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u/raptor75mlt · 1 pointr/malta

yes I used a composite to vga convertor, pretty much converted any signal to the required vga resolution so what the monitor supports is not an issue (like this]

I used to use it to connect an old composite tv tuner / media box to a CRT monitor and then a TFT, pretty much looked like a normal CRT TV to me :) THough I don't know the effects for retro-gaming

u/jclopab · 2 pointsr/malta

Buy a mosquito plug and place it in your room. You can get them from main supermarkets. Ideally the liquid ones and not the paper tab ones. They work 100% for me and no mosquitos in the room.

Buy repellent, Jungle Formula is a good brand or try the Incognito one from Holland & Barrett

Lastly the greatest invention of all mankind is this little product:

The little zapper which gives you a mini electric shock will stop the bites from itching almost straight away.

Also sudo cream will also work wonders on bites.

u/jcmalta · 2 pointsr/malta

If you are patient .. grow your own.

Last year on my terrace i grew 4 plants .. one each of Dorset Naga, Carolina Reaper, Red Zinger, Moruga Scorpion.

I thought the results were spectacular .. each plant reached at least 1.5m tall, and (at a guess) produced around 100 chilli peppers each over the season..

Far too much for me ... typically in a dish you only need 1/2 a Naga to be seriously hot ... so i gave many away .. and had to throw the surplus....

GBP £5 for all the seeds.


Failing that, is your friend for pre-mixed sauces.