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9. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

  • PULL UP BAR FOR DOORWAY: Plan your home workout regime with Iron Gym Pull up bars, turn any doorway into a personal gym and get the strong, lean body you always wanted, right at home. It instantly attaches to or removes from your door frame and the heavy-duty steel construction supports up to 300 pounds
  • IDEAL FOR UPPER BODY WORKOUT: Iron Gym Pull Up Bars is an ideal upper body exercise equipment with three grip positions, narrow, wide, and neutral. It offers wide grip push- ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, arm and shoulder exercises – every exercise you need to build a powerful upper body
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Constructed with heavy-duty steel, the metal chin-up bar ensures sturdiness and reliability, while the bar handgrip has professional-grade comfort foam for comfortable ergonomic gripping. The indoor gym bar is finished with shiny platinum to give your interiors an exotic match
  • FITS MOST DOORWAYS: Comes in a unit packaging dimensions of 20x3.25x8 inches, it fits up to 35.4-inch-wide door frames. It can be used for an indoor workout, please keep in mind that the doorway should be 24 – 32 inches wide to accommodate the bar
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our doorframe pullup bar comes with come with safety brackets, a safety manual and assembly tools, making it easy to install and remove in seconds. It uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to the door
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
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16. H HIKKER-LINK Canvas Messenger Bag Retro Sling Backpack Crossbody Satchel Black

  • Material: durable POLYESTER with high quality hardware decoration. This messenger bag is made of high quality and water-resistant polyester (not completely waterproof), high quality metallic hardware, smooth zipper and soft polyester inner lining. Nice collocation make this crossbody shoulder bag good looking and effective.
  • Dimension& Weight: 9.8L*4.1W*13.9H(inch)/ 25L*10.5W*35.5H(cm). Shoulder strap length is 33-44in. Weight: 0.73kg. Although it looks not a large pack, it would nice to be as a little bag in your daily life, such as day trip, shopping or date.
  • Multi pockets - This sling bag is padded up for 13in laptop; Main compartment with padded laptop layer and 1 zipper pocket can put books, laptop, pencil case and other stuffs. There are 1 front small zipper pocket, 1 front zipper pocket for iPad Mini, 2 front pockets for other daily necessities. Side pockets are perfect size for bottle and chewing gum.
  • Comfortable: Adjustable & padded shoulder strap and padded airflow back cushion is comfortable for carrying. The meshed material make the bag lightweight and ease the burden. Besides, you can adjust the carry on direction by attaching the shoulder strap on different side. Therefore, this sling laptop backpack fit for most of people, such as teens and adult.
  • Great unisex vintage design: This crossbody bag is good looking for women & men & boys. It is useful in your daily. Suitable occasion: School, College, Working, Dating, Shopping and Travelling. Also fit for outdoor activity, such as cycling, camping, running, etc.
H HIKKER-LINK Canvas Messenger Bag Retro Sling Backpack Crossbody Satchel Black
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u/shablamniel · 14 pointsr/ftm


I'm not a parent, but I can imagine this is, in many ways, a challenging situation to work through with your child. Let me assure you that you're already doing a great job, just by reaching out and trying to educate yourself.

I have not yet started to medically transition (take testosterone, etc.) so I can't give you too much specific information on that, although it looks like u/RigilNebula has already given you some good advice. However, I have mostly transitioned socially, meaning that I have asked the people in my life to use my real name (Daniel) and to use the correct pronouns when referencing me (in my case, I'm okay with both he/him and they/them). I'm also out to my parent(s). So, I'll mostly address the emotional and social aspect of transitioning, particularly as it relates to relationships with parents. I've also included a few resources at the bottom of my post.

But first, some more general, subjective information. I can't speak for all trans people anymore than can I speak to the specifics of the relationship between you and your child (and please note, I will be referring to your daughter as "your child" herein. I hope that's not upsetting to you, but I do this because if your child is really your son, calling him your daughter could be very hurtful. I will also use the gender neutral pronoun "they" for the same reason) The following is just my perspective, but ultimately you'll need to have conversations with your child about this, and while it will definitely be difficult for both of you, keeping lines of communication open is one of the most important things you can do for your child.

Which segues pretty neatly into my main point. If I could ask anything of my parents, it would be that they listen to me and make me feel listened to and assure me that they love me for me, not because of my gender. That's really it, for me.

