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u/kogami24 · 2 pointsr/huion

As a start, I suggest going for Huion tablets that are bigger than 9 inch. They're much comfortable to draw with for being a "medium-size" and closer to the A4 paper. Of course smaller sizes aren't bad, but medium sizes are better in the long run and you don't have to worry about upgrading or taking care of your wrists.

I certainly recommend the Huion H950P or H1060P because these two are really good tablets that should serve you well as a start and very simple for beginners. But if you really want to save budget; the H610 PRO V2 can also do well (despite being in slightly lower quality in terms of built but if you don't care for those then it shouldn't bother you much.)

And if you're starting out digital art, there's plenty of free art programs like Sketchbook (the most simplest one), FireAlpaca, Medibang and Krita. They're free (as I mentioned) and have many guides, so take it easy before you decide to buy any paid art programs.

You don't have to be "good at drawing" to buy a tablet, its mainly a tool to help you draw and there's nothing bad about buying something just to see how much you will like it or not. It's also great to take opportunity during these Black Friday/Christmas deals.

I hope that helps, and good luck :>

u/anthonynyc62 · 1 pointr/huion

Hi Guys, Just a suggestion before giving up and sending it back, have you considered adding some clip-on Ferrite cores onto the cable to see if it suppresses the RFI/EMI noise?
I noticed the my Huion Kamvas Pro 16 cable doesn't have any ferrite cores on the ends of the cable but I personally haven't noticed any interference of ghosting and am not sure if the Pro20 cable is also missing them.
I did notice online that the Wacom tablets all have them on each end of their cables so perhaps they would help?
Amazon sells them in kits for various size cables, like this one:
I really think adding one on each end of your cables along with any other monitor cables you use that might be missing them will help to get a pristine interference free image.
I hope this helps, Good Luck!

u/badon_ · 1 pointr/huion

If you're not already using a rechargeable AA battery, I recommend you get these ones:

u/sikesnicker · 1 pointr/huion

I have a Pro 12 and it came with a stand. In my opinion it’s a really good drawing tablet though if you have a mac ( i have a mac) you will need to get a adapter for one of the plugs. this is the one i bought this one:

( Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - 1080p - Thunderbolt Compatible - Mini DP Converter for HDMI Display or Monitor (MDP2HDMI)

on the first day it had a black out but just leave it alone for like 5 minutes and it’ll be perfect for the rest of the time you have it.
also in my opinion the pro 12 is a good size if you wanna be able to move it around quite a bit

u/RedPandaPanic · 1 pointr/huion

ok, so it looks like you have two USB C ports and 4 usb ports. That one on the end looks likeit might be a ethernet connecting port. What you'll want is to get an HDMI to USBc cord like this one You dont have to get this specific one, this is just to give you an idea of what youre looking for. Look for one that will make your drawing space the most effecient and comfortable for you and your tablet. (wont get in the wat, Wont put to much weight on the cords, that kind of stuff). I hope this helps.

u/ShadlessLines · 2 pointsr/huion

If these drivers do not work for you it is likely you dont think you have the tablet you think you do.

Version 12.3.7

Version 12.2.16

Version 12.2.14

Version 11.0.7

These are all the versions of the official drivers for windows 10, they should work perfectly (granted your model truly is the gt-190, and not the 190S)

Also note, that if you want to install the drivers via the DVD, you can get a USB dvd player Amazon - 23 USD -- Ebay - 13 USD.

u/FujiwaraTofu · 1 pointr/huion

Your card is this one? You should be able to use a HDMI female to DVI male or HDMI female to DisplayPort male adapter like this. Maybe try plugging the tablet into your video card HDMI output first just to make sure you don't have a lemon tablet or something as well.

u/ragecndy · 0 pointsr/huion

just get a generic tablet stand or something tbh, I use one like this with my ipad: