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u/oneona · 2 pointsr/firstmarathon

Hi! So to follow up on my previous message...

Once a new version of a shoe comes out, it is often the case that you can get the previous year's model on sale. A lot of popular marathon training/racing shoes have been around for a number of years and in many cases, the changes made from one year to the next are pretty minor and not necessarily even an improvement for some people.

This brings me to my next point, which is that everyone's feet and running styles are different (and hence why some people will really like a shoe released one year and find the next release of the same model inferior), and as such, while there certainly are some popular models out there, no one shoe suits everyone. The usual recommendation is to go to a running shop, try on loads of shoes and try running in them! All good running shops that I am aware of will let you go for a run either on a treadmill or outside of the shop. If you buy online, a number of shops seem to have pretty generous return policies (e.g. some companies will let you try the shoe out for a month!). One way or another, I strongly recommend you try on a bunch of shoes from different brands.

To get you started, as an example, here are some Saucony Men's Freedom ISO. Depending on the size and colour, they are going for as little $72.34. Search around for them on reddit and elsewhere…
this is a much loved shoe! Here is an even more popular shoe Saucony Men’s Kinvara for as low as $69.92. Depending on which generation (I’m forgetting which though, 8s maybe?), many people consider this too be one of the best marathon shoes out there. One of my personal favorites — HOKA ONE ONE MEN’S Cavu starting at $71.44........These were the first three shoe models I searched for and all 3 of them, depending on size and colour, seem to be obtainable for a significantly reduced price.

My advice would be to search around on reddit and try to get a sense of what are some popular marathon shoes. I find /r/artc especially good for this.

Happy shopping!

u/streatbeat · 3 pointsr/firstmarathon

Cool. Focus on ramping up your miles per week, you really should be higher than 20 right now for a Oct marathon. You have to watch out too, ramping up mileage too quickly can cause injury, which is what happened to me on my first go. Every other workout you're doing is fine, but when it comes to marathons it's all about the mpw.

As for 3:45 - so that's 8:34 pace. On your long runs start doing race pace tempo work. If you're doing 15-18 miles, do a 3 mile warmup at a slow pace, do 10-13 miles at 8:30 pace non-stop and then do a cool down to wrap up your milage. You want to get to the point that when you start your marathon at 8:30 pace you're so comfortable it feels like you're dragging, but at mile 20 trust me you'll be in a whole new world.

Nutrition-wise, you have to experiment on your long runs. Find what works for you and change nothing on race day. For general nutrition I follow this book.

good luck!

u/tdira · 2 pointsr/firstmarathon

I have the Polar M400 and have been using it since late October. It has a chest strap heart rate monitor (the new Polar M430 is more expensive but does heart rate without the strap) but I don't notice it on my runs at all. Here's the one I bought on Amazon and I wrote a blog post on my thoughts.

Not sure if it syncs to RunKeeper since I sync to Strava but I'd be surprised if it doesn't. It also comes with heart rate training programs which I used for my most recent half (wrote a brief post about the program on my blog). Right now I'm using a Hal Higdon program and can add those runs into my watch and not have to remember how far I'm suppose to run each day (which is so helpful).

u/dgiz · 3 pointsr/firstmarathon

Mayo Clinic offers a handy guide to carb loading and they include a sample meal plan for a day. I basically followed this for my first marathon and it went great (3:13:xx, no disaster bonk, and no GI issues).

One thing to note, be sure to actually count your carbs/calories. It's shocking hard to eat as many carbs as you need to properly saturate your muscles. My first day (of 3 pre-race) of carb loading i figured i could just "eat a ton of carbs" and i'd be fine. Before going to bed i figured i'd count it all up and found that I was still 200g short of the 800g I had planned. So I had half a jar of jam of 4 pieces of toast to make up the difference. If you're doing it right, the whole thing should feel gross.

Also, make sure not to eat a big meal the night before the race. The massive pre-race pasta dinner is the wrong way to go.