For some context about my personal situation: I was raised by a single father, who I now live with, in part because he needs help with chronic health issues. My mother died when I was too young to remember her. One of the most painful truths I will ever live with is that I will never know for sure whether my mother would still love me, even though I'm transgender. This is all very personal, and not completely relevant to your situation, so forgive me for over-sharing. But I mention this because I was offered a perspective on this very issue by a therapist, which I think is one every parent of a transgender child should hear.

My therapist told me that for most parents, there's a time before you know your child's sex, or when your child is still a baby and gender roles haven't quite taken hold yet, when you love them completely, and you love them outside of gender. That's a bit abstract, but think of it this way: you loved your child before you knew they were athletic, before they got good grades, before they were popular, before you knew about all the unique and lovely things that make them your child. And it sounds like you may have loved your son before you knew he was your son.

And if that's true, your child needs to know that.

There's an awful lot more that can be said on the subject, but I'll leave it here for now so I don't bore you to death. I work semi-professionally as a diversity educator, so I'm a bit of an open book on these issues, and I'm happy to discuss this further with you if you have specific questions or want more information on anything I've mentioned here.

As promised, here are a few resources that might be helpful to you. And here's a cute picture of a panda, which might also be helpful.

Oh, one last thought: I'm not sure if you're in the U.S., but if you are, I would really recommend seeing if you have a PFLAG chapter near you. I've had great experiences with them. You can check whether there's a nearby chapter here.


u/ftmichael · 2 pointsr/ftm

Hey, little brother. You're not alone. And you're not playing the pity card, you're asking for help. I know you're very used to sucking it up and comparing yourself to starving children in Africa, but asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of impressive amounts of strength, actually. And your problems do not affect the starving children in Africa, but if you take care of yourself properly and get the help you need and get to a better place, you'll be far better positioned to help them if you're motivated to do that.

Hope to chat with you at , by the way. It's full of Trans guys who have been there and get what you're going through.

Bumps in the road will not make you regret it. In all likelihood they'll just make you more determined to do what you have to do. You sound pretty damn determined already. That's an asset. Hang on tight to it.

I'm post-transition. I lost zero friends (I came out and transitioned in high school), but if I had lost anyone, they wouldn't have been a true friend anyway. Better to know who your real friends are. I've been in relationships with people who found me attractive, not because I was Trans but not in spite of it either. Anyone who's more invested in a penis than in me needs to go buy themselves a dildo and leave me alone, and anyone who thinks that my Trans body is 'weird' is not someone I want a relationship with. Loads of us are busy living happy, healthy, productive lives post-transition. I don't know of anyone who's regretted anything they've done as part of transition. If I had made myself wait, I would regret that. If I had tried to hide who I am or make it go away, I would regret that. What I did was stick to my guns and do what I knew was right for me, and listen to my gut a lot. I not only don't regret that, I'm damn proud of myself for doing it.

Don't die. It doesn't get better if you die. If you stay alive and take those scary steps forward, it can get so much better. I look at where I used to be and how I used to feel and then I look at where I am now, and I can honestly say that I did not ever fully expect that I could be truly happy. The happiness in my own skin and my own life that I have now was the stuff of fairy tales before I transitioned, and now it's just life. (That doesn't mean it's all sunshine and unicorns and I have rainbows coming out of every orifice. My life isn't perfect. But it's happy, and there was a time when that didn't feel entirely possible to me. I'm glad I stuck around so I could find it.)

Since you're so new, here, have a resource dump.

Talk to lots of Trans people! You're already starting to do that. We're not all cookie-cutter; for many of us, the only thing we have in common is that we're Trans. We cross every demographic group and have a lot of different perspectives to offer. Get as many perspectives on things as you can so you can make well-informed decisions.

Take your time with these links; getting through them is not a race, and going through them slowly is a better idea anyway. Go through them in whatever order you want; I've just listed them by URL length so they're easier to read. I put a few in bold that I think might be especially helpful for you.

If you get a database error on any of the T-Vox links, just click the little View Source tab and it'll show you the raw contents of the page.

u/poesii · 30 pointsr/ftm

First off, you sound like an incredible step parent and I’m excited for you to be able to support your stepkid fully when they do decide to come out to you. Before I delve into recommendations for dealing with them, I want to suggest that you seek out your local PFLAG chapter (if there is one). They often run support groups for parents of trans kids and are great places to swap resources and advice.

