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u/voy1d · 4 pointsr/canucks

Aside from being a team of high performing players, they are a great team in the way they operate. For example, Richie McCaw (arguably one of the greatest Rugby players of all time) started a tradition where the senior leadership of the team clean up the changing sheds after each game. On flights they will often let others go first and spend time helping people.

A lot of this was all developed as the leadership at NZ Rugby spent years researching top performing sports teams, including extensive sessions with the San Antonio Spurs, New England Patriots, Manchester City FC among others. The impact of this learning resulted in Roy Keane (former Manchester United captain) spending time with the All Blacks as part of earning his UEFA Pro License (for coaching)

A great read of how they operate is Legacy by Michael Kerr. Whilst there are things that all professional sports have unique, the thing that needs to be considered is that the All Blacks are similar to the Hockey Canada and their mens team - where they can pick the best players from NZ to play.

u/ACompanionUnobtrusiv · 1 pointr/canucks

Not in UK but in Europe. were great for me (a heads up though you will possibly get hit with an extra import cost on top of the cost of the jersey). I think online is your best bet for buying jerseys in the UK, though maybe someone over at /r/EIHLHockey might know a few places that carry NHL stuff. If you've got a kindle I'd recommend a book called "Ice Storm" it's about the end of the last management group and how the team got to where they are now.

u/nicktheviking27 · 3 pointsr/canucks

It's longer than you think though when it comes to youth hockey development.

Malcom Gladwell begins his book "Outliers" discussing a game between the Medicine Hat Tigers and Vancouver Giants and noticing a large number of the 'top' players are early birthdays (ie, JAN/FEB/MAR). Why? Likely the 'outlying' factor is that because of their age they've matured, physically, a little quicker and thus have the strength to dominate other players in their age class. Thus, they outperform the others, get on more select/varsity/elite clubs, get more advanced training, coaching, attention and thus have a higher likelihood of succeeding.

Does that mean they're more talented? Not necessarily. But Gladwell argues that at a young age the early birthday gives the kids a huge head-start on the others.

PLD is born in June, FWIW.

u/brodiefilm · 3 pointsr/canucks

I used to have the Roger's NHL GameCentre Live and that had a bunch of "classic" game options. Can't remember if there's anything from the WCE in there... and right now I can't seem to even find the page. Is that service done?

Did some more looking and Amazon does sell some full games - this list features a Ducks/Canucks matchup from November 2007:

Could only find it on the US site and it's not quite the full Express era but hopefully that helps get you on the right track to finding them!

u/cosalich · 1 pointr/canucks

I very, very highly recommend the Infantino baby sling thingy. It is saving my sanity.

u/timothyrobin · 67 pointsr/canucks

It's not that surprising. All of the teams will grill the prospects. It's a mental bootcamp and it can be the difference between uncovering a red flag or finding a sleeper. Gary Joyce detailed it well in his book.

u/CatalyticLoki · 2 pointsr/canucks

guys there are tools called wheel lock removers, its fairly easy to remove wheel locks,

u/LilBitchBoyAjitPai · 1 pointr/canucks

I went with this frame for a Petey Jersey last year and it’s been holding up well.

u/touchable · 3 pointsr/canucks

I don't have a ball cap, would one of these be okay?

u/RyanTheSpectacle · 1 pointr/canucks

I am really happy with my copy of "100 Things Canucks Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die"

u/tcat84 · 2 pointsr/canucks

So random, at the bottom of the page they're selling old copies for close to the same price and this Gaunce draft edition.

u/ComradeVoytek · 7 pointsr/canucks

There's a book that claims Yao Ming was the result of government program to breed basketball players through eugenics. I'd say Sweden had a similar idea.

u/yosoo · 2 pointsr/canucks

this is one I remember from the 40th season: [Canucks at 40: Our Game, Our Stories, Our Passion] (

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/canucks

It sort of exists already:

Obviously Gillis could say a whole lot more, but I doubt he ever would. This book has a few personal insights both from MG and Gilman though.

u/YesThisIsFlo · 2 pointsr/canucks

Eh, pretty good points although I disagree with a few of them.

I would say we paid more for Ballard, as everything in each deal seems to cancel out except the 1st rounder instead of the 2nd rounder. In any case, both were equally as bad in terms of talent evaluation. Ballard was getting crushed possession wise, looking back. He immediately became a bottom pairing dman, just like Gudbranson is/should be played as. Anyway, potato potato, Gillis' made more sense cause he was competing.

Booth was already heavily injury prone when that trade was made. You're right, that one knocked him off his ass, but he definitely was prone already. Anyways, didn't give up much you're right, just threw in a 3rd ;) (joke)

>And Benning has already traded more picks than Gillis did in his entire tenure.

They've traded away the same amount, but Benning has also acquired more draft picks than Gillis did. Net positive, baby!

The big one I disagree with is that last paragaph. You might despise them, but have you actually looked into it? There have long been rumblings that in 2013 Gillis proposed a rebuild, ownership overruled him, they had the disastrous 2013-14 Torts season, and then they fired Gillis. I recommend reading Ice Storm and coming to your own conclusions afterward reading it.

Certain points in that book that may interest you:

  • After 2011, ownership became enamored (obvs) with playoff revenue from tickets and merchandise being sold out everywhere. They were obsessed with getting back there immediately.

  • After 2011, ownership pushed Gillis to make the team bigger

  • After 2012 (LAK), ownership pushed even more to make the team bigger

  • In 2013, Gillis did suggest that rebuild. Ownership denied it.

  • In 2013, ownership then pushed heavily for the hiring of John Tortorella, as they thought he'd get the team to play bigger

  • Early in 2014, halfway Torts first and only year, Gillis gave an interview where he says "I want us to play an upbeat, puck-possession, move the puck quickly, force teams into mistakes, high-transition game,"

  • That interview was immediately widely regarded as an ultimatum to management to pick between Torts or himself. Ownership moved on from Torts, but was sick of Gillis' wanting something different than what they wanted.

    You might not like it, but it is absolutely not pure speculation.

    Just for fun, I'll add this conspiracy point where the implied connection is obvious. That connection IS pure speculation:

  • In 2014, they fire "upbeat tempo" Mike Gillis, hire Jim Benning, and Jake Virtanen is taken 6th overall over William Nylander or Nikolaj Ehlers a month after hiring him.