has the pivot function. Two very important things. I have some other Harris clones and this is the only one that's robust and has held up for 5 years of competition and range use

Edit: looks to be the same one -

Stores carry Champion usually and whatever you do, do not cheap out and buy the Caldwell

u/abnormica · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

This is good advice.


If you're beginning to reload, and you are only doing rifle calibres, a single stage will be all you need. Beware that if you go the cheap kit route, you may want to upgrade some of the components. I picked up a Lee kit when I began, but then found I wanted a powder trickler and a digital scale almost immediately.


The Lyman book is great, and contains the 'how-to's , and the load data you will require, but when I was a beginner, I found that 'The Insanely Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition' laid out the basics really well. There's nothing wrong with having more than one reading source!

u/Canredditlurker · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

Red dot from amazon

This scope usually sells for around $149~$169 + taxes at most retailers in Canada.
You now save around 50% or more!

Currently you can get it on Amazon Canada for $99.89 + taxes (Free Shipping from / Prime eligible)

Then you get the $40 Trophy Bucks (Canadian) Mail-in Rebate!
"Through October 31, 2017, save $40 on any purchase of a Trophy or Trophy Xtreme product via mail-in rebate."

Getting this (awesome) Red Dot Sight for between $70 and $76 CAD after taxes (depending on province) is a phenomenal deal!

This Red Dot sight is for shotguns, rifles, handguns - and is not a cheapo air-soft model.


u/mrcpu · 1 pointr/canadaguns

This is the optic I have. It fits nice however I think I need to adjust my eye relief a bit. Over all I'm very happy with it and it fits in the original bag so I'm happy.

u/SalishSailor · 1 pointr/canadaguns

I realize you said you wanted something more compact, but if you change your mind the inexpensive 3-9x simmons rimfire scope works pretty well. Only thing I don't like is adjusting it (clicks / detents for the turrets aren't very strong, and it takes a bit of back and forth between windage/elevation adjustments to get it set right). Once sighted in it works great though and holds zero well. It's a set and forget setup, not really meant for adjusting elevation to suit target. I sighted mine for 100 yards and just hold over/under as needed for other ranges.

u/Norway_Canada · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

My scope was on sale for $130. Its a pretty good scope. Has red/green illumination, quick connect mounts, comes in a nice compact package with instructional manual, batteries and with flip up blinds and a sun shade.

The foregrip was given to me by a friend. I know nothing about it.

u/I_LIKE_THINGS_OFTEN · 5 pointsr/canadaguns

Red dot :

Zero’ed with slugs. Seems to do just fine but glass is already cracked. Going for a more high end dot once this one goes completely unusable.

Grip :

Had to trim a bit the screws given with it, as they were in the way of the spring mechanism in the handguard. Pleased with it.

10 round mag :

Haven’t shot it yet, but cycled the rounds perfectly by hands. Fits good, only thing is mag has to be centered or tilted up front to get out. Won’t come out if you have the gun pointed at the sky and only pushing the mag release button.

u/kewee_ · 5 pointsr/canadaguns

Your number one priority should be to buy a GOOD pair of glasses (ANSI or ballistic Vo rated) and a GOOD pair of earmuff/plugs.

I'd look for Elvex Avion or Go-Specs II and Howard Leight Impact Sport earmuffs for something good and inexpensive.

u/Gremlin87 · 1 pointr/canadaguns

That looks like a decent package, people generally review the scope well.

If I was budgeting $400 I would probably try and grab the FV with the heavier target barrel (It sounds like mainly you're hunting paper).

It looks like the MK II has a rebate available for $30 so you could mail that in and have $130 left over for a scope. You could likely get one better than the one that comes packaged.

people generally like the 3-9x32 w/ AO simmons:

The simmons is probably about on par with the packaged scope but the AO will be a benefit.

but if you picked up a Nikon rimfire prostaff you would have a stellar package, downside to the prostaff is I don't think it comes with rings so you would need to buy rings too ($30 on the high end). This would put you about $50 over budget.

u/SpectreBallistics · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

A muzzle brake which reduces muzzle climb and recoil will make it louder pretty much no matter what. Ones with ports or baffles which are slanted backwards tend to be a bit louder than brakes which vent straight out the side. Doesn't matter what muzzle device you use, make sure you have excellent ear protection. These are fantastic.

Our Hex Brake might suit your needs.

u/plaidpaint · 13 pointsr/canadaguns

Howard Leight Impact Sport are pretty well regarded.

And on a good sale.

u/DerpinyTheGame · 1 pointr/canadaguns

Depending on where you are there are some Allen safety glasses made to wear over your regular ones, not the best but they work perfect for me. I should say they cost me 15$

u/quixoticanon · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

Welcome to the wonderful world of home rifle maintenance. As frustrated as you maybe now, you'll be better able to work on your firearms in the future because of it. We've all been in a similar position where something simple won't work the way it's supposed to.


What type of hammer (weight, material, head) and punches (material, diameter) are you using?