As far as breaching the subject, it depends on how your stepkid is but I would advise against directly asking but it seems like you know not to do that anyway. A good subtle way to bring it up may be to find a piece of (not negative) news about trans people, or else a piece of media about trans people, and talk about it in a positive light but in a natural way. Like, if you never talk about interesting stuff you’ve seen or read then obviously it would be a weird thing to suddenly do.

You could also leave pages about supporting your trans kid open on computers/tablets if you have a shared family device, or even buy a book like this one (my mom’s favorite) and leave it somewhere conspicuous, although that may be too forward haha. I like the idea of leaving Trans Tape or KT Tape around but it’s possible that they don’t know what that is and won’t connect the dots.

Maybe you could also take them shopping for clothes and casually suggest checking out the men’s section (if they don’t already get clothes there and like to dress in masculine clothes).

Just like. Stuff like that which would make it clear that you are a safe person to come out? But also, speaking as someone who came out to my parents at 15 knowing full well that they would be accepting, it’s still really scary and hard to bring up even if you know you will get a positive reaction. It never feels like the right time, etc. If you wait for your stepkid to come to you even after you’ve done stuff to make it clear that you’re safe, you may be waiting a long time. It’s important to also give an invitation for them to come out without making it feel like you’re interrogating them, which is tricky but you seem to get that and maybe that’s why you’re here haha.

I and probably lots of other people would be happy to bounce ideas back and forth with you, and to follow up on stuff as the situation progresses.

u/niennak · 2 pointsr/ftm

I own two ~man~ bags, the first one I've had for a while and highly recommend (I carry water bottles in it all the time and never had an issue either), the second one is new but seems good so far.

I would like to copy paste a review from the first one, which is one of the best things I've read on amazon:

"I'm going to start by saying the ladies love this one. And I mean it. My daughter and wife both saw this and said they wanted one. Is that a good thing when I'm carrying it around myself? I'm a man. I don't shave very often. I work out a lot. So I'm pretty rough looking most of the time. Is my look so effeminate that the gals in my life think this would look good on a lady?

I don't know. I think they're probably wanting one because it IS rugged. Because it's not their normal ladylike purse. It's rough around the edges and makes them look a little tougher. Not because it's weak or pretty.

Either way, I love this bag. It has everything I need for my EDC essentials. I can tuck my pipe rollup, my leather journal and a good book into the large pocket, while my bottle opener and handgun go in the smaller pocket. And then I still have room. I dig this thing. I dig it like a ditch."

So yeah. Manly bag.

u/amadeoamante · 4 pointsr/ftm

So I might be unusual here, but I was able to do everything for myself from the moment I got home. My mom insisted on staying overnight, but I kicked her out in the morning so I could get on with recovering in peace. I had planned ahead and set my house up for this, though. The things I found invaluable for self-sufficiency were:

  1. A "long-reach comfort wipe" and some baby wipes so I could wipe my own ass. $8 on Amazon. It works with both TP and wipes and made things much easier to reach.

  2. A loofah on a stick. I used this to bathe in the sink, starting the day after surgery. I had a bar of soap on the counter which I rubbed the loofah against, and then scrubbed my body that way. It feels great to be clean when you're otherwise feeling pretty gross. The only area I couldn't wash immediately was where the compression binder was.

  3. Strategic step stools. I'm a short-ass so I already had these on hand, but I put my step stools in position so that I wouldn't have to move them in order to get to the cupboards that held my dishes.

  4. A bed tray. Double duty as a cat-proof barrier for my chest, and a place to put shit. This model was high enough to fit over my chest with no problem. I actually bought two so that I could lie one down on the bed to my side without the legs up to just put drinks and stuff on, and have the other one on top of me while I slept.

  5. Pillows. Everywhere. Especially in the computer chair, these can help you sit up for periods of time. Also used to blockade cats from going under the sides of the bed tray.

    Pre-prepared foods are good. Being single I eat that way normally, so not much to do there. Basically just plan everything in advance. I had a stash of noms on the bed next to me so I wouldn't need to get up when I was hungry, though moving around after surgery is important to recovery and avoiding clots/constipation/etc.

