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1. Potassium Citrate (1 Kilogram - 2.2 lbs - 3636 Servings)

  • ⚡ Maintains Fluid Balance - Potassium can be found in many foods, but it is not always readily available to the body. Potassium citrate also plays an important role in electrolyte balance. Potassium Citrate, one of electrolyte supplements, helps to keep the body's fluid levels in balance, which is essential for optimal health and performance.* This perfect for athletes or anyone who wants to stay hydrated. It's also a great source of energy and for pH balance!
  • 🧠 Supports Nerve Health - Potassium is a key mineral for nerve health.* Potassium Citrate, a potassium supplement, also plays an important role in the transmission of messages between nerves and muscles, including the heart. This potassium citrate supplement, as potassium powder, an important nutrient for athletes and people who lead active lifestyles, as well as for those who want to maintain healthy nerve function.*
  • 💪 Supports Muscle Contraction - Muscles need potassium to function properly, and potassium citrate is a great source of this essential mineral. By supplementing with potassium citrate, you can help keep your muscles contracted and performing at their best.* If you're looking for a way to boost your performance*, potassium citrate, one of the potassium supplements, may be the perfect supplement for you.
  • ✔️ Get the Potassium You Need - Potassium is an important mineral that our bodies need for a variety of reasons. This potassium citrate powder or potassium powder, also available potassium pills or electrolyte capsules, from BulkSupplements is a great way to get the potassium you need without any fillers or additives.
  • ⭐ High Quality - All products by BulkSupplements are manufactured according to cGMP Standards to ensure the highest quality for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding operations. We’ve made a significant investment in our in-house lab so we can test our products at multiple stages during production. We third party test products, procedures and equipment when required to ensure compliance, standards and consistency. Potassium Citrate (1 Kilogram - 2.2 lbs - 3636 Servings)
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4. D-Ribose (1 Kilogram - 2.2 lbs - 200 Servings)

  • ⚡Boosts Energy - D-Ribose powder, an energy supplement, is a naturally occurring sugar that helps the body create energy.* This plays an important role in the production of energy by helping to create new ATP molecules.* Taking D-Ribose, an energy booster supplement, can help support healthy energy levels, making it a good choice for people who want to stay energized throughout the day.*
  • 🏃 Boosts Exercise Performance - Ribose is found in all living cells, and is necessary for the production of energy.* This D Ribose powder, an ATP supplements, has a critical role in synthesis of ATP, the body's primary energy source.* Supplementing with ribose, which is available in both D Ribose powder and D Ribose capsules, may help you feel more energetic and boosts your exercise performance, allowing you to work out harder and longer.*
  • ❤️ Supports Heart Health - Ribose, one of energy supplements, is a key role in synthesis of nucleotides, which are essential for cellular function. Supplementing with ribose, available as electrolyte powder and electrolyte capsules, may help support cellular function, including heart muscle cells.* This energy supplement, or peak ATP supplement, helps support a healthy and functional heart and cardiovascular system.*
  • ✔️ No Fillers and Additives - Ribose is a simple sugar that is easy for the body to absorb. It is quickly metabolized and helps to restore energy levels quickly. This Ribose, which is both comes in D-Ribose Powder and D-Ribose Capsules, does not contain any filler and additives. Take the capsules on the go! And, add the powder into drinks, beverage or baking recipes of your choice! This can also be a great keto electrolytes supplements and sweetener for keto diet.
  • ⭐ High Quality - All products by BulkSupplements are manufactured according to cGMP Standards to ensure the highest quality for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding operations. We’ve made a significant investment in our in-house lab so we can test our products at multiple stages during production. We third party test products, procedures and equipment when required to ensure compliance, standards and consistency. D-Ribose (1 Kilogram - 2.2 lbs - 200 Servings)
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u/ZosoGG · 1 pointr/carnivore

Hi, I'd recommend watching Frank Tufano's videos on nutrition to anyone doing this diet. There's a lot to learn and understand. You will feel great though and it will change your relationship with food entirely.

