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20. Bolo!

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u/Mirikon · 3 pointsr/HFY

As someone who publishes on Kindle, I can say that half my monthly income comes from KU. However, your success with it is going to depend on your genre, how well you promote yourself, and the quality of your work. There's a lot of really crap works on KU, after all.


Now, some of my stuff might not quite qualify as HFY, but it definitely doesn't pull punches in the fun department.


Memoirs of a Supervillain is the story of a supervillain's rise to power (and infamy), in his own words. It is the first of three planned books, centering on the adventures of the villain Iceblade. This is not the story of an antihero, vigilante, or someone who is 'just misunderstood'. He is an unrepentant villain. He also has a good bit of fun.


Rules-Free VRMMO Life is my homage to the tabletop RPG concept of the Evil Campaign, in a VRMMORPG setting. When you're tired of heroic heroes heroing about doing heroic hero things so heroically because they are the heroic heroes, sometimes you just want to be Evil. This is the guilty pleasure kind of story that plays into that, like when you're stuck in traffic, and you just wish you had a bazooka mounted to your car to deal with people who get in your way. This story comes with warning labels, and the author officially doesn't care if you read the warning labels and are later offended. If you didn't read the warning labels, and are later offended, the author will point at you and laugh.


Into the Black is a sci-fi Gamelit/Litrpg story, and one of the most HFY of my series, but it is not on KU. However, for those who are interested, it follows the adventures of Mirikon Mollen, captain of a freighter called the Starlight Raven, and his crew/harem as he makes a name for himself in the game world of Dreams Amongst the Stars. Through a mix of luck and moxie, he gets tied up in some of the major events unfolding in the game world.


City of Champions Online is the closest to a 'heroic' story I get, and is a Superhero Gamelit story following the adventures of Vampyra, a vigilante in the game City of Champions Online. Follow her as she and her team, the Misfits, fight against a variety of threats from the mundane to the mystic and everything in between. A tale of a badass superheroine in a virtual world.


Lewd Dungeon is a Dungeon Core gamelit story. Set in a world like ours, where a System Apocalypse saw monsters begin spawning and people gaining stats and levels, one man, an absolutely horrible excuse for a human being, was turned into a Dungeon, and gained god-like powers within his domain. That goes about as well as you'd expect. Definitely the only Dungeon Core story with a slime tentacle monster miniboss named Captain Hentai!


The Klapishae Affair is a short story I originally put up on this forum, and is some of my earlier work. It is a HFY-style first contact story. It is on KU, though, so free to read.

u/Ilmeniteus · 8 pointsr/HFY

The originals are hard to find, Keith Laumer has been out of print for decades - thrift and second hand bookstores are your best bet for hardcopy, if someone has suggestions on e-book versions I'd be grateful because I've had little luck.
David Weber however did write a bunch of essentially fan-canon stories in that universe which are very good, and expand the universe a fair bit.

And I personally challenge ANYONE not to shed a tear with the first story.

u/Jwil408 · 1 pointr/HFY

Thanks for the comment! This machine is fuelled by encouragement so it's always appreciated.

I will post probably one or two further chapters, but I will also swap free copies of the full book ( for honest reviews.

PM me if you're interested!

u/TaoWolf · 1 pointr/HFY

On audible and possibly kindle there is the Bobiverse
Also the 'Gateway' series is an OLD hfy, dating back before the internet [the first three books are by far the best] but prep yourself for alternating perspectives as Pohl seems to enjoy them and uses them to great effect.
I know that my 'Back to human' is on kindle unlimited and paperback,

Transcripts has as well [book one] and book 0 will come out soon according to squiggles as will book 2

u/Team503 · 3 pointsr/HFY

Well, I'd order them all, but Sword Staff and Crown is apparently $355.00 for a Kindle edition, and while I like supporting you, Wordsmith, that's a bit rich for my blood.

Kindle Price: 355.00inclusive of all taxes

u/Lakstoties · 4 pointsr/HFY

In other news, I've done a big editing pass on the Season 1 EPUB, and I've put it up on the Amazon Kindle store. The Season EPUBs are still freely available here:

Season 1 EPUB

Season 2 EPUB

The Amazon Kindle store is an experiment, I'm approaching it cautiously and trying to figure out this whole self-publishing thing on top of my previous failures. (Learning about EPUB's many fiddly bits in the process.) I may put the material up in other places. (DriveThruFiction may be one of them.) So, any advice from anyone who has navigate all this before would be appreciated.

EDIT: Figured I might as well be bold and post the link for Amazon:

u/Fearadhach · 4 pointsr/HFY

Thank you for the edits! Can't see the trees for the forest. (fixed)

Glad you are enjoying the series!

Link is in wiki, but will put it here as well: