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Jeez, where are my manners?

It was the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser mop. I kinda went out on a limb, after having gone up and down the Libman line at least twice...this one works great, with the trade off that the heads don't last as long and cannot be "stretched" as others can (they quite literally fall apart, it seems after a dozen or so uses). After a few test runs, looks to be a good one indeed.

This is how I buy stuff. Today, I bought a Drill/Impact driver combo kit that I've been researching for a solid month. (went with Bosch, which one out in price over Dewalt...which has a few good advantages if you want to pay for them...for something that compares to an 18v LithIon set, Dewalt is 100 more than Bosch.) Last week, I needed new headphones...spent a day researching them and even created a spreadsheet with a bunch of statistical data comparing reviews for all of the headphones in the under-30 dollar range on Amazon receiving 3+ stars (ended up with Sennheisers that I LOVE). That was fun, I created my own little "points" system based on which reviews were rated as helpful and which weren't, along with giving weight to ones with a better price or with little or no 1-2 star reviews.

I work pretty hard for my money, and I take a LOT of pride in my work. I never half-ass something, I go all the way...the right way, no matter how long it takes. My wife loves that...for a number of reasons;)

Because of that pride and the respect I have for others who have that pride, I try to make sure that my money goes to someone who puts their all into the product they sell. I want to buy headphones from that guy who fucking LOVES headphones. I want to buy a drill from a guy who made a life out of engineering drills, and I want to by a mop from someone who lives to clean. Those people embody the best things about the human spirit, and it makes me happy to give them my money in exchange for what I consider a part of "them".

I have no interest in giving someone money who would settle for a crappier product in exchange for more money.

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You're right, I am all of those things, and dudes are my specialty. (For the record, I do like Tabasco)

I find different dishes call for different sauces. The more sauces you try, the better of an idea you'll get for yourself what works with what. Note that the below links might not be the best prices and you can probably find a lot of these sauces at your local grocery store (unless you live in some cultural black hole like the American midwest). I spent my earlier years in southern California and developed a taste early on for Mexican cuisine, so my taste is highly reflective of that influence.

I enjoy these Mexican-style sauces:

  • Cholula - mainstream, overpriced, but decent

  • Tapatio - slightly more spicy than Cholula, a more peppery taste, for lack of a better description (on my part)

  • Valentina - One of the cheapest sauces I've come around, just douse everything in your path with it, similar to Tapatio

    El Yucateco is a great brand, in my opinion. They have a lot of awesome varieties. If you go to an authentic Mexican restaurant, you'll likely find it there:

  • Green Chili Habenero - Don't let the color fool you, this is a nice spicy sauce with a good flavor

  • Kutbil-ik Mayan Style Habanero - This is a different flavor, but it's great and has a nice heat profile

  • 4 pack Sampler - why not just try them all. $12 ain't that much, my friend ;)

    There are some other popular sauces which if I were to omit, people around here would be very angry:

  • Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce - This stuff packs nice heat with a garlicy-chili taste. I generally save it for Chinese and Indian food, and cup-noodle. Others like to put it on pizza and everything else. It is my opinion that they just don't have the right repertoire of sauces, but hey, if they like it, more power to them.

  • Frank's - You've already mentioned this, but this sauce and other similar Louisiana-style sauces are my favorite. Not very spicy, but they have a nice tangy flavor that goes great with Pizza, eggs, burgers, etc. Don't think about using this stuff on ethnic food, though. Stick to their sauces ;)

    There are a lot of boutique sauces out there that just pump out the Scoville units for the hell of it. A lot of them are gag gifts or novelties, but there are people out there that genuinely enjoy the rush you can get from them - you do get an adrenaline rush, it IS a high. Most of the sauces like this, however, are intended for cooking beef chili and other dishes where a small amount can be distributed through a larger portion of food.
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I second reading the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card, but I'd finish that first before I started reading the Ender's Shadow series (even though they technically occur in the same universe and feature many of the same characters).

