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u/Fang_14 · 1 pointr/firstimpression

I'm going to guess from your username that your real name is Suzy. Nah, but let's see. You seem like you're in your late teens, early twenties. I'd caution an even 20 years old. You're artistic and enjoy drawing, which you are quite good at though you are humble in regards to your skill. Also, you're quite friendly and try to be talkative when you can since you consider yourself to be a quiet person.

u/Darth_Adnil · 2 pointsr/firstimpression

Amazon Enther Meal Prep Containers

I love them, they’re only one chamber but all my food just gets mixed together anyway. I think the same company makes one with more chambers. They’ve been super good for over a year now, packed everyday and put through the dishwasher. No cracks yet!

u/KH10304 · 2 pointsr/firstimpression

My gf and I got a little drunk the other night and a few days later I wake up to this on my doorstep. Surprisingly, it's pretty spot on and well written.

u/estheredna · 3 pointsr/firstimpression

You look like you should be in the Now You See Me gang.

u/nigelpoole · 1 pointr/firstimpression

Also I begged my wife for one of these.