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u/StutteringGiraffe · 56 pointsr/findfashion

skirt ($26)



Honestly, you could and probably should find the shirt and ribbon in person to make sure the red matches, but to be safe I linked them.

Looks like a fun outfit and I hope you found this helpful!

If I may add, I think going with a shoulder free top would look great as well!


u/AnxiousBarnacle · 2 pointsr/findfashion

I just did a couple quick google searches. I tried like floral print 90s dress, large flower dress, floral watercolor dress etc. Came across this one on Amazon but its $70 which is a lot for a Halloween costume in my opinion. Also it's only size 14.

However, I also searched on Poshmark. I don't know your size but maybe one of these could work? I think Poshmark or places like Goodwill may be a good place to look since I don't think this is in style anymore.
--This one is a little too bold but reminded me of it a little.

Idk what this site is and might only be Australia based but this person seems to be selling this dress:

So I don't think any are great matches but could be a jumping off point? I love the costume idea I hope you find something great.

u/marlsygarlsy · 1 pointr/findfashion

Love that dress! 😍

ModCloth has vintage inspired clothing!

This green dress could work with a scarf or belt:
Perfectly proper A line dress

perfectly proper in gray

It could be called a swing dress. That keeps turning up in my searches.

This is what I found on Amazon:
cape collar swing dress

This one at Walmart:
green dress

Eshakti has customizable dress options. Here is one that is similar, but if you search “green dress” there are so many options on their site. My coworker gets dresses from them and they’re always so cute

scallop poplin collar dress

Hope these were helpful. Good luck!

Edit: okay, so I looked again and it might be called a wiggle dress. It looks like.m a long sleeve pencil skirt dress.

Found these on amazon:
vintage green cocktail dress

retro vintage dress with belt

u/istvanx · 1 pointr/findfashion

These are vintage glasses, but I managed to find a replica on AMAZON.. Just got mine in today. AMAZING quality for $36 and being made in China. SUPER CRISP AND VERY VIVID. Comes with a beautiful case as well!!

LORSEX Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses

u/sweet_tooth_forever · 4 pointsr/findfashion


i'm bored, so i searched and found quite a few. this jacket is super cute! what a thoughtful idea to replace it for her, she's gonna love it.

5-this one looks super close!

oops, looks like 1 2 and 3 all came up as the same, but you can see there are a bunch of different options listed for that brand. a couple look really close!

u/rubataga · 1 pointr/findfashion

That one wasn't it, but from navigating from this link, I was able to find it!

Turns out, it was a boys size. Seeing as I've grown a few inches since I last wore this, I doubt I would fit it, so I will probably need to find something new. Thank you for your help!

u/FoxLevelZero · 2 pointsr/findfashion

I actually just ordered this dress on Amazon and it is super cute (good quality). They have a bunch of colors. Hope this helps :)

Below link is the vendor I ordered from:

u/MizunoGolfer15-20 · 1 pointr/findfashion

Thanks, I will save these sites for future reference, I always tell her fashion nova is trash, but she loves the styles.


I went with this, which I though was an exact cross


u/montylikescheese · 2 pointsr/findfashion

Having worked in Amazon's design team in the UK, I can let you know that unfortunately not all the products in their photography sets are ones found on Amazon.

I can't seem to locate that exact image you've shared, however one thing that could potentially help is if you go to the image's source url and see if there's a ten character code in it (e.g. B077RNNFRB), if so you can then go directly to the product's page by entering in the browser.

Hope you find what you're looking for!

u/tgarron · 1 pointr/findfashion

Do you mean the jacket or vest? I'll try and find something for you :)

Edit. Vests:







u/nitrodax_exmachina · 1 pointr/findfashion

I found this on Amazon, unfortunately most of the punk-ish trench coats they have are all womens. If anyone could give me a keyword to better let the internet know what kind of style I'm going for, I would appreciate.

I'm going for a mid-length trench coat with a modest amount of "bling", pockets, and punk style and that's not too thick; preferably only one layer and lightweight as I'm from a tropical country.


Here's another one


It's getting rainy here and I need a coat.

u/madonnafiammetta · 4 pointsr/findfashion

So, it's from this brand, I think


the reviews are not really good, but there are suggested models that have better ones!