But that's science fiction (with some interesting ethical/religious elements in later books in the series). I really think you'd enjoy Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey (please don't judge it by its cover; you also read paranormal romance, so I think you could be willing to look past that).

From Library Journal:
>Trained from childhood to a life of servitude and espionage, Ph?dre n? Delaunay serves her master, Anafiel, as a courtesan and spy, ferreting out the dangerous secrets of the noble houses of Terre d'Ange. When she uncovers a treasonous conspiracy, however, her life takes on a new and deadly purpose. Set in a world reminiscent of late medieval and early Renaissance Europe, Carey's first novel portrays a society based upon political and sexual intrigue. The author's sensual prose, suitable for adult readers, should appeal to fans of Tanith Lee, Storm Constantine, and Terry Goodkind. Recommended for adult fantasy collections.

From Publishers Weekly:
>This brilliant and daring debut, set in a skewed Renaissance world (people worship Jesus-like "Blessed Elua" but also demigods), catapults Carey immediately into the top rank of fantasy novelists. In the character of Phedre ne Delaunay, "a whore's unwanted get" sold into indentured servitude in opulent Night Court, the author has created a particularly strong and memorable female lead, and has surrounded her with a large and varied cast, from nobles and priests to soldiers and peasants. An engrossing plot focuses first on court intrigue and treachery, then, in a surprising shift, on high adventure, travel in barbarian lands including Alba (England) and war. Two demigods rule Phedre: Naamah, for sensual love; and Kushiel, for sado-masochistic pain, his "dart" being a blood spot in Phedre's eye. Not everyone will go for Phedre's graphic if elegantly described sexual encounters, which usually involve the infliction of pain, whether from lashing, branding or even cutting. Phedre, however, is no cliched sexpot but a complex character motivated by religious zeal. At the end, the heroine reminds one of an equally strong-minded sister whose home was Tara. No mere feminist novel, this is an assured and magnificent book that will appeal to both male and female readers.

It is book one in a trilogy, so there's plenty to read if you enjoy this one.

I enjoy reading paranormal romance novels occasionally. Would you recommend any that you've read recently?

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Recently I was in the market for a mattress ($600-900 range) I wanted to get the most for my money and I don't know much about mattresses so I did some research.

Heres what I learned:

Brand Names

Brand names add cost not necessarily quality. When it comes to mattresses the mark up is crazy so that's why you see these sales at the major mattress stores. They wan't you to feel like you are getting a good deal. Usually you can find a mattress made of better quality materials for cheaper from a "no name" brand.

Basically what I found out is that there are independent mattress makers all over the country that use high quality materials and are more transparent with what they use (some even custom pour your mattress [latex] to your firmness specifications for about a third of the cost of the name brands while using better materials at the same time).

Materials and "You get what you pay for"

Basically mattresses are made up of 2 parts that are of concern to you. The support layer and the comfort layer.

The Support Layer

The support layer is underneath the part you lay (lie?) on. It is often made of springs, but it can be latex or air or water it is one of the major factors in how far your body sinks down into the mattress.

The Comfort Layer

The comfort layer is the part your body touches and material determines how much it conforms to your body.

The Materials and Construction

So there are three materials that you will see most often. Poly-foam, memory foam and latex. Each has different properties and usually you will see some kind of combo of both. For example usually a mattress with a latex comfort layer will have a poly-foam support core to make it cheaper. There are all latex mattresses though too. Here is a quick break down of the materials:

Latex: Most expensive, but holds up the best. I think of it as a balance between memory foam and HD or HR poly-foam meaning it is conforming, but also springy. It also does not get a hot as memory foam. And it is resistent to bed bugs. Try to get at least 2" in your comfort layer. Talaylay natural latex is preferable.

Memory Foam: Conforms to your body. Comes in different qualities, weights and thicknesses. I personally don't like memory foam, because it get too hot and when it's cold it gets hard. It also makes me feel trapped. But some people swear by it.

