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2. Aliceva Teeth Whitening Pen - Natural & Safe Tooth Whitener Treatment with Active Oxygen & 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel - Mint Flavor

  • REMOVE YEARS OF STAINS – The Aliceva professional teeth whitening pen contains 35 percentage Carbamide Peroxide. It contains a safe form of peroxide, to effectively and quickly remove years of stains caused by either coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda and more. Its natural mint flavor will keep your mouth feeling fresh all day long.
  • CONVENIENT CLEAR DESIGN – The compact design makes it so easy to whiten your teeth on the go, at any time and any place. The pen device features a durable twist mechanism with a soft, sleek brush tip that gently paints each tooth and its crevices for a complete whitening experience. The transparent tube allows you to actually see exactly how much product is left.
  • SAFE & FAST RESULT- This teeth whitening pen is approved by SGS & CE, and it is safe and provides an effective result within 1 minute of daily use. The pen contains 20 plus uses, and with consecutive use, teeth can become 4 to 16 shades whiter.
  • PREMIUM HOME SOLUTION - Our whitening pen is the perfect home solution for premium quality whitening, without any sensitivity. There is no need to visit the dentist for expensive and harsh chemical whitening treatments.
  • COMPARABLE IN EFFICIENCY – This is a newly formulated Teeth Whitening Pen that is comparable in efficiency to Teeth Whitening Strips, Powders, Toothpastes, & Trays.
Aliceva Teeth Whitening Pen - Natural & Safe Tooth Whitener Treatment with Active Oxygen & 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel - Mint Flavor
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u/ClashNBash · 1 pointr/crueltyfree

I have extremely sensitive skin that breaks out very easily. When I switched to cruelty free products it took me a while to find something that didn't make me break out even more. I started Yes To Tomatoes and I absolutely love it! You can find it at Walmart, Target, pretty much anywhere that sells Yes To products. And since it's a bar and not liquid I feel that it last forever! It leaves my face feeling very clean without over drying it.

u/GimmeTheGunKaren · 2 pointsr/crueltyfree

I like this one- it's good enough for night but i can even get away with it in the morning without making me a greaseball. I don't think it smells great but the scent only lasts for a couple of minutes so it's not a big deal. It's pretty cheap at Whole Foods & Amazon.

Alaffia - EveryDay Coconut - Nighttime Replenishing Face Cream, 12 Ounces

u/ToddCandi · 1 pointr/crueltyfree

Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set (2 x 16 Oz) - Sulfate Free - Volumizing & Moisturizing, Gentle on Curly & Color Treated Hair,For Men & Women Infused with Keratin

Absolutely loving this stuff! I can use conditioner when using this product, my hair is soft, and not greasy.

u/kristinyash · 3 pointsr/crueltyfree

I used to have the same problem and was using whatever harshest stuff I could find. I started to use Tom’s Of Maine (their plain scent free formula) and it was working well even though light cardio at the gym. However, it was staining my black clothes white and it was hard to remove. Then I switched to more natural hippie stuff got a cruelty-free crystal salt rock deodorant. I apply it after shower when I’m squeaky clean and then I don’t smell all day, even though it doesn’t stop sweating. Also big thing for me is removing my armpit hair, I notice that they really trap the stink when I let them go out of control.

I’ve heard that people had huge success with they DIY spray deodorant using rubbing alcohol, big chunky salt and few drops of essential oil of choice. But again, you are still sweaty, just not smelly.

But if absolutely nothing works for you and it’s an important part of your life, then you do you, you are still doing your best with other product choices (:

u/snowwwwhite23 · 1 pointr/crueltyfree

Everyone 3-in-1 soap, mint & coconut, 32 oz, 2Count

It's $18 for two quite large bottles. I have a good (male) friend who uses the body wash and loves it.

u/moose_2006 · 1 pointr/crueltyfree

I've been using Mineral Fusion's face cream and have been very happy with it. There's no scent and lasts the whole day! Their regular body lotion is also great.

u/OliviaFizzy · 1 pointr/crueltyfree

Thank you all for the suggestions! Been awhile since I checked this, I actually didn’t expect so many responses (: I will keep all of those in mind for the future. I actually hopped on amazon and found a small business
I purchased this product and it works pretty good! Not certified CF but they’re a smaller business so I cut them some slack.

u/tropjeune · 1 pointr/crueltyfree

Keracolor Color Plus... love this stuff on my bleached hair! It’s a little cheaper than overtone and I love that it’s available on Amazon prime. I have a lot of hair, use a ton of product, and this has lasted me 6 months of regular use! It also leaves my hair very soft. I haven’t tried overtone but I have heard it can be drying

u/athenarose_95 · 2 pointsr/crueltyfree

I got mine on Amazon! Plus they're vegan! Here is the link if you're interested in trying em. They're supposedly great for digestion issues/bloating, easing muscle pain, asthma/allergies, and I believe healing wounds quicker? I initially got Bromelain because I'm a dancer so my muscles are always sore and they have helped a tonnnnnnn with the pain. But they have also helped tremendously with bloating and my asthma! :)

u/ashareif · 3 pointsr/crueltyfree

No, i purchased the Mountain Spring scent and it actually smells like apricots! definitely on the feminine side. but i don't usually worry about the scent since it doesn't project much anyways.

u/glitterallyglam · 1 pointr/crueltyfree

I reached out to Cuticula Nail Tape regarding their nail tape, and she emailed back saying none of her products are tested on animals. I can send you a screenshot of the email correspondence if you'd like.

u/-sosedka- · 1 pointr/crueltyfree

I’ve tried tons of them! Like went trough most of the WholeFoods shell. The only one that truly worked was primal paste, legit on par with non cruel ones: