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u/sonu13 · 1 pointr/macarons

It worked! I still have to perfect it but I used the paddle attachment with the rubber side and I only had to mix by had for another 10-15 mixes rather than 40-50 - amazing!

KitchenAid KFE5T Flex Edge Beater Dishwasher Safe, White

I also just sifted the flour and sugar, I didn’t use the food processor.

Overall this was a great experiment and I cut down a lot of time and dishes and still had pretty good macaron.

I will continue the testing and perhaps will try those Costco egg whites too!

Thanks everyone!

u/ViolentSprinkles · 5 pointsr/macarons

Hello! Congrats on the gig! My biggest event I made about 800 Macarons.

I made the shells, matched them and then froze them, I fill them a couple days before and freeze them again. There's nothing saying you can't make and fill and then freeze them all at once either. Just my personal experience. Anyways. I recommend these containers. Komax Biokips Extra Large Food Storage Container (48.6-Cups)

While pricey, they will ensure that your Macarons stay fresh in the fridge or freezer! After all that hard work, you want them to stay safe. I use parchment paper between the layers.

Trader Joe's has 1lb bags of Almond flour for 7.99 which is good for small batches. Sam's Club has 3lb bags for $15 but, you need to be a memeber... I buy bulk 25lb bags online of Almond flour for 6.40/lb

Packaged egg whites are cheap and if you're not using the yolks for a fruit filling can also make life easier.

Ummm.... Not sure what else there is besides, just a really good tupperware to keep your babies safe. I've frozen them for up to 4 weeks and they've been fine.

Let me know if you have any more questions and Ill try to help ya. :)

u/Fredericia · 1 pointr/macarons

If this is true, then those mats that restrict the spread are a good thing, right? I've heard they're not good because you don't get good "feet" with them.

I really don't know much about macs - an online friend turned me on to them. He's wild about the ones from Poppies in Belgium. They had them as a spot item here in Denmark for a week in July and I was pretty impressed with them, but I don't know if that's how they really are supposed to taste. Personally I like my homemade ones better, because they taste more like almond and they're chewier, but are they supposed to be that way? Someone on here complained because their first try tasted too much like almond flour, but that is precisely what I like about them.

u/howcomeineedusername · 2 pointsr/macarons

I found this one on Amazon:

I don't know if it's the best, but I thought it was pretty good and it's definitely better than the one I was using before

u/olliedaisy · 2 pointsr/macarons

Thank you!! Yes! This one was from amazon. It snaps in and out so you can easily clean the pieces.

Clear Plastic Macaron Tower 10 Tier Display Round Cake Stands

u/poememacarons · 2 pointsr/macarons

Thank you so much! I definitely had those same issues the first time I ventured into trying plastic packaging for macarons but I found that I just have to be a lot more careful with how much filling I put into the macaron. I'll even check the macarons as I'm filling them in the plastic cavities. Sometimes, your shells could be too fat as well if the feet are too high and not as ruffled--that could also be just cooking the macarons at too low of a temperature. I did find a good, large cavity-size macaron packaging though for extra-tall macarons that I like on Amazon: You could maybe try those out!

u/LadyGrumpyKitten · 3 pointsr/macarons

I’ve seen some posts recently about how to mail macarons so I thought I’d share what I did.

I bought these macaron boxes on amazon:

I taped all the sides of the boxes closed to help keep them fresh, then taped a sheet of bubble wrap around them. Then I packed them in a normal box with sandwich bags filled with air on the top and bottom and stuffed more bubble wrap in any remaining space. USPS priority mail was the cheapest option, and since my folks only live a few hours away, it only took a day for them to be delivered. I also sent some to my sister who lives much farther away and they’re suppose to be there tomorrow, so I’m anxious to see how those faired as well.

u/Anadeau_ · 2 pointsr/macarons

Amazon! You have to assemble them yourself but they're pretty good quality.

u/Listen_ShutUp · 3 pointsr/macarons

Amazon has a big selection of macaron boxes - sleeves, plastic packs, etc!

As an example:

Nice work, they look lovely!!

u/dontstopthosetears · 1 pointr/macarons

This is the set of gel colors I have at the moment, and they seem to be working really well. These were made using Royal Blue. I don't know how much I used though, just enough to make it as dark as I wanted, probably 7-8 drops or so. This set has a black, which also seemed to work well when I tried it. I know a lot of people highly recommend Americolor gels too.

u/nudewanderlust · 2 pointsr/macarons

The kitchen. After you mix your batter and pipe your macarons. You’ll let them rest to form a skin on top. You need drier air to accomplish this easily.
I got cheap digital thermometer that also measures humidity on Amazon.

u/Alicialong · 2 pointsr/macarons

I actually hate Silpats now! I’m using these sheets which are nonstick and amazing!!

Parchment Paper Sheets-100 Count, 12x16 inch Parchment Baking Paper Fit for Half Sheet Baking Pan(9x13,16x24 Available)

u/bakingbutterlylove · 2 pointsr/macarons

I have these mats, which are a pretty standard size, and the circles are 1.5 inches.

u/lingering4314 · 2 pointsr/macarons

I used this flavouring:
I added it after I beat the egg whites to stiff peaks and mixed again.

Would it be safe to assume that flavouring should be added to the buttercream rather than the shell?

u/LordnLadyH · 3 pointsr/macarons

Lol! My bad 😅. Parchment Paper Baking Sheets by Baker's Signature | Precut Non-Stick & Unbleached - Will Not Curl or Burn - Non-Toxic & Comes in Convenient Packaging - 12x16 Inch Pack of 120

u/hiimhieu · 2 pointsr/macarons

For me to get consistent feets, I would dry out my batter to develop the outer crust. Being in the south with high humidity, I usually place my sheets under a ceiling fan for about an hour.

I use
Only drawback is that it doesn't exactly fit my cookie sheets.

And here is the flat side of my macarons with the Miu mat and parchment paper

And source

u/angrybiologist · 1 pointr/macarons

I have a whisk/sifter thing. It's nice since I can use the whisk alone to get the big clumps, and then do a few whisks and twists with the sifter sleeve on to get the flour fluffy