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u/Aiml3ssCalam1ty · 1 pointr/computerhelp

Oh, that's easier, it's a simple SATA power and SATA data connection. Any enclosure with a SATA connection should work just fine, although I'd recommend using one with a USB 3.0 output and the HDD can read and write much faster than the 480Mbps limitation of USB 2.0. Something like this would work great and it's super cheap-

The SATA connections have a sideways 'L' shaped connector for both the separate power and data connections and will only plug-in one way.

u/Lastrastuff · 2 pointsr/computerhelp

Download, and run this guy. You will need a flash drive and some time. Once it installs do the following:

  1. Boot into the flash drive using your boot menu (let me know if you have trouble finding that)

  2. Show me what options you have from there.

    The idea is that you do a repair install that should let you reinstall the OS without moving any files. It should seem straightforward but if you feel uncomfortable take plenty of screenshots and I'm happy to walk you through it.

    Edit: ALTERNATELY if you have a way of removing the hard drive and mounting it to another computer using something like this (you can get these from Best Buy or Walmart in a pinch) you can see all of your files that way, and then using the reinstall tool you can reinstall the operating system without worrying about lost data.
u/drz400dude1 · 2 pointsr/computerhelp

I just found this board on Amazon Prime Day deals for cheap and I am a fan of Asus, from what I can tell it looks pretty similar to the MSI one you posted. Do you see any issues? It's on sale for $76 which sounds pretty good.

u/JasonHenley · 5 pointsr/computerhelp

Your motherboard does not have an M.2 slot on it.

You can buy a PCI-E x4 M.2 adapter that fits the 500GB Samsung EVO 970 plus (like this one, but it requires a PCI-E x4 slot.

Your motherboard has four PCI-E x1 slots (won't fit) and two PCI-E x16 slots (it will fit in this slot but only if you have one free -- i.e. you don't have two video cards).

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, consider getting a regular old boring SATA III SSD. True, they aren't as fast as NVMe SSDs, but this is $30 cheaper ( and for gaming you actually won't notice much of a difference compared to the NVMe drive you spec'ed. NVMe gives you bigger performance boosts when reading/writing large blocks of sequential data, so for example video editing. Source:

u/returner00b · 1 pointr/computerhelp

The hard drive is PROBABLY fine, it sounds like there is probably a problem with the mainboard if it won't power on - but this doesn't guarantee the hard drive is OK. BUT, it's probably fine.

You want something like this

You can then remove the hard drive by following these instructions and plugging the hard drive into the USB adapter, powering it on, and plugging it into a different computer. Then, just find the files!

u/TalesOfTorment · 2 pointsr/computerhelp

Hey man,

So 3.0 ports and 2.0 ports are interchangeable in some aspects. 2.0 runs on 3.0 without a problem, but trying to run a 3.0 on a 2.0 can cause some issues. Mainly because the transfer rates are so different. My suggestion is to get ahold of another computer and transfer the photos to a folder. Then, instead of an external hard drive, just get a large usb 2.0 flashdrive. (I've listed my favorite). Other than that, I don't know what to do man. =/

Best of luck to you.

u/furrball12 · 1 pointr/computerhelp

You could take out the hard drive and use something such as this to plug it into another computer and it will show up just like a USB thumb drive(assuming that the problem is not the hard drive failing).
*this may require you to boot into a Linux live cd if the hard drive is failing/is the problem

If it is the hard drive failing(less likely, typically the hard drive would be making unusual sounds, screeching loud ticking, etc.)you could still try the above idea but that may hurt the hard drive more. If the data is externally valuable it the best solution would be a professional data recovery company (these can run into the thousands of dollars)

You could also try to take it to a local computer repair shop and ask for their opinion on it.

The first idea is probably fine tho.

I have recovered data with the first idea before.

u/muellernash · 1 pointr/computerhelp

External monitor would be the way to go. Beyond that, you could pull the HD and plug it into another computer. They make adapters which are cheap on amazon that allow you to plug drives into other computers via USB.

Things like this:

Or this:

But make sure it is compatible with your drive before buying.

u/Sleepy3135 · 2 pointsr/computerhelp

You shuold be able to. Either but something like this or if you're using a new desktop just connect the new hard drive to sata and power cables it should come up. Just make sure the computer is off then you do it.

u/The_Dragonn_29 · 1 pointr/computerhelp

Out of curiosity, what do you mean by the one you bought from Amazon? Is it just a audio adapter like this?

If it is, I would try plugging a flash drive into the USB port you had it in. Preferably, one that you tested as working using your rear USB.

If the flash drive works in the back but not the front, then I would open up your case and check that all the wires going from the front panel to the motherboard and make sure it's still plugged in properly.

u/Ash6121 · 1 pointr/computerhelp

Is it just a single 3.5mm jack? if so most desktops don't have the 4 ring 3.5mm jack found in an Iphone or laptop allowing to use a mic and headphones with just jack. You will need to buy a splitter that turns it into a headphone jack and a mic and then plug those into their respective jack. They are on amazon for around 10$.

if the problem is what i think it is grab one of these and you are good to go!

u/Harrybobo4290 · 1 pointr/computerhelp

You could buy a new HDD such as this one:

Or this one on

WD Caviar Blue 500GB SATAIII 6Gb/s 16MB Cache 3.5 inch Internal Hard Drive OEM

u/ARAR1 · 1 pointr/computerhelp

This should probably work, but I do not have personal experience.

Cannot run TV and internet over the same cable at the same time. You would have to switch both ends of the coax cable to accomplish this.

u/HelgoDuck · 1 pointr/computerhelp

If you think the mouse is completely done for, you may want to find something like this or this

u/DangerousToken · 1 pointr/computerhelp

Okay, I have found a card I might want.

This card sounds great. Like I said, I am a newbie to this stuff, and I could be making a very stupid mistake. But hey, I'm here to learn.

u/particlegun · 1 pointr/computerhelp

You could remove the hard drive from the laptop and plug it into a desktop pc in a spare drive bay.

Or alternatively, get a USB to SATA adapter and use it as an external drive so you can grab the files off the drive.