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u/newMike3400 · 2 pointsr/fitbit

Also looks interesting, better screen layout, weeks of battery life, built in GPS etc etc


Dont underestimate the fitbit app. I've looked at lots of apps and always come back to fitbit. I have a polar 370 which works really well but the app just isn't as open and immediate to see how you're doing as the fitbit app.

But more so the age of fitbit and it's market dominance means people have built a lot of add on products that are somewhat complimentary.

Fitbit and my fitness pal links into a lot of other apps really nicely with the sync solver app bridging the gap to Apple Health such as:

Happy scale (which I love for forward projection on weigh trends and way points on the way to goals)

HRV apps such as welltory, elite hrv, ithlete or hrv4training. I currently use welltory as a quick check and hrv4training as a daily check on progress. Welltory is fine in the free version but I did pay for a year initially as I'm a heart bypass patient and wanted to keep a very close eye on heart stress as I upped my exercise intensity.

Fitline is another free app that gives you summaries of all the fitbit data ie total lifetime steps etc and Bit stats does the same on a daily or weekly basis against other users.

And lastly tactio health links to a lot of other data from Apple health linked apps like my blood pressure app (bp companion) and blood sugar app (contour) to give a very solid summary of the state of my body when cross referenced with the aria scale data.

I think in terms of casual usage it makes no difference what you use to track exercise stats - any number accurate or wildly inaccurate doesn't matter as really all you want is an idea of what you need to do to do more.

I'm a film and tv editor by trade and I work well with data and have only been using fitbit since July but even in that short time have gone through a huge fitness boost and gone from a 40 inch waist (bad) to a 34 inch waist (good) and down from 91 kg to 79.8 kg. And at the end of the day those are the stats that count not steps or stairs climbed.

Im still looking at Garmin and samsung as well as Apple watch solutions but for now I'm very happy with my charge 2. Friends who have apple watches love them for exercise tracking but hate the battery life and sleep tracking. Both Garmin and Samsung have nicer display layouts and color screens but all pale compared to the Apple watch. However the price points vary quite a lot.

To summarize to me it's all about the phone app. Fitbit has this down and combined with my fitness pal and the other exercise apps I use such as fitbit coach, Nike run club etc form a closed data loop that's going to be very hard to displace at any price.

u/Undercover_Mop · 4 pointsr/fitbit

If you’re looking for a screen protector, I’d highly recommend this one. I do physical labor as part of my work which involves lifting objects, using tools and equipment, and working in a shop where there’s stuff all around that can be bumped into. I’ve banged my Versa into things a bunch of times but there hasn’t been a single scratch on it since this protected covers every millimeter of the watch that’s visible besides the buttons (it wraps all around to the back and there’s holes for the buttons). I was kind of wondering how well it would actually work until I smacked it into something which caused a fairly large and niticible scrap on the protector. I took the cover off to check the watch out and there wasn’t a single mark on it, and it still looks like new even after having it for around roughly six months. The only “issues” there are is that it might get dirty underneath and you have to remove the cover to charge it, but it literally takes one second to remove and put back on and all you need to do to clean it is take a damp towel and wipe it out.

I kind of went overboard on the accessories when I got my Versa since I was excited so here’s a few other things I picked up:

Versa charging dock: I wasn’t a fan of the charger that came with the Versa soI went with this. It’s nice and compact and pretty well made. Holds onto the watch well and charges very quickly.

Lether bands: I picked up four of these in different colors. Haven’t worn any of them a ton and only do so when I go out to do something nice which isn’t often lol (movies, dinner, etc.), but they’re comfortable and look good. Well made from what I see too.

Stainless steal bands: I’ve worn these more often than the previous ones and they’re really comfortable, you don’t even feel them at all. They fit into place perfectly as well and hook up easily too. I’m probably going to start wearing them more.

Rubber sport band: By far my favorite band and it’s the one I use daily. Stylish and durable and it’s one of the few times where I’ve seen a product advertise air holes as a feature and they actually work. Like I said I do a lot of physical work and I also lift weights, and I found that my wrist would become uncomfortable under the watch. This band actually does breath and I feel no discomfort. I did have a major problem getting it to hook in and considered sending it back at first, but it just simply doesn’t hook into the slots like other bands. It has the same mechanism but you kind of need to angle it downward and push it into place. Once I got that figured out, it didn’t become a problem at all.

u/Wemmsie · 2 pointsr/fitbit

I bought one metal band from Amazon that had more of a chain link feel to it, and it was alright. I prefer the original metal band from Fitbit. It's expensive, but I use it all the time, so I feel that it was worth the hefty price. I actually use the leather bands more than my plastic and metal ones, specifically from the brand Bayite. I have been using both my black and tan leather bands for 9 months now (looking at my amazon history!) and they are holding up great. I use a leather wax / conditioner though whenever they are looking a bit dry or beat up, and once polished, they're as good as new and super soft.

