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6. QWNET CPE5450 Wireless Bridge Kit, 5GHz 450Mbps 802.11ac Pre-configured CPE Kit, 3KM Max. Range Indoor & Outdoor Point to Point Client Bridge, Wireless Access Point【2-Pack】

  • CPE5450 WORK AT POINT-TO-POINT MODE, AT LINE OF SIGHT IS RECOMMENDED. Our product is waterproof, dust proof, lighting protection item - Operating Temperature: -25℃-55℃ (-13°F-131°F), Storage Temp: -40℃-70℃ (-40°F-158°F). The factory default setting for the CPE5450 is for single unit, not for a pair. Please do not reset to the factory settings if they no longer connect . We will send you user manual for getting them reconfigured. Besides, the units can't be changed to 2.4GHZ itself.
  • 【Pratical Design】 Compatible with 802.11ac,5GHz (450Mbps max rate) radios, suitable for long range video sending(Max 3km @ PTP). It is hard to imagine that you need a long cable to transfer video from the camera(3km away) to your computer at home. Now with CPE5450 wireless bridge kit, everything will be easy! They are just plug and play, you can sit in front of the computer at home and see the dynamic video come from the camera from afar!
  • 【FCC Compliant & Simplest installation】 FCC Part 15E compliant.Couple of CPE5450 with Pre-configured, ready to install, Easy to set them with IP camera(cameras) and networks DVR / NVR.
  • 【Typical applications】1.Any place required security monitoring by cameras. 2.Transfer internet from your internet router to another building or outside. 3.Monitor CCTV in lift and elevator,perfect wireless sending solution to replace wired CCTV. Also suitable for the farm, garden, backyard, office,parks,shopping malls,factories,garages etc.
QWNET CPE5450 Wireless Bridge Kit, 5GHz 450Mbps 802.11ac Pre-configured CPE Kit, 3KM Max. Range Indoor & Outdoor Point to Point Client Bridge, Wireless Access Point【2-Pack】
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7. TP-Link AV600 Powerline Ethernet Adapter - Plug&Play, Power Saving, Nano Powerline Adapter, Expand Home Network with Stable Connections (TL-PA4010 KIT)

  • Fast speed: Wired connection with high speed data transfer rate, ideal for HD video or 3D video streaming and online gaming, up to 100Mbps
  • Plug and Play: No new wires and no configuration required; Step 1: connect 1 adapter to your router. Step 2: plug in another Powerline adapter wherever you need wired internet service.
  • Network expansion: The TL-PA4010 KIT transforms your home's existing electrical circuit into a high-speed network with no need for new wires or drilling and brings wired network to anywhere there is a power outlet(Up to 300 meters)
  • Miniature design: Smaller than most Powerline adapters in the market, blends discreetly in front of any power outlet
  • Power Saving Mode: TL-PA4010 KIT automatically switches from its "Working" mode to efficient "Power-Saving" mode when not in use, reducing energy consumption by up to 85%.
  • Please note that powerline adapters must be deployed in sets of two or more
  • Kindly Reminder: Powerline Adapters must be on the same electrical circuit for connectivity. Appliances and devices running on the same circuit may affect powerline performance.
  • Compatible with all TP-Link Powerline Ethernet Adapters AV2000, AV1300, AV1200, AV1000, AV600, AV500, AV200. Please purchase TL-WPA4220 or TL-WPA4220KIT if you need Wi-Fi
TP-Link AV600 Powerline Ethernet Adapter - Plug&Play, Power Saving, Nano Powerline Adapter, Expand Home Network with Stable Connections (TL-PA4010 KIT)
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u/DancingIsNotAdvised · 2 pointsr/it

I started reading the course material for CompTIA when I started looking at getting into IT but never got round to the exam. There was a fair amount of good stuff in the book I was reading, also a lot about stuff you really didn't need to know (like the max voltage of an IBM PCXT power supply from the last millennium).
If you are someone wanting to get into IT at ground level, with minimal working knowledge of a helpdesk, troubleshooting process or how IT as a field hangs together, I'd recommend at least reading the course material for CompTIA, then if you're still keen, do the exam, if nothing else it shows willingness to learn to an employer. After that look at the Networking+ and Security+ qualifications, or a Microsoft accreditation. Anything Office 365 these days is a licence to print money if you're looking to contract as an IT person (here in the UK as of the last 2 years or so at least).
This was the book I read, though that was about three years ago:
Been in IT for just over three years, currently 2nd/3rd Line Engineer/Consultant and looking to go contracting in the next year. Any queries, let me know.

u/Bselt55 · 1 pointr/it

A lot of programs that will allow you to change it but if you just want the files get one of these and plug in hdd. Will allow you to browse folders like a usb flash drive

A program that works well for password unlock is pcunlocker if unable to make changes via cmd line

u/gannnnon · 1 pointr/it

Network extenders are not good, especially the kind that connect via power-line Ethernet. Best bet is to get a wireless access point that bridges to the router, or better yet, whole-home wifi like Google Wifi:

u/slasherturtle · 1 pointr/it

So even with dedicated graphics and 16 gb of DDR3, do you think something like would be better?

Edit: changed laptop link

u/dude_why_would_you · 1 pointr/it

[You can trying something like this] (, but if the issues are from your router, this wouldn't fix the issue right away. I would try to unseat the wifi card, then turn on the computer and shutdown, then reseat it again and go from there.

If the issue is your router, you may want to open ports up for your games to see if that fixes something. Each router is a little different but on my tp-link router, [this is what I have for rocket league and other stuff.] (

u/SilentTech716 · 1 pointr/it

The 40 meters you describe is well within the max length of the cable (at least for CAT 5 & 6). The connector connecting the two segments together may be introducing loss. Try replacing that first then if it does not clear up, try another port on the switch end and/or a different Ethernet cable. If you can swing it go fully wireless with this or something similar:

Wireless will need a clean line of sight.

u/buskerquinn · 2 pointsr/it

if you want an easy pushbutton sort of way to do it, you'll need a dual monitor kvm (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch. Which switch you get depends on what types of monitor connections.


here's a good one for DVI:


There are also software ways of doing it (install a program on both computers and change a setting depending on which computer you want to use at the time) but it's slow and would NOT be good for gaming. If you want to give this a shot for shits and giggles, try Synergy.