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16. Terrifying Tails

  • PROTECTS YOUR FLOOR - If you're tired of having a wet/soggy entrance rug or worried your floor will become damaged, this all weather mat is right for you. The Notrax floor mat is the best defense to keep water, snow, salt and debris from being tracked into your home. The poly fibers absorb moisture, while the impermeable vinyl backing prevents moisture from reaching the floor. The minimalist look of this floor mat will fit in with any home decor.
  • EASY TO USE - The Brush Step design has a unique double rib high/low design which helps get in between the sole tread of shoes for simple cleaning and drying. The vinyl back helps keep the rug in place to prevent slips, trips and falls. The minimalistic low design makes it easy to vacuum. When used as a door mat, it gives way for doors to easily open, and as a chairmat, allows chairs to roll freely. The poly fibers give a carpet like feel allowing you to walk comfortably in your home.
  • DURABLE/LONG LASTING -No need to worry about replacing this indoor entrance mat frequently. Its sleek design makes it suitable for areas with medium traffic. Whether used as a floor mat for home or office, this rug has the strength of a commercial mat with a sleek design that can hold up to everyday use in your home or workplace.
  • PET FRIENDLY - You love your dog but don't like when they track in mud from the outdoors, spill food or water, and stain carpets. Active dogs require a more durable rug to stand up to scratching, staining and everyday doggy use. The brush step series allows you to easily vacuum dog hair, hide pet stains and prevent your floor from being damaged.
  • Carpet made of 25% post industrial and consumer recycled content
Terrifying Tails
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17. Get into Medical School : 600 UKCAT Practice Questions: Includes Full Mock Exam, Comprehensive Tips, Techniques and Explanations

  • ✅1. It is designed for mobiles iCade VR games, also compatible with MID, TV box, smart TV, PC, Tablet, laptop, etc. It can be used as a gamepad, VR remote, wireless mouse, music control, E-book pages flipping, PPT presentation, a remote controller for playing Anki APP, etc. If you are looking for a TikTok controller or an Instagram controller, there an upgraded version with Asin B09QJLV6JJ that could control videos of Tiktok, Instagram, Likee, etc., play Xinput games, play iCade games, etc.
  • ✅2.For the iOS system device, use the controller to 1). Play Arcade VR or non-VR games; 2). Play video, VR video, film, music; 3). Be a shutter for selfies or take photos; 4). Flip E-book page in kindle or PPT; 5). Adjust iOS devices’ Volume. 6). Compatible with limited iPhone games such as Crowdy City, Clean Road and Crossy Road etc. due to the iOS system sealed reason. (Search ASIN: B09Q1X8SV1 to get a gamepad to play over 1,000 MFI games if you only want to play iPhone games with a remote.)
  • ✅3. For Android system Phones, this controller could do below remote controlling: 1). Adjusting and muting volume; 2). Playing video or music; 3). As a shutter for selfie or taking photo; 4). E-book flip in iReader such as kindle, nook, ppt; 5). Mouse operation; 6). Fully remote control functions will be available in VR games.
  • ✅4. Very Easy to power On or Off: hold on 2 Seconds to turn on and hold on 5 Seconds to turn off, one button press to control smartphone’s shutter, 2-AAA-type size batteries are needed for power on. ✅5. 360 Degree Movement Location with High precision control of the rocker, Arc shape design, slip-free and sweat-free, this could avoid the wrong operation of the finger shaking.
  • ✅6. Universal Remote control, support for Android system, windows systems & for iCades vr games in iOS system, it could be a mouse pointer for Android system devices. ✅7.Remarks: it is just an aid for remote operating mobiles when mobile is in the vr headset and not easy to touch with hands.✅8. If you are looking for an iOS gamepad to play thousands of iOS games, please click this page to buy the MFI gamepad to enjoy the apple store’s iOS games. Thank you.
Get into Medical School : 600 UKCAT Practice Questions: Includes Full Mock Exam, Comprehensive Tips, Techniques and Explanations
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u/elboydo · 14 pointsr/happy

I know it's an irrelevant feature, but for the green tea you got there, personally I prefer this brand whenever I'm living in the west:

I think it's around the same price, but is generally nicer quality that most westernized green teas, as they are often upvalued for BS health stuff.