  1. Many people, it will raise your cholesterol. If anything that's a good thing
  2. Organ meets are optimal, but not necessary, in that you wont die. You'll feel much better though. If you weren't eating organs before, it's not like you're going to miss out on anything, because plants have almost 0 nutrients anyway.
  3. Unnecessary. Vitamin supplements don't even work. If you want to "supplement", id do it with whole foods. For example, "supplementing" with canned cod liver is great to get all your fat soluble vitamins and omega 3's. . Or, if you can get raw dairy, that has all your vitamins and minerals as well. Egg yolks are nutrient dense as well.

    Since you're into weightlifting and fitness, it's also very important to both 1. Eat enough fat and 2. Eat enough meat in general. Depending on your size, 2-3lbs of meat per day at 80%/20% fat to protein ratio in calories. You'll be hungry and tired otherwise.
u/MYMAINACCOUNTOK · 1 pointr/carnivore

Wow thanks for the information and good luck as well.

I just ordered Vitamin D from your link as mine is probably low. I've read that for Vitamin D to be absorbed properly, it should be taken with Vitamin K. Do you take anything for that?

If you don't mind I'm curious about a few more things.

> Vitamin D oil on my face, neck, and hands every other day alternated with Vitamin K cream.

You're doing that for cosmetic related reasons or is it for balancing diet?

I was wondering why you use followings, to balance carnivore diet or for health issues? I just started carnivore diet yesterday, I'm obese and little below 30 y.o.

Potassium Citrate:


u/KRBridges · 2 pointsr/carnivore

I like this idea, and had this idea myself a while ago, but haven't tried it yet. I actually like the taste of liver, but I don't like the texture of un-breaded liver.

I have a meat grinder that I bought for pretty cheap. It's just plastic, but it does well. Looks like Amazon no longer carries it.

Another idea for people like me who just dislike the slippery texture, crunchy ground-up bacon might make a good breading. Whether that would actually work, I don't know, but it's worth trying.

Thank you for the video!

u/SineDave · 2 pointsr/carnivore

Alright, here in Metric format. You can convert pretty easily:


2.74 kg top sirloin steak (you want pieces about 2-3cm (1") thick.
Salt (coarse crystal sea salt) 45 ml
Coriander (mortar and pestle) 40 to 50 ml of ground coriander
Brown sugar 13 ml (optional)
Pepper 1.75 ml

Sprinkle on the meat and lightly sprinkle each layer with malt vinegar. Cover and refrigerate overnight for 10 hours.

Mix 1/2 cup malt vinegar in 2 litres boiling water. Pull the meat fairly rapidly one piece at a time through the water. Push string through one end with a skewer and tie to rod or string in drying box. Takes about 48-72 hours.

A note on the box, a simple cardboard box works. Cut holes in the sides near the top and create a grid of string to hang your meat on.


You'll need a standard incandescent light bulb in a work light enclosure. You'll also need a small fan like this one:

Put the light bulb and fan i the box, and let the fan circulate warm air on low. Seal the box on top, and let it run for 2-3 days.

u/angie9942 · 1 pointr/carnivore

So when I look back at my Amazon order, this is what pops up but mine looks a bit different in the control area so they must’ve changed it a bit (I used to have a Cozyna but I don’t recommend that all...) Mine is very basic, not fancy like the Ninja ones, etc. I hope it’s ok to include a link... I got it off amazon: Simple Living Air Fryer, XL 5.8qt Hot Digital Air Fryer. 3 Air Fryer Accessories, Custom Recipe Book, 8 Cooking Presets, Non Stick Basket & Keep Warm Function

u/wackadoodoo · 1 pointr/carnivore

I use this stuff: 3M Micropore Paper Tape - White, 1" x 10yds (Box of 12)

It’s cheap, easy to apply/remove, and hasn’t given me any issues around my mouth.