Poly-foam: Usually springier than latex or memory foam. Used in both comfort and support layers. Rule of thumb is to ask about the density. High density foam is 1.8 lbs and High resiliency is 2.5 lbs. Do not buy if it is under 1.8 lbs. that is when you get those permanent impressions.

So is it true that you get what you pay for? Sort of. For a 100% percent latex mattress custom poured by a independent mattress maker you will pay around $1500-2200 because you are paying for high quality materials. A name brand version will likely cost $3000+
You will get much more for your money going "no-name"

Going to the Store

Another thing I learned is that if you go into a chain mattress store it is unlikely that the sales person will know what you are talking about when you start asking about foam densities and latex types or they won't have the answer.

Find a store that sells no-name or local brands and make sure that they will tell you what each layer is made of and what the quality of the materials are or if they don't know they are willing to find out for you.

The better quality of the materials the longer your mattress will last and be comfortable for.

Trying the mattress out is important, but remember even a mattress with cheap materials will be comfortable for a little while until it starts to break down.

Buying Online

Initially I was going to buy a mattress from The guy custom makes latex mattresses for reasonable prices. When I buy a king size 100% latex it will probably be from there. He also sells on Amazon (under Dreamfoam Bedding) and gets excellent reviews:

Ultimately, I went to a local store and I didn't have to ask about materials because all of the densities were printed on the label. I ended up getting a mattress for $600 that if it was a name brand with the same materials it would have cost around $1000 or so.

The Coolest Thing I Learned

All the info I learned I got from this site:

The guy who runs the site and is the go to guy in the forums is named Phoenix and is insanely knowledgeable about mattresses. Seriously, his mattress knowledge is PhD level.

There is way more info on that site then I could ever remember.


No name mattresses are usually higher quality and cheaper than name brand mattresses. It's all about materials.

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I find that the shaft hairs and the hairs above the pubic bone don't actually hurt to pluck. Maybe they hurt the first time but they don't hurt at all now. In fact I've plucked enough that they just kind of slide out with a gentle tug.

Always pluck in the direction of the hair. If you don't get the root or the hair breaks off at the base you want it to keep growing in the right direction.

Plucking after a hot shower is idea. Exfoliate your junk in the shower and then pluck when you get out. I use one of those nylon loofahs and scrub the area I pluck every time I take a shower. It exfoliate the light skin grow that can begin to trap the newly grown hairs.

Get a good pair of tweezers. This part is critical. Most dudes don't even own tweezers and if they do they are probably some shitty pair that came with a little grooming kit somebody gave them as a Christmas present when they were a teenager. You need to invest in a good pair. I have two pairs that I use... the Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer and the Tweezerman Stainless Steel Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze. They make extremely high quality tweezers with a lifetime guarantee and free lifetime sharpening (if they ever seem to lose their gripping power you can send them back and they'll re-grind the tips for you).

The first tweezer should be your everyday tweezers. The second, the needle tip ones, should be for in grown hairs and careful use once you've gotten good at using the regular tweezers. I've gotten crazy good with the needle tip ones can I can do my entire tweezing area in a matter of minutes with a creepy spider-spinning-a-web like efficiency. If you start off with the needle ones you'll probably end up accidentally stabbing yourself in the sac. Still they're good to have on hand for the occasional ingrown hair.

On tweezing your sac: You can do it... but be prepared for a little more pain, a little more bleeding, and a marginally higher chance of ingrown hairs. The hair follicles on the sac are very close to the surface and the scrotum is blood vessel rich. The follicles are also freaking huge. Be prepared for a little bleeding when you first do it as those roots come out like you're yanking bath plugs out.

I'm trying to think of any other tips hmmm. Oh... hold the skin with a little bit of tension but not too tight. If you hold it too loose you pull the skin up pretty good when you pull the hair and that can smart a little bit. If you pull the skin too taunt the hair usually breaks off halfway down or annoyingly close to the skin. Experiment with a medium tension.

Edited to add:

Now you may be asking yourself, after reading this far... "God damn? Is it worth it?"

Yes. Yes it is.