    Anyway yeah, it's recommended to have someone around for the first 24 hours post op at least, but you might find he can do plenty of stuff on his own. I'm sure a lot of people would welcome having a friend there for moral support. Grocery shopping could be an issue for the first couple of weeks. I have an AmazonFresh subscription so that wasn't a worry in my case, but I definitely would not have felt up to going out for at least a week. If he's squeamish at all emptying the drains might be an issue. It's a pretty individual thing though, so just plan things out. I was up and playing WoW the morning after surgery, though I needed a large pillow in the chair behind me and I would have to lean back to take a break every hour or two since my shoulders would get sore from trying to hold my chest completely still. You don't need to worry about sterilizing surfaces unless they're all covered in gunge or something. He won't be rubbing his chest against the counters. :)
u/sharxattack · 1 pointr/ftm

My thoughts exactly; I have an Iron Gym, and it is by far the single best purchase of my life; you can do wide-arm pull ups, close-arm pull ups, chin ups, palm-facing pull ups, stick them in a doorway for sit ups/crunches, dips, modified pushups/planks... The possibilities are endless. And you can move it to wherever you want to go, which is another benefit that you don't get with a regular bar that you have to fix in place.

My personal opinion is that the human body was designed to get in shape on its own and also develop a level of muscle that correlates to its own bodyweight; equipment is nice and all (especially for those hard-to-work-out areas like lats), but bodyweight exercises are hands-down my favorite kind of workout. Other equipment is superfluous.

The same goes for supplements/powder; if you eat a good diet with enough protein in it (especially things like nuts and eggs; those are pretty much the food of all good muscle), the supplements become sort of just an added expense. Sure, they help you get built super quickly, but why bother? Why not just have a good diet? Just my opinion; I'm a big fan of all-natural.

Now if anyone has any tips to get rid of this damned beer gut... It seems I do cardio and ab workouts like none other and this fucker still refuses to let go of my abdomen.

u/Teejsaurus · 4 pointsr/ftm

I kinda made a funky diy thing that I use sometimes. You might be able to make one if you want. Though imo it feels better with using suction, which I think may possibly effect your junk if you do it often (it’s basically some kind of pumping). It can also kinda hurt and make your junk swollen, so just be wary, and unsuction it if it hurts too much.

I got a cheap packer a long time ago, but after I concluded I was never going to use it for actually packing I went ahead and dug a hole through the base of it, and tried to make it go as far into the shaft as I could get it. I can still use it to pack if I ever want to, but I just can’t like resell it or anything now lol, and personally I wouldn’t want to do something like this to an expensive packer.

I then got these things. It may say they’re unavailable, but you should be able to find the same sort of things elsewhere on amazon or other online stores. In the pic, the long one that is the second from the right goes into the hole in the packer. It’s a good size to fit your junk into the open end of. Then if you squeeze it to use suction then you can pull a bit at the packer shaft and it’ll tug at your junk like your jerking off.

I don’t really use this method often though, because the suction comes undone kinda easily when you’re pulling at it repeatedly lol.

If you’re using a cheap packer it might not look super realistic, but you can try painting the packer to look more realistic. They may make like printed condoms too that may look more real, or you could see if putting a regular condom on it might make it feel or look a little more real.

u/FluidLikeSunshine · 3 pointsr/ftm

This may or may not make me That Guy but I swear by Hugo Boss Bottled. It's not the cheapest in the world but I feel instantly Manlier when I wear it and I love the smell. It is a bit of a Magnet. I've had female friends give me that look after we've hugged hello. I'm happily married, but i'm not complaining ;)

You can find samples in most issues of GQ to test.

For hair I'm really enjoying Fudge Urban, I have the Matte Wax, Matte Head Master, and Ice Freezing styling gel


I'm only just settling into the fact that I'm trans, so that's as far as I've got right now :)


[Edited for grammar]

u/kleineganz · 2 pointsr/ftm

Yeah, they took my stitches out at my second post op and I'm now using Mederma on my scars daily plus wearing silicone tape over my incisions. I got several recommendations on silicone tape and opted for this one and my surgeon approved: They are having me cut it in half lengthwise because it's wider than my incisions (which will also make it last longer). It stays sticky and my surgeon told me I could keep reusing the same tape for about 1 week before changing it out.

So what I'm doing is massaging the Mederma into the scars, letting it dry, and then putting the silicone tape on top of it (post shower, you don't want to get the silicone tape wet, that'll make it lose its stickiness). Apparently, silicone is the trick to minimizing scars.

The hospital gave me an ace wrap but I went out and bought a compression vest (so much easier to take on and off). They aren't cheap but for me it was worth it. (This is the vest I got if you're interested: ).