You also don't really need an infuser or anything fancy, just to make sure to dilute the mix in. But that said, your green tea seems to be an infused type that is better on weight but needs the infuser.

For general starting up tips, I dunno as you seem to be American, but for any difficulty in furniture then just stagger your purchases and kit.

I know you don't need this told to you, but your first thing should be a decent bed/ mattress, pillows, and bedding to keep you comfy. In winter you may struggle with heating but good bedding makes that irrelevant.

I think my flat started out with blowing my wad on bedding then getting a cheap folding chair and tv stand, it expanded to cheap sofa then went from there.

But yeah if I could give you a big time list of home stuff, assuming you have a fridge / freezer already installed (i hope):

  • Decent bed / bedding.

  • A reasonably good frying pan + saucepan, these can get you through the majority of simple home foods.

  • About 2-3 reasonable containers, to store cooked food so that you can cook in bulk and save, if you get a job setup then maybe expand this so you can prep meals for monday to friday, /r/mealprepsundays is a good source on advice to do things healthy and on the cheap.

  • Basic comforts: Bedside table helps, but mainly a downstairs coffee table and a folding chair or two, these will cover until you can get a sofa. They are also good if you have guests later on!.

  • For fancy goods like microwaves or toasters: hold off for now and use the grill to toast bread, a bit more hassle but it saves that early money until you have reasonable expendable income for it.

  • If you have a communal setup then the stamp maker / label maker is important. Simple rule that you likely know of is tto keep your good cooking shit in your room, otherwise it will get trashed by others.

  • Dustpan and brush are good. Anything to do the job really. One I also use is to get a pack of dish clothes to wipe down my surfaces. I usually use one for a week or so for most spills then chuck it in with my washing. Saves off tissues and stuff.

    For the most part, you just want to make sure that you have a bed that can put you to sleep in the worst of nights, a place to sit, and something to eat off.

    It will be hard, but don't push too hard towards the nice things instantly. I made that mistake and bought some silly things. For now you want to be able to sleep, cook, then eat in reasonable comfort.

    Once that is sorted then you are golden for your new life.

    Try to avoid cooking with alcohol, such as dishes needing wine, they will still taste good without, but it's an easy way of tricking yourself to drink. I fall for that trap more than i would like to admit.

    As for food, you likely know this but rice and pasta are staples.

    I spent my student days living off sphag bol, now it's still italian style dishes like it as it's usually cheap.

    Another good alternative to prepare a weeks food is the Japanese curry, buy a roux box from an asian grocery store, chuck in meat, carrot, potato, make an entire weeks batch and then just everyday cook some rice, boom dinner. Really helps to save money and keep you full.

    regardless, the best of luck with your new life, it will be good, hopefully some redditors can help you out, but for the meantime remember this: Basic home comforts are the key to success. A good bed can change the world, but don't live from your bed, have a separate place to eat and do life stuff, this helps you sleep and can help contribute to a good mindset.

    I wish you all the best, got you tagged in the hope i see you in the future! I look forward to updates! You've done great so far, now let's hope this leads to your happiest days!
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/happy

You can d/l it for free off of Amazon :

Couldn't find the lyrics online so I transcribed them for you. Might have a few mistakes .. !


[Verse 1]

Let's have a BBQ Party, it's a sunny day !

Let's have a BBQ Party, under the cherry trees !

Green peppers, onions, mushrooms, pumpkins !

Sweet corns on the cob, Quick ! Deep fry the food !

[Verse 2]

Let's have a BBQ Party, it's a sunny day !

Let's have a BBQ Party, under the cherry trees !

Carrots, tomatoes, salsa n' cheese !

Shrimp, sweet marshmallows, potatoes, egg plants !

And ofcource juicy meat !


Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

At the BBQ party !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Don't worry about your diet !

[Verse 3]

Let's have a BBQ Party, it's a sunny day !

Let's have a BBQ Party, under the cherry trees !

Butterflies a dozen, little birds are singing !

Honey bees are buzzing, the sun is smiling !


Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

At the BBQ party !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Don't worry about your diet !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out ! pig out ! pig out !

Pig out !

u/vampire_kitty · 15 pointsr/happy

I just wanted to say: thank you for what you are doing. I've studied RAD in school and it can be devastating. I admire that you are making sure you are engaging in self-care as well as parenting a child in circumstances that would be a challenge for anyone.

I'm not sure if you would find this useful, but in my graduate studies I was introduced to this book: Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children that specifically focused on RAD and is not only very informative, but is written in a style that makes it very easy to read as well. It oscillates between narrative story and treatment options and analysis and is an amazing gold mine of useful and practical information for both clinicians and parents. If you would like an additional resource, check out the reviews on the link above and see if you think it might be worthwhile in your situation.

But seriously, thank you for what you are doing. :)

u/countingchickens · 4 pointsr/happy


What originally got me into the field, even though it maybe sounds cliche, is the Iliad. Fucking phenomenal story. The Fagles translation is my favorite, although Fitzgerald's is also quite good, and Lattimore's gives you a good sense of the concise directness of the Greek original. There are a few parts you really should just skip for your first reading, though... I can fill you in on those.

Second, Aeschylus' Oresteia, which is fucking awesome, and crazy. And my non-classicist SO says Ted Hughes' translation is the best, so try that one.

Third, Herodotus. The first attempt at historical writing that we have from the western tradition, and full of great stories, great storytelling, and insight into antiquity. Herodotus would probably be near the top of my list of people from ancient Greece or Rome to get a beer with, along with Ovid and Sappho.

There are some good times to be had with the folks of the ancient mediterranean, for sure :)

u/kickstand · 1 pointr/happy

Almost anything by Louis Jordan. Jordan was one of the most popular entertainers in music history, but he has been largely forgotten (by white audiences, anyway). Jordan was popular because his music was fun, joyous, and full of humor. Stylistically, he played with a small, taut 5-person band toward the end of the swing era, and some of his compositions can be considered early proto-rock.

I'd suggest you start with The Best of Louis Jordan, particularly:

Saturday Night Fish Fry


Beans and Cornbread

Five Guys Named Moe

Knock me a Kiss

u/UnicornBestFriend · 3 pointsr/happy


Fellow instant-noodle lover here. If you find your local Asian market - the legit one that Asian immigrants go to - you can find a ton of stuff to kick up your ramen. Cheap veg, we're talking 3 lb bags of baby bok choy for $2, fitty-cent green onion, and hella cheap ground pork, something like $2/lb. Also, delicious tinned fish (under $2).

But the best shit is the sauce aisle.

Good ramen comes with several packets: freeze dried veg, powder seasoning, and the grease packet. The ten cent stuff only comes with the powder. To make up for the grease packet, you can get either sesame oil or chili oil. You can get a tub of curry paste for under $3 and make curry noodles; one tub should yield 30-40 servings. Or Korean gojuchang.

This is my favorite and it's around $4 a jar in the market.

You can also save up any fat left from cooking, like bacon drippings or chicken fat, freeze it, and use it to silk up your ramen.

It makes a ten cent bag into at least a $2.50 bag.

u/cakeandpie · 6 pointsr/happy

I'm not a chef, but if you're willing to listen to some friendly advice from a non-professional, I have one thing I'd recommend vis-a-vis the spices and herbs question: Smell your spices. Most spices and herbs smell a lot like they taste, so if you can imagine that taste in your dish, go for it! Of course, some spices and herbs are more aromatic than others, so this is only a starting point. For more, I've heard this book is pretty good.

u/narmkh · 2 pointsr/happy

Congratulations I’m very happy for you. For anyone else stuck in a similar situation I recommend reading a book called “Making Work Work” by Shola Richards. Being happy at work is one of the most important things in life.

