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u/rdfiii · 3 pointsr/cavaliers

This is the carrier we used to fly Brisket from San Antonio to Philadelphia

He was around 18lbs/13 months at the time and couldnt stand up 100% but could crouch or comfortably lay down. Hes pretty much the same size now, maybe 1.5lbs heavier. I have heard some attendants will allow you to bring it up on your lap, but ours was adamant that it stay at our feet. It zips on top so we would unzip it halfway so we could pet him. I think he was put off by the vibrations of the plane, so he just sorta laid down. We put chews in there for him and he chewed a little, but mostly just put his head down and waited for it to be over.

Depending on the disposition of your cavalier your experience may vary. Brisket almost never barks (unless playing with our other cav) and is very laid back, so we had it easy with him. Now with our new guy I dont know what we are going to do but hes like the tasmanian devil. Good luck!

u/funnythebunny · 12 pointsr/cavaliers

Beautiful boy; wishing him a speedy recovery. Our Blenheim does get separation anxiety, but manages quite well with lots of napping. We leave the TV on for her so it itsn't too quiet.

Let you Vet know of this condition (but it seems you suffer more of it than he does) and they'll likely not leave him alone for extended periods. He's likely going to be sedated most of the time and will not realize how much time has passed... They will be monitored as they come out of sedation and will not be left alone during this period; be ready to be there when this happens.

Suggestion, get a ComfyCone instead of the hard plastic cone provided; he'll be more comfortable when sleeping, which will happen a lot after surgery.

Hang in there; this is for the best.

u/thefootballhound · 2 pointsr/cavaliers

He's unstimulated (bored) because he feels the car is moving but can't see much from that vantage. I got my cav a booster seat and she just loves the car ride scenery. Recommend this one.

PetSafe Jumbo Deluxe Pet Safety Seat - Car Booster Seat for Dogs up to 30 lb.

u/DrsWhoDontSaveLives · 2 pointsr/cavaliers

We like this one because it has multiple levels for bones to fall through: Our Pets IQ Treat Ball Interactive...

And this one too: JW Hol-ee Roller Size:Small...

She loves her interactive little piggies and their hiding holes (the squirrels were all I could find on amazon): ZippyPaws - Woodland Friends Burrow, Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy - Chipmunks ‘n Log

u/goldengirlsmom · 2 pointsr/cavaliers

My Rosie LOVES those little squirrels. I also love this pig toy-- I got this for my Sophia years ago and it's still hanging in there, though it's looking a little sad now. My girls love their "miss piggy"


u/Themilkmann11 · 1 pointr/cavaliers

We have been using our easy walk harness forever! It is a front clip which can help teach your cav not to pull since it diverts their walking when they pull. It is low profile so you can see their beautiful coat instead of a harness!

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, No Pull Dog Harness, Black/Silver, Large

u/Tnnsgirl · 2 pointsr/cavaliers

Hi! Yes it is a car seat booster! There is a loop with a hook that attaches to the seatbelt and your pup's harness. He can stick his little head out the window without me worrying. After lots of research, I got mine in a Los Angeles pet boutique but this one looks just like it.

The shearling interior is so soft that he takes naps on long drives and god forbid I stop short, its cushioning takes all the shock. The bed includes a front Velcro flap with a pull out drawer- great for bully sticks, poopy bags, water, whatever you want.

u/CBG_Russ · 2 pointsr/cavaliers

We bought it from Amazon UK, here is the link AllPetSoutions Allpetsolutions...

u/Steeps5 · 1 pointr/cavaliers

Get this book now.

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution

And when old enough, socialize, socialize, and socialize with other dogs!

u/jonSF · 3 pointsr/cavaliers

See here

When you get it, you are now REQUIRED to post a photo of your ruby!