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u/Adddicus · 1 pointr/holdmyjuicebox

It was pretty typical. It was just a small plastic container... just like these, the first ones that came up on an Amazon search for dental floss. 50 meters in each little box.

u/klepperx · -22 pointsr/holdmyjuicebox

Actually this is incredically healthy.

(Sorry germaphobes and helicopter parents.)

There is all kinds of science behind how healthy it can be to get all the good microbes in dirt and how unhealthy we are because life is to sterilized. Citation: Dr John Axe: Eat Dirt, Maya Shetreat-Klein MD: Dirt Cure or any book on probiotics will confirm as well.

u/NadyaNayme · 2 pointsr/holdmyjuicebox

>When you drive you look over your fucking shoulder to merge. You look over your fucking shoulder when you reverse into a parking spot.

Boy do I have something for you.. Looking over your shoulder to merge is one of the most dangerous activities you do while driving and is something that can be avoided with a $5 purchase.

Also some people have the luxury of a backup camera which is primarily used for, you guessed it, backing up. No over-the-shoulder looking necessary.

Maybe you should check yourself for assumptions about how you live your life and realize that what you think might be necessary because it may be necessary for you isn't necessary for everyone and doesn't make them somehow worse than you because of it.