Making Work Work: The Positivity Solution for Any Work Environment

u/tavius02 · 2 pointsr/happy

Is the 600 questions book you've got this one? If so, brilliant, the questions in there are harder than the actual questions you'll get, so it's perfect to practice with, but don't get discouraged by it. I got that book and was horrified at how difficult some of the questions were.

With the resit stuff, honestly it's more the marks that matter and their contribution to next year than the actual grades you got, so a remark to push a subject to an A isn't necessarily all that worth it. Some of the other medics I knew who got low A's in biol and chem decided to retake anyway just to push up their chances of an A overall for the A level. I can't talk for other subjects, but with chemistry the retake didn't actually take much extra effort, since a lot of the second year stuff (we were doing OCR salters chemistry) built off the first year stuff, so by the time I did the retake I could have got the marks I needed on it in my sleep. I imagine it's probably the same for most subjects.

How much guidance are your college giving you with the personal statement? I found what they wanted and what I'd initially thought I'd do were completely different. At first I'd thought I should avoid going down the whole generic "I want to help people" route, since it's basically a given, and I thought it'd just be dull, but apparently that's totally wrong - the more generic it seems, the better (I actually ended up using a thesaurus to find more ways of saying "help"). The way we were advised to stand out is how we talked about our work experience and volunteering. If you can sound like you really understand what being a doctor is like by reference to what you've actually seen then they really love it. If you'd like (and promise not to copy, of course) I can show you my one as an example - it got me four interviews, so I must've done something right (can't help a little boast, I was so pleased with myself over that :D)

The actual workload doesn't get much worse, except for some of the coursework is a bit of a pain, it's that what you learn becomes harder to understand right off the bat. That said, it does depend on what subjects you've got - my view of things is pretty heavily skewed by further maths, which just got crazy hard in the second year. The actual biol and chem don't get that much worse (chem a little worse than biol though, at least for me), it's more memory with those two.

And don't worry about it, I'm really happy to help.

u/ughwhateverr · 15 pointsr/happy

OP here. Never expected this to get as much attention as it did. Wanted to answer some questions.

I am marrying the woman in the red dress.

She got her dress from Amazon. You can find it [HERE](MUXXN Women's 1950s Vintage Retro Capshoulder Party Swing Dress (S, Blue)

Our photographer is Rebecca Gatto. She was really fun to work with. HERE are some more photos from our engagement shoot

I want to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement and support!!

u/perhapssergio · 1 pointr/happy

It’s a collection of poetry and motivational writings on topics of purpose, growth, dreams, love, and perseverance..

Here’s a link for the interested: Growing and Loving with the Universe

u/clario6372 · 132 pointsr/happy

I am pretty sure it is from Amazon, if anyone reading wants one! Source: I wore the same one in my wedding rehearsal ☺

Edit: Added links!
MUXXN Women's 1950s Retro Vintage Cap Sleeve Party Swing Dress(S,White)

I also wore this under it, it made a big difference!
Vintage Women's 50s Tutu Skirt Petticoat Ivory(XL)

u/sgohagan · 1 pointr/happy

Oh, wow, thankee, sai.

You can order it off Amazon on either Kindle or Paperback. The link is here: but that might be the UK site so if you're outside these hallowed isles then you will need to order it from your local Amazon.

Woooo! I hope you enjoy it. There are swear words in it.

u/sophiesweetyoutube · 146 pointsr/happy

thank you that means alot to me :)! it's available on Amazon! if i am allowed to post this link? here's the amazon page for it:

u/lilginger22 · 61 pointsr/happy

MUXXN Women's 1950s Vintage Retro Capshoulder Party Swing Dress (L, Purple)

There ya go! There’s lots of colors

u/heckin_chill_4_a_sec · 5 pointsr/happy

MUXXN Women's 1950s Vintage Retro Capshoulder Party Swing Dress (L, Purple)

posted by u/lilginger22