Good luck and good healing!

u/2tinypoodles · 1 pointr/ftm

I have bought other binders, but I pretty much only wear these. They are incredibly comfortable and bind well. They don't get me completely flat (I'm about a C cup and a bit overweight,) but make my chest look acceptably masculine. Would definitely recommend.

u/JeSuisGourde · 1 pointr/ftm

Do you have a cat (or dog, but I think cats are better at this)? Because I once read a post about forgetting to take meds, or in this case, T, where every time you take those meds at a certain time or on a certain day, you feed the cat a specific treat. After a while, they come to expect food at that certain time on that certain day and they WILL yell at you and follow you around the house until you do it. I know it's kind of silly, but I've had friends who said it worked for them for taking certain types of medication and things. '

Also, they sell pill bottles with caps that have screens on them that tell you how long ago the bottle was last opened. You could put the vial of T inside the pill bottle? So you know when you last opened it and took it?

u/beckdrop · 5 pointsr/ftm

Whoa, what kind of therapist is this? You shouldn't have to do anything (any gendered thing) you don't want to do. I mean, I think working out is definitely a good idea, but you shouldn't be forced into it if it's not something you want to do.

But if it is something you want to do, I highly recommend getting a pull-up bar that fits onto your door frame (like this one - they have them for like $18 at Walmart (assuming you're from the US and if you're not I'm sorry for assuming :S)) and just starting with chin-ups. If you can't do a full one yet, use a chair to help support some of your weight (with your feet/foot) so that you can get all the way up, then very slowly lower yourself back down without using the chair. You'll be able to do one unassisted in no time if you keep practicing.

If you just do that and some push ups and squats, you're pretty much set, unless you're trying to be a body builder or something. And the good thing is these are all things you can do alone in your room so you don't even have to worry about binding or sports bras or anything (unless you feel too disphoric not binding to some extent).

u/newfacer · 2 pointsr/ftm

Have they read this book? It's the one I'd most strongly recommend for parents of trans kids, and a lot of it is very applicable in your situation. Assuming they're open to educating themselves, this is probably the best guide to what to do if you have a child who exhibits gender variance. It is extremely well written and hugely comprehensive and covers various life stages and is also very current research wise, while never getting too technical.

u/Dignified_Rebel · 1 pointr/ftm

Just got this one a few days ago, so far its pretty good, I have somewhat of a larger chest and it flattens me out pretty well. Comfort is good too.

u/TimberVolk · 3 pointsr/ftm

How short are you wanting your hair? If you'd like it pretty short and you feel up to the challenge, it might be worth it to invest in a pair of clippers ($15 for these badboys) while your mom won't stop outing you and stylists won't listen.

If that's not something you feel confident/comfortable doing, maybe ask your mom to take you to a barber shop? IME barbers are waaay more likely to listen to your request than a stylist; I stopped going to stylists because I got tired of my hair looking like something out of the latest issue of Lesbian Weekly, haha. In any case, good luck! Just try to really drive home the fact that you want a masculine haircut. Not "femme masculine" (e.g. pixie cut), just masculine.

u/dollarstorecoffee · 1 pointr/ftm

I use these. I'm only 4 months post op, so I can't speak for their long term, but they're cheap, and as someone who's got a fair amount of hypertrophic scarring going on, I can tell that they're definitely flattening them. They also feel mad soft every time I change them.

I also use Alex Haney's DIY scar cream in between. I like it a lot, and it's super easy to make!

u/wolf-boy · 1 pointr/ftm

I like the "five day stubble look" which is probably more like a "three day stubble" look for someone with better facial hair growing abilities than me.

I actually do use a hair clippers to keep my facial hair groomed. I have the Wahl Color Pro and use the shortest attachment for my face hairs, and sometimes also the second shortest depending on how scruffy I feel like looking. My boyfriend uses it to cut my head hair for me as well. It works really well!

I do eventually want to get something that is specifically for facial hair that will keep it the length I like, but for now this works and like you said, it kills two birds with one stone and does a great job of it!

u/fargolargo212 · 8 pointsr/ftm

At 13, you need parental consent to start T. I'm sorry. I was in your shoes eight years ago.

Look to see if there's a group for parents of trans kids in your area. Look hard, not just a google search. Ask any local LGBT groups you can find, or any other trans people you know. If there's none, see if you can get in contact with parents of trans children (adult children count too) who have watched their son go on T and can attest to how helpful it was. Get your parents in contact with these parents.

Offer them other resources too. This book is really helpful in changing parents' minds, I've heard. You also may want to send them articles ( this and this )on the studies published recently about the improved mental health of trans kids who were allowed to transition.