There are products available like this: Sleep Strips by SomniFix - Advanced Gentle Mouth Tape for Better Nose Breathing, Improved Nighttime Sleeping, Less Mouth Breathing, and Instant Snoring Relief - Pack of 28

Not worth the money IMO but I have read good things.

u/junky6254 · 1 pointr/carnivore

Fairly easy. The first day was clear that coffee was an addition. I needed way more to stave off the headache. After the 2nd day it was much better. I used this and worked really well. I started with about 6-7 pills (had a lot of coffee), and got down to 0 by the next week. I was without coffee for 5-6 weeks with no issues.

The hardest part is the morning routine of having something warm to drink. I'd recommend the protocol.

u/eaterout · 2 pointsr/carnivore

I really want one just for the novelty, to see how certain meals affect my internal ketosis. I just think it'd be interesting. So upon looking I finally landed on this one:

The Ketoscan is made by a company that has been making breathalizers for a long time so they have the wisdom to do it right. Of course, it does cost more than the others. I wouldn't bother wasting your money on anything else in this department. If you want to spend less just get any ketone blood meter.

u/schmosef · 4 pointsr/carnivore

Everything sold as a "vegetable oil" is really a seed oil.

To OP's point, they are highly inflammatory and quickly become rancid when exposed to light and/or heat.

Most of these seed oils are extracted using industrial processes that are relatively new (less than 150 years old).

We just didn't evolve eating them, so we aren't adapted to process them as efficiently as animal fat.

"Fruit oils" like avocado, olive and coconut, are generally better for you.

Further, if you're eating a plant, like broccoli, you're only eating trace amounts of fat. My prior post was to clarify OP's point because the post responding to him was conflating eating plants (which also may not be good for you) with his real point about avoiding seed oils.

Animal fat, is much healthier. And fat from ruminant animals like cows, lamb, etc, is the best, because it contains all the right sub components (Omega fatty acids, etc.) in the correct ratios.

Nina Teicholz breaks it all down in this video.

u/pepperconchobhar · 2 pointsr/carnivore

Supplements I use:

Potassium Citrate:


Vitamin D topical oil:

The CBD rub that really does work for localized pain:

The CBD drops (I use two bottles a month because I take it twice a day):

The CBD drops my mother uses (It's less potent than mine, but it is effective):

The bourbon glaze that I use for the salmon with crumbled bacon (this is the only brand that I don't react to and I use many of their products):

The betain HCL I use to help with digestion:

Here's the clay (but any brand will do):

Here's a video on how to make the clay. (I use a blender and add a TBSP rubbing alcohol as a preservative.)

I get the melatonin at Walmart and I do need 10mg. I've tried the lower doses and they don't work for me at all.


I must add that I use blue light blocking glasses in the evening on the recommendation of my doctor and it really does work remarkably well. I put them on around 7:30PM and I'm out by 9PM.

There are a ton of them out there. Just make sure they have orange lenses. These are the ones I use with my glasses.


A link to a post I made about skin care.

u/pompousandfaggy · 1 pointr/carnivore

HP likes an acidic environment. They are smart. When the environment is not to their liking there will dig holes in the gut and hide in them. They come out when it is safe. The holes cause a leaky gut which allows for a whole host of problems.

The baking soda tricks them into thinking its a good time to come out. The mastic gum kills them. Its a way to keep HP in check.

I use this one. It seemed stronger than others I bought...basing off the fact that when I would burp it would taste like the actual gums I would use. Both seemed to help.

I would just fill empty gel caps with basic non AL baking soda.

u/persp73 · 1 pointr/carnivore

Hydralyte does have sugar, just less than Gatorade.

As I understand it, Vitamin C and glucose use the same receptor on the cell so they will compete, and so in a high-glucose environment you may need to consume more Vitamin C. I guess it depends on how much of this stuff you're drinking.

You might look for a better electrolyte source. I use this stuff. (Note: it's not the tastiest thing in the world.)

u/what_34 · 1 pointr/carnivore

okay. Are you getting your potassium? That's the one I'm wondering about.

I drink this to get added potassium (electrolytes)