Finally, I'd highly recommend you pick up Matt Fitzgerald's book ( He goes through everything you should be doing nutrition-wise while training, in the week and few days before the race, race morning, during the race and after the race. I followed his week of, 3 days before race, race morning and during the race advice to the letter and it was great. Highly, highly recommend. Now's a good time to pick it up and develop your plan and start to practice anything you need to.

Good luck and enjoy!

u/zorkmids · 1 pointr/firstmarathon

The Hansons Method is great if you have time to run up to six days per week. Even if you don't follow their plan exactly, the book is an excellent resource (Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning is also a great book.)

u/esdklmvr · 1 pointr/firstmarathon

Welcome to the journey! Have you considered Hanson’s? It’s an absolutely fabulous plan. Very solid theory and science, a great community on FB, and once people try it they’re raving fans. It’s based on the concept of cumulative fatigue during training. As a result the longest long run is only 16 miles.

Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way

u/Redallaround · 2 pointsr/firstmarathon

I try to run outside even when it's super cold (-20F). Mittens are better than gloves because your fingers keep each other warm. Running masks need vent holes for more airflow, ones like this don't allow for enough airflow and make me feel like I'm suffocating. Running tights are great, but you may need ones with some wind protection for your front region.

u/jon5isalive · 1 pointr/firstmarathon

I would highly recommend this book about nutrition. Follow the guidelines in here and you will have energy to fuel your training and also become lean which will make you faster. It also has great information on pre-race, race, and post-race nutrition.

I didn't really pay attention to what I ate during my first marathon training. I bonked hard at the 20 mile wall. The second time around, I used this book as a guide and crushed my first time by 20 minutes using the same training plan. Part of the reason I was able to go so much faster was experience, but I believe nutrition played a big part as well. Especially the pre-race and during race diet.

u/whatsthematterwithyo · 1 pointr/firstmarathon


Yeah, I am looking at a Camelbak Marathoner. Searching around locally before I go online. It seems to have everything that I would need.

As for gels and the like, someone recommended trying these Peter Rabbit Organics Mango, Banana and Orange Snacks, 4-Ounce instead of gels.

u/nmuncer · 1 pointr/firstmarathon

I would suggest that you use a plan, it will help you not overdo, something quite common when you start running.

I've used Hanson marathon program ( There's plenty of others

It has good info and the programs are achievable. In my case, I shaved off 30 minutes from my usual time on marathon. The biginner plan is good too

when you train for a marathon, the fact that you're fine to do more one day doesn't mean you should. It's a construction, you build up capacities, speed, strengh, endurance... Rest and easy days are part of your training.

For example, If you do an interval run, something that improve your maximum speed, the next day, you shouldn't do a long run, otherwise, you'll just hurt yourself. But instead, do an easy slow run

Also, if you have knee problems, check if your shoes are right for the job or if they're dead.

When I did my first race, I was 110kilos, my shoes were for some guy weighting 70... It didn't end well

u/Lizzymaree · 2 pointsr/firstmarathon

I don't know if there's an article version of it on the web. I used this book which is a pretty easy read. I bought it and feel like it's well worth the $10, but a quick google search shows that he's written a few articles that are available online. Here is a sort of quick-and-dirty version of what he recommends for the last 48 hours before a race.

u/FelixLeech · 1 pointr/firstmarathon

I've been having decent results from You (Only Faster) by Greg McMillan. It goes into a lot of the mechanics on how to create your own plan from scratch. I've found it good for pushing both distances and speeds.

u/legacygone · 3 pointsr/firstmarathon

NipEaze - 4pack Value - The Original Transparent Nip Protector - Nipple Chafing Prevention (Extra)

Mic drop...

u/tejinator · 1 pointr/firstmarathon

If you are just interested in completion and not pace, I highly recommend The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer by David Whitsett

u/edmaughan · 1 pointr/firstmarathon

I've just bought these calf compression sleeves after ongoing battles with shin splints. First run felt good having not been able to run at all for two weeks.