Also, if they are religiously inclined as you say, you could check out the documentary "Call Me Malcolm" for them, which is about a transgender man who is also a seminary student. Just beause your folks are Christian doesn't mean they are and always will be transphobic.

Additionally, if you don't already see a supportive therapist, start seeing one. Your parents may be more likely to listen to an adult professional who backs you up when you say you need to go on T.

Changing your parents' minds takes time, and you have to be patient and not give up. As hard as it is, tell them you love them, frequently.

u/maybebenji · 1 pointr/ftm

I have these. They're 3.5 inch total boost but come apart. I separated the pieces and have 1 in each of my shoes. I'm not super short but an extra inch boost gives me confidence.

I wear them with converse high tops if you use 1, you don't need a bigger shoe size but 2 gets a little tight and 3 is really tight.

I put them under regular insoles because they're pretty hard and after some time make my feet hurt.

u/illisson · 2 pointsr/ftm

If I were in your position, I'd go ahead and start wearing silicone tape in hopes that it slows down the growth, and begin researching steroid injections, microdermabrasion, medical needling, laser scar removal, and my surgeon's options for surgical removal.

Silicone tape (like CicaTape, which is what I'm using) primarily acts to prevent/minimize the development of hypertrophic scars, and perhaps keloids to some extent. If you look up info about silicone tape's effectiveness, you'll find studies like this one, which could be worth a read. It suggests wearing silicone tape for at least 12 hours a day for up to six months, but other sources, like this one, suggest up to 24 hours a day for up to three months. I've been wearing it 24/7 except to shower; I'm prone to hypertrophic scarring, and so far my DI scars have stayed super flat. (That said, I started wearing tape as soon as my scabs came off at about three weeks post-op, so my experience with the tape isn't going to be identical to yours.)

If you do pick up CicaTape, you can cut the tape in half lengthwise to make the roll last longer. I've been using the tape for about six weeks, and haven't finished my first roll yet.

u/albatrawesome · 1 pointr/ftm

I think everyone else put it well, there are plenty of short cis men. Last night at the bar I was lol'ing and comparing myself to all the short cis dudes around me. You have to remember that confidence plays a big part in others' perception of you. Stand up straight and look people in the eye. Also, something I'm thinking about grabbing are shoe inserts that apparently can give you up to 2.8 extra inches which is kinda wild. Here's the link.

u/BigestMarvelTrashcan · 2 pointsr/ftm

Family restrooms will be your savior. With the problem of stp being expensive I use this one
And I like it and it works well, not realistic though, but you could probably get away with it. Another thing to look for is ones that have cosmetic imperfections, those will be sold much cheaper for the same thing like this one
You can also find ones on Etsy like this.

u/emmett_em · 1 pointr/ftm

I prefer the scar away long scar strips. I get them on Amazon for like $35 (12 in a pack). Cut them lengthwise and use one on each scar. You can reuse them usually like 4-5 times if you wash and dry them. They’re also good to keep your scars out of the sun for the first year post-op while still being shirtless.

u/Howdy_butnotactually · 1 pointr/ftm

I have this -> CalExotics Packer Gear STP Packer - Realistic Prosthetic Stand To Pee Strap On Sex - Trans Transitioning FTM Adult Female To Male - Ivory

It's great for standing to pee. I little uncomfortable for packing tho. It has generally good reviews

u/marmar1230 · 7 pointsr/ftm

LIVIQILY 3D Holiday Party Props Penis Plush Toys Throw Pillow Decorative Cushion(3.97",7.9",11.8",19.7") (30cm / 11.8")

u/man_flakes · 1 pointr/ftm

Ah yeah. Boy do I feel ya.

I learned a while ago to do my own haircuts due to fear of barbershops/cost effectiveness. If you can save up a bit there are some cheap good buzzers at Walmart/Target/Amazon. That way you can keep up with all the maintinence, personally here's my clipper.

u/methyltransferase_ · 3 pointsr/ftm

I bought the standard Wahl clipper kit (it's less than $20 on Amazon) several years ago and it works just like new.

u/eggsandjakey · 2 pointsr/ftm

I’ve been using cica tape cut in half horizontally. It works well for me after a few washings and would probably work longer if I wasn’t so particular about it.

CicaTape Soft Silicone Tape (1.57in x 59in)

One of the photos in the reviews appears to be from someone who got double incision.