Also you are not vapid at all for wanting to spice up your Alta! I love switching bands depending on the occasion / outfit / activity. Plus, I think that was the point of the Alta's convenient band design in the first place! :)

u/dmonstar · 4 pointsr/fitbit

I've done some research on this because I was in the market for one myself, so I'll share what I've concluded:

  1. The only other scale that I've found that gets better reviews than the Aria (in terms of smart scales and syncing with the FitBit) is the Withings WS-50. I have heard that generally the Withings is better but comes at a higher price point, but coincidentally, leading to my next point:

  2. The Withings is coincidentally at one of its lowest historical price points as of 12:00PM CST. Proof here. I just happened to see this and might have to consider purchasing one today.

  3. In general, smart-scales are pretty inaccurate for everything other than weight, and even then, some other scales are better in terms of accuracy. The "dumb scales" can give you more precise and accurate weight measurements. But, if the body-fat measurements (although inaccurate) encourage you to lose more weight, then the $80+ more that it costs might actually be worth it.

  4. In the end we are just trying to become more fit, and the hardest part of that goal is the motivation/discipline aspect. What a piece of technology does for someone is different for everyone, so if you like the Aria, keep it (or refund then buy the Withings). If not, refund it and get a more accurate scale and just log-in the weight manually.

    My general rule of thumb nowadays is that a price-premium is worth paying for if it keeps you motivated/disciplined to keep fit, since you can't put a price on health.

    TL;DR: It's really up to you and how the Aria affects your fitness journey
u/QuakerOatmea1 · 1 pointr/fitbit

I bought these from Amazon 3 months ago and they work great! They go all around the watch face, but you have to take it off to charge. I bought the variety pack so I can coordinate the case with my outfit, but I've ended up using the gold case all the time. They're easy to clean and make it look a little more stylish than a black smart watch.

Case for Fitbit Versa, iHYQ Soft TPU Slim Fit Full Cover Screen Protector for Fitbit Versa Smart Watch (5 PACK)

u/Westwood_1 · 1 pointr/fitbit

You might want to consider Garmin if you're more sporty; they have a very nice line of GPS watches and trackers. Unfortunately, their app (though functional) leaves something to be desired. It's not as intuitive and user-friendly as Fitbit's. I like the Vivoactive HR, which is a little pricier than the Charge 2, but much more full-featured. Be aware, though, the screen is nowhere near as crisp and saturated/bright as it appears in the marketing pictures.

Misfit is also a good one to take a look at. They are currently discounting both their Shine and Flash models ($30 and $12, respectively), and they're functionally very similar to Fitbits and have a nice app, but they come at a fraction of the cost. If you're wondering whether or not you are really into the fitness tracker thing, these would be great, accurate units.

u/Eve6er69 · 1 pointr/fitbit

This is the one I use for my Alta.

Fitbit Alta Band, UMTELE Soft Replacement Wristband with Metal Buckle Clasp for Fitbit Alta Smart Fitness Tracker, Black

I love the actual Watch clasp type of band. Super secure and looks better imo. Also it's way easier to put on.

u/RedPanda5150 · 2 pointsr/fitbit

I have 2 replacement bands that I like, and one that I don't (the magnetic metal loop one, actually. My wrist is kinda small so it makes kind of a weird shape on my arm, but it's a really comfortable solid band otherwise).

The two that I like are a metal one and a rubbery one. If you get a metal one it's helpful to have access to jewelry/watch tools to take out the extra links. They are cheap because they come from China but the quality is really nice.

u/Big9erfan · 4 pointsr/fitbit

My wife has quite the small wrist and has no problem with the Blaze looking too big. She was VERY concerned that would be the case though, but she's been very pleased.

22mm watch bands can be used, though you'll have more success with some than others.

For example:

I bought this one:
works great.

I tried this one for my wife:
couldn't get it to fit unfortunately.

u/Meepzors · 2 pointsr/fitbit

Metal bands might work: I'm almost positive that solves the bubbling issue right off the bat.