How are you placing the receiver while you work on the rifle, are you trying to drive the pin out side to side or top down?


Based on what you've posted so far (and not knowing answers to the above yet).


If it were me working on the rifle I would make a quick armourers block (see below for link to a purchasable one). Just take a piece of 2x4 and drill a decent sized hole in it, perhaps 3/8" to 1/2". Now clearly there's a lot of pressure holding that pin in place, to remove it you need a proper hammer and a proper punch. For the hammer you need something like a 12oz steel ball pein. For the punch you will need a steel punch with a diameter as close to the pin as possible without going over.


To drift that pin out of the receiver you're going to put your armourers block on a solid surface (work bench, garage floor, etc). Place the receiver, on it's side on top of the block, and punch the pin from the top into the hole in the armours block. It will take a few good wacks before the pin will move, and once it does it will move quick.


If after all that the pin won't come out I would recommend taking it to gunsmith as you may be doing something wrong.


Relevant tools:

u/MuthaFunk · 1 pointr/canadaguns

I use both of these together for indoor shooting and am happy for the price point.

Together they give me the right amount of reduction but allowing clear hearing as the electronic system in the Leights amplifies the sound and the somewhat flat response of the Alpine plugs keeps everything still sounding right.

u/TypicalCricket · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

Yes, it will xome in handy. Get yourself one of these or better yet the whole kit that comes with lapping bars and everything.

u/zod201 · 1 pointr/canadaguns

I use these electronic ear muffs. They work quite well but sometimes you have to double up if the guy next to you has a big boom stick. Gloves I use Mechanix, they're cheap and good.

u/About_35_Ninjas · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

I’ve been using this guy on a .22, 30-30, and 12GA and it’s held zero through it all. It’s original intentions was for my .22 but figured I’d try it out on the others. Been waiting for it to break considering it’s price comparison to my aimpoint. Right now, the Riorand is the better product.

u/IBX · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

Sure! I bought the rifle from an auction for $655 and it already had the telescoping stock and side rail (which I will still link).

[Muzzle Brake] (

Magwell Adapter

Side Rail

Short Optic Mount

Bushnell TRS Red Dot

Shoots very well, very little kick and have never had a FTE or FTF. I just got the red dot, so I'm excited to try that out soon.

u/CDN_IT · 1 pointr/canadaguns

Best bet will be to go the (prime) route which others have mentioned.

or if you know someone in the states you can get it for $55 USD with a 25% off mail in rebate from Bushnell.

u/muzzz · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

On hearing protection, try to get items actually marketed for shooting. Don't just use generic ear plugs, muffs or whatever as they won't block the correct types of sound frequencies efficiently or properly; whilst blocking others.

These are a strong favourite for over-ear muffs around here.

Some people will double these up with some in-ear plugs too.

u/Andrew9623 · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

I didn't actually buy it, but I got a pair of 7.62 x 39 snap caps from my Reddit Secret Santa. I'm excited to see what I'll get from my secret sniper cough cough cough

u/JanitorPants · 1 pointr/canadaguns

Pretty much everyone I know runs these for hearing protection.

The microphone/speaker setup makes it nice to be able to still talk with people while on the line while others are shooting. (Works great for courses as well as you can hear the instructor quite easily).

They cut out all sound once it gets above a threshold that would damage your hearing. There are models that will simply decrease loud sounds without cutting anything out, but they are much more expensive.

u/ImGoingToMakeYouMad · 1 pointr/canadaguns

You can also get a chinese knockoff of this item on amazon for half the price. I own in and it's pretty good, but I took it off after a while because red dots just weren't my thing.

u/Dumplati · 1 pointr/canadaguns

Thanks for the help all.

Went with the following.

BLACKHAWK! Sportster Range Bag, Black

3 Trigger Locks

Chamber Flags


Stapler Staples

Cheap Earplugs

Cleaning Kit Should I also get a collapsible one? Was unable to find one on Amazon.

Eye Protection

Primary Ear Protection

Anything I missed?
[Secondary Ear Protection] ( Incase my main ones fail, or I have a guest.

u/Talon1256 · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

BAM These electronic earmuffs are good, but I also use foam ear plugs in conjuntion (call me paranoid). They have stereo microphones with variable volume control. They also have a standard earphone jack, so you can plug your phone into it and listen to music.

u/TwoWheelsOrNoWheels · 1 pointr/canadaguns

I double up with foam ear plugs under Howard Leights:

These have amplifiers and speakers built in that automatically cut off on any noise spikes (like shots). After the dB goes back down, the speakers kick in and so I can hear conversation clear as day, even with the plugs as the chat is amplified a bit.

u/svodiwuejkxlkadfuiop · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

Yup. Mine (and others' including /u/nomofica ) all came from the official authorized seller page on

u/Cross94 · 2 pointsr/canadaguns

What kind of rifle and what caliber were you using? Were you shooting off a bench, prone, standing? As for the earmuff issue, just bring a decent pair of foam earplugs next time. Personally I use these.