I have all the benefits of a nice smooth shaft and pubic area without the regular irritation of shaving (plucking doesn't irritate my skin at all). No matter what the area is soft and smooth (even when the hair grows in it is growing a brand new hair and not pushing up a jagged piece of stubble). Your SO will appreciate it (my wife, for example, liked the shaved look but hated how, even after a good shave, there was still some irritation on her vulva/vaginal opening because of the residual stubble).

Give it at least a month to get used to it and do a good job thinning out the hair. After that if you decide you hate it... you'll at least have nice silky new hair grown to show for your effort instead of a stubbly angry bush.

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This is actually a great point. In Dale Carnegie's book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living he points out that if you're feeling stressed about making a particular mistake, think about what would have to be true for that one mistake to have resulted in all your problems. So in this case, one might feel bad about eating extra donuts and think that they are going to fail at their diet, from here you would say: What would have to be true for two donuts to cause me to fail at my diet? The answer would be that the diet is completely dependent upon that single choice, which it is not. I'm not sure if I'm doing a great job explaining, but Dale Carnegie is a fantastic author with great insights into self improvement. His most famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People is an incredible read as well.

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I have a good tip to help you start flossing. If you keep a bag of those 'flossers' ( link to my favorite brand/style: ) in your car, you'll probably floss more. Just having them available when you're not doing other things makes it easier to do. If that makes sense.

Also on the same wavelength, keeping them by your computer so they're available when you're, say, checking reddit makes it easier too.

Flossing really isn't so bad, and you'll likely notice a difference in as little as a week. And your dentist will too.

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Why so defensive? Is it inconceivable that you might not know something about programming? Is it impossible that I might be capable of teaching you something fundamental about well-constructed code?

Your mind has thusfar been so completely closed off to the very notion that comments could be anything but helpful, but I'm telling you you've got a long way to go to reach "mind blowing" status if you still think comments are a "sanity check", even in a math-heavy environment.

I'm guessing you're still a student, and I'm guessing your teachers force you to add comments everywhere, the more the merrier, right? They're wrong, quite frankly, and you don't have to take my word for it. There are plenty of other resources for you to draw upon that will better explain how harmful comments can be to code (and those were what I found after a single minute of Googling, combined with a few books I've got with me here).

Is there a place for comments in code? Yes, but only because no one is perfect. I don't care if you think you have to be some kind of rockstar programmer who never makes a mistake, but the fact is, if you're commenting liberally, you're not a rockstar coder. Period.

And don't worry, you don't have to admit you're wrong here, all I want from you is to look into the links I've provided (specifically the Clean Code book, it's really great), and the next time you're about to slap a comment on something, I just want you to think, "can I do better?" You can, you almost always can.

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I've heard great things about Language Myths. I've yet to read it myself, but my fellow linguists say that it does a very good job of laying out some of the most common myths and popular misunderstandings about language. It's a collection of essays from linguists regarding various misunderstandings- from the myth that Eskimo has tons of words for snow to the idea that there is such a thing as "correct" language in the first place.

If you're looking for a bit more of an academic approach, I'd suggest checking out some college textbooks on Sociolinguistics, the field of linguistics that deals specifically with societal stigma concerning language, how speech communities deal with it, and how it can affect language change over time.

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Want the best headphones for the money? ATH-M50. These cans are awesome!

Too expensive? No worries! Go with Sennheiser HD 202 II!

Or something in between.

My belief is that you usually can't go wrong if they're Sennheiser, but there are better cans out there.

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I have the 10" Sleep Innovations mattress from amazon. It has been well over a year now and it is amazing. No need to buy a boxspring either, I just built a platform from 2x6 and plywood, put on a bedskirt and for less than $500 had the best mattress I have ever had.

I got the King Size

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These fucking things. Buy them. They are fucking awesome. I have them stashed all over the place.

u/Kativla · 4 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

Oh God! Don't give them Language Files. Start them with Language Myths.

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Make This your bible and you'll never think about writing another comment. And you'll never have that problem again.