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u/netflows · 2 pointsr/detroitlions

I was also gifted a signed Barry jersey last year! After calling a few sports memorabilia stores and finding out it was gonna cost me over 300 DOLLARS I decided to just do it myself and bought [this frame] ( on Amazon. Dont have a pic of it right now but it was super easy and maybe not 100% professional but looks great to me. The jersey just hangs in there on a hanger and you fold the sleeves out in front.

u/caknuckle_sandwich · 0 pointsr/detroitlions

Just throwing a suggestion out there as I've ordered some aliexpress jerseys in the past and they were pretty bad. Amazon has a nice glass glass biolermaker set (beer glass, shot glass) for $35.

Sorry if I hijacked the thread, just thought its a pretty nice set and something you'd be proud to own, especially when bought by a losing Dallas fan!

u/MaybeLithuanian · 2 pointsr/detroitlions

Thanks for the suggestion! The one in the screen shot just happened to be the most popular one in the gaming category so it’s on top. I’d be looking at a 4K one for gaming eventually just thought I’d check some prices right now. Currently, I have an Optoma that I got from amazon a few years ago for about $500 if I remember right. Don’t have any complaints.

u/MichiganMan12 · 2 pointsr/detroitlions

you dont have 7 bucks brah?

also pretty sure sports cards collecting is kind of a thing of the past so good luck

u/Blackzaan · 1 pointr/detroitlions

You will need an accessory, but it's easy to find. Basically an interface so you can plug the coax into Xbox. I don't remember mine being this expensive, but still only a 1-time buy.

u/punkrawkintrev · 4 pointsr/detroitlions

Im still waiting for the payoff from sending them this bottle holder from their baby registry. Its not all for my glory though I sent it on behalf of the “Boobs” over at /r/detroitlions

u/SickLiq · 6 pointsr/detroitlions

Wondered if I could find this. And it's still out there. My dad and my little brother and I basically had this collection of highlights memorized.

We still always bring up the clip where the DB is trying to pick an angle of pursuit as Barry breaks free, where he kept making him turn different directions.

u/Laimbrane · 6 pointsr/detroitlions

Wait... Kenny G? Lol I never put that together.

I submit that his new nickname be "The Moment".

u/yomommacare · 13 pointsr/detroitlions

This is a random thing I Found:

Still looking online to see if I spot any in large lots of cards