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u/MrJekel · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

In my completely unprofessional opinion, the two things AA has going for it are the structure of the meetings (ritual), and the community of people who want to drink less (tribe).

However: AA’s position of hardline abstinence makes your sobriety brittle. If you fuck up and have a (1) drink, you tend to feel that you’ve committed some catastrophic fuck up, and go on a hard bender. The goal for me was to make my relationship with alcohol less neurotic. Trading “compulsively drinking” for “compulsively not-drinking” didn’t accomplish that.

Additionally, most people irritate me most of the time. So the idea of having a sponsor never appealed to me. Having to listen to people talk about their problems so I can make people listen to my problems, also did not appeal to me. If AA works for you, I’m peanut-butter-and-jealous, but it definitely didn’t work for me.

Around the third time I “flunked out” of AA and the second time I legit flunked out of college, one of the psych classes I was taking in college used This Book. It covers Experimental Analysis of Behavior, the science of getting animals to behave the way you want them to behave. Reducing behavior, your behavior, down to scientific terms helps you define what, exactly, you’re doing wrong. It taught me a lot about the process of addiction, and how to gradually change my habits and environment so as to dramatically reduce my alcohol intake.
That book was the only book that semester that I didn’t sell back to the book store, I would go down to the library every day (ritual) and be around the other library-people (tribe). We didn’t talk much, and that’s great, because I don’t really like talking to people anyway. I considered it my second job.

Granted, that was a pretty labor intensive approach, and it's definitely not for everyone... But if you’re thinking about tolerating AA for the rest of your life, you’re already past the point of fucking around.

u/Limeitini · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Sorry about your grandma...
I'm recommending rice to everyone today so go ahead with the chicken and rice. If your not in the mood for salsa, cream of celery soup and chicken, cooked long, then over rice is good.

BUT what I really wanted to tell you is since you have Prime you must check out this series, it is fantastic, I binged watch all of it and can't wait for another season, you can thank me later.


u/tree-house · 6 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

I think there are earplugs designed for people with this problem. I'll see if I can find you a link when I'm in my laptop.

edit: Here ya go. They helped me when I was younger and flying often and got good reviews on Amazon. Good luck with the brownie. Bon voyage!

u/captainblackout · 3 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Honestly, a simple plastic water bottle pretty much ideal, as it is easily disposed of once empty, and readily replaceable. That being said, I bought a set of 6 some time ago, since they were dirt cheap, and having extras on hand meant that losing one was basically a non-issue.

u/Dipso_Maniacal · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

Have you heard of The Cure Fore Alcoholism?

It looks like there is very good reason to believe that there is an actual medical cure for this disease you're talking about.

I have read the book, and am in the process of speaking to a doctor to get a prescription for Naltrexone. I'll be happy to update with my results.

u/SatanCumsLava · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

I have some extra packs of Red Star Premier Cuvee wine yeast that I'll send out for free as long as I can send it via normal USPS first class mail (shipping confuses me but I think this would work). Allegedly up to 18% alcohol tolerance. People report success with wine, cider, and beer with this yeast.

u/gimmeafuckinname · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

On the advice of a CA I got some Ashwaganda and 5-HTP and I have to be honest I think it helps.

If nothing else It gives you a sense of being proactive.

u/hyledog · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

Goblet I am talking about is seen here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00029R2CS/?tag=crazool-20

It's a bit pricey but imo worth it - its made out of iron and if you dont lose/misplace it the shit lasts forever

u/awakenedsleeper · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

I have a Rotater Rod from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Rotator-Rod-SBW60Y-Rotating-Brushed/dp/B004V9KOJS/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417637562&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=rotater+rod) and it truly is the best thing for a shower. $54. Add in a very heavy weight vinyl shower liner and it'll change your life.

u/myiuki · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

Have some toys for her. This will get her screaming in no time, especially if she's never used it before. For added pleasure, snag this as well.

Bonus: if you find a girl who really likes toys, she'll come back.

u/evil_mango · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

That was a pretty nifty watch. You might also like a book called A History of the World in Six Glasses.

u/Hopehopehope4ever · 48 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Tightening up your game now. If you’re going to drink at work, be smart. Every.single. time.

Assume your breath is always AWFUL.
Gum all the time is suspicious! I feel strongly about that especially now because “they are on to you” I would even stay away from it.

Halls are great for boozie breath, peanut butter, red hot candies, and those listerine strips.
I would even get those little potent peppermint capsules:
(Heather's Tummy Tamers Peppermint Oil Capsules for IBS, 90 Count Bottle )


u/misterbuckets · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

My friend wrote a novel about living in South Korea and Thailand. He is a CA and it is great. Shameless plug. I don't care. Fuck. Read it.

u/Zelcron · 3 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

CA Protip: Get yourself one of these, and you'll always be able to make more mixer. They're super easy to use, even when hammered, and it's cheaper than buying soda anyway.

u/howdidyouevendothat · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Haha, no. =) But I thought this book was really helpful, I bet you could get a lot out of it: A Drunks Guide to Managing Expectations and Being Decent

u/monstersaur · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

I rock out to Vermont Public Radio, however I've never heard of Ask Me Another or Snap Judgement. I highly recommend this radio if you are listening on your phone. Takes up almost no space, looks wicked nice, and is very loud for being so small.

(its expensive for a radio, but I like nice things. Except my liquor, give me that plastic bottle, I'm just chugging anyway)

u/party-of-one-sdk · 3 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Nothing wrong with being alone - You should read the book Party of One by Anneli Rufus. It talks a lot about those of who are introverts by nature and how this is not all a bad thing - just misunderstood in a society that celebrates extroverts.

You might find it interesting