But I would think you'd want to avoid playing basketball with a metal band, so...

If you don't want a metal band (and want to stick to rubber), then this is my favorite. It looks a bit weird (it doesn't actually use the band connectors: it's just a rubber "pocket" that holds your fitbit). However, it feels relatively secure and comfortable. Also I doubt these bands will ever bubble, considering there isn't any glue anywhere in the band.

If you're looking for something in between, one of my favorite bands that I used to wear was actually made up of two parts: a metal connector that I scavenged from an old (fully metal, with watch-links) band, and a regular (20mm, I think) braided nylon watch strap. Incredibly lightweight. However, this is kind of a gamble because you never know what kind of pins aftermarket fitbit bands actually use, so it's best to tread carefully.

u/runcible_spoon · 2 pointsr/fitbit

I've had better luck with this replacement band from Amazon, I've tried three, and this one tracks my pulse better and is more comfortable:

u/KidUnidentifiable · 1 pointr/fitbit

My OEM silicone band started tearing about a week ago. To be fair, it held up for about a year's worth of use. I recently bought the MoKo band off of Amazon and the difference is amazing. The woven nylon band is so much more comfortable on the wrist and is more breathable for me.


u/PragmaticProkopton · 3 pointsr/fitbit

I haven't used those but if you like that style I can't recommend these enough.

It's not an affiliate link and I'm not a shill of any kind, just always struggled to find headphones that worked for me and I've been obsessed with these for a few years now.

I must not be the only one that likes them because they keep going up in price but I like them so much that I have a pair, two backups and bought one for my partner and they've become her main headphones too.

The in-ear style took some getting used to for me (usually prefer pricey over-ear headphones, hated every apple earbud I've ever tried—airbuds are better but not worth it IMHO) but I right away noticed I would keep my volume so much lower because I didn't need it as loud with these. I've used them many times for calls but wouldn't recommend them for that in particular, but they're my absolute favorite commuting/running/walking headphones.


Idk what those are priced at but these are always under $35 and like I said, I like them so much I bought backups. I lost a pair once and was so happy to just open up another pair of these babies. My longest pair lasted me a year and a half (from losing them) and while YMMV I've never had defects or issues with anything breaking—but I always have them either around my neck or stuck to the side of my tv (they're magnetic) but they've also survived being stuffed into a pocket in a pinch a few times.

u/Remiandbun · 2 pointsr/fitbit


this is a metal band that I got. I use it for everything including working out. I am very satisfied with is so far and it looks great. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for any other type of band.

u/AngelAsh17 · 1 pointr/fitbit

Iuse this fitindex scale from Amazon , it's less than 30$ . It has its own app that links data into the Fitbit app . I love it !

u/Neilpoleon · 1 pointr/fitbit

I used a bumper case similar to the one you listed and really like it. Here is the one I am using made by SIRUIBO. Just make sure you get a color that goes well with your wristband.



u/mokeymo2012 · 3 pointsr/fitbit

I didn't really know how to adjust the band but youtube has some really good videos on how to adjust the length on this type of band.

u/reserved1012 · 1 pointr/fitbit

Hey I was just trying to order this scale of but its not giving me a buy option to ship to Canada although its mentioning a direct import fee (which I haven't seen before). Does this mean I am simply unable to order it? You may not know the answer to this but I thought you may be full of surprises.

Probably just means I can't order this as its just cannibalizing their own sales of electronics. Not sure why the import fee is mentioned though.

However Amazon doesn't even sell it on the Canada side, only through resellers. Look at this price too!

May have to stick with the aria at this price unless i can solve the shipping.

u/mar7967 · 2 pointsr/fitbit

It defaults to "Ships from and sold by Brookstone" likely because Brookstone lists a shipping date of 1-3 weeks, where amazon still doesn't list a ship date on their listing. I believe that Amazon algorithm will so the lowest priceed "store", and if multiple have the same price, it shows the fastest shipping. Amazon still has it listed if you look.

u/CannibalizetheDead · 2 pointsr/fitbit

nice. my large black still doesnt have a delivery estimate but amazon has the large black in stock on september 12th. i guess we'll be getting these next week.

u/glee88 · 3 pointsr/fitbit

Amazon links here: Amazon US, CA, Europe

u/highfriends · 2 pointsr/fitbit

Honestly, there are some really dope bluetooth scales on Amazon for less than $25.
They might not be FitBit compatible but you get more than enough information from it.

I have this one