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u/Aksalon · 5 pointsr/montreal

I volunteer at a cat shelter--I'm not especially knowledgeable about cats, but I'm at least somewhat familiar with caring for them, so I'll try to answer some of your questions. I can't really give any advice on insurance, licenses, etc. since I don't own a cat in Quebec and I'm not involved with the adoption process at the shelter.

> Apparently I'm suppose to also feed wet, canned food. How often should I give this to my cat? Is this something that I alternate with dry food? Like one day is dry food, next day is wet, ect? Is there a difference in quality in the different brands of canned food, or are all the different variations just for flavour?

For each cat, we give one dish of wet food and one dish of dry food once a day. When you adopt the cat you can ask the people at the shelter if they have recommendations for what brand of food to get, or what brand they've been using at the shelter.

> Litterboxes. What's the difference between an open one and one with a cover? Will litterbox sand get tracked all over my apartment?

It gives privacy (if your cat happens to care about that). And it prevents litter being flung over the sides, which may or may not be an issue depending on your cat. It would also be a bit less of an eyesore if the litterbox is out in the open. A cover isn't necessary though.

You might occasionally find a few pieces of litter here and there, but you shouldn't be finding it all over your apartment. That might vary depending on the type of litter you use.

> Is there a quality difference between the brands or can I just get the cheapest stuff?

At the shelter I volunteer at we use a clumping litter. You can ask the shelter when you adopt the cat to see what litter they use (since the cat is already used to it) or if they have any recommendations.

> When I scoop out the poop everyday what do I do with it? Do I put it in a bag until it accumulates then put it out to the main garbage bin outside? Or am I suppose to dump it out every single time I scoop? Can it be flushed down the toilet?

Put it in a small plastic bag, like you get from the grocery store. You probably don't want a bunch of cat poop sitting around your apartment, so just tie it off and toss it in the garbage can outside. You don't have to change all the litter in the litterbox on a daily basis (that'd get very expensive). How often you need to replace the litter depends on what type you're using. Maybe once a week. Flushing anything down the toilet seems like a bad idea to me.

> Websites suggest I get a water fountain. Is this really that beneficial to have?

There are several at the shelter I volunteer at (they look something like this), and at least some of the cats use them. It could be beneficial if water in a bowl doesn't work well for your cat for some reason--like if they have a habit of tipping the bowl and spilling water, or splashing it, or if they just don't like drinking from a bowl. But in a lot of cases a simple water bowl is sufficient.

> Are cats like dogs, where they scarf down whatever food is in front of them? If I place a dish of dry cat food out, will it only eat until it's full and leave the rest for later? Asking this because sometimes I may have long hours at work.

They generally eat just when they're hungry. When we put the wet food out they tend to polish that off pretty quickly, and then eat the dry food throughout the rest of the day. When you adopt the cat you can ask the people at the shelter how much food to give your cat per day. It's fine to just put out the food in the morning, your cat should be fine for the rest of the day.

> Scratching posts. So there's vertical, horizontal and an incline. How do I figure out what my cat prefers without needing to buy all 3 while, hopefully, minimize furniture damage?

I'm not sure. I generally see the cats use the vertical ones. There are horizontal ones too and I don't think I've ever seen a cat use them. It depends on the cat though, I'd say just get a vertical scratching post and see how it goes.

> I come home from work in the evening and my apartment is usually dark. Do I need to leave the light on for my cat?

Your cat should be fine, they can see very well in the dark (better than you) and are often up at night after you go to sleep.

u/terrencemckenna · 1 pointr/montreal

No sweat, everyone's suffering from something :)

_In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts_ by Gabor Maté.

He documents life as a doctor in a medical centre in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside – AKA Canada's poorest postal code, AKA the heroin capital of North America.

In it he goes through a lot of the feelings you are, re: going to AA for his addiction, but I don't want to spoil the book for anyone. Very interesting read for those interested in addiction and mental health.

Good luck in your travels. Always remember, you are loved and you are worthy of being the best you.

u/S_D_B · 2 pointsr/montreal

What does he want to look at? If it is bugs and other largish things then get a stereo microscope, they will usually do about 10 to 60x magnification, are easy to use and have nice clear stereo images. You can even see some of the larger stuff in pond water like some unicellular algaes, rotifers and protozoa. you can also get monocular versions that will fit in a pocket, something like this.

If you want to look at the very small then you need a compound microscope, with magnification from ~40-1000x. While this sound impressive getting good images at 400-1000x is not easy and most of the stuff you would be looking at is transparent anyway. Get one that is capable of dark field illumination if possible.

You might look at Deserres, they have an educational toys section. Otherwise there are a couple of telescope/binocular stores around town, you might give them a call.

u/rhetorical_rapine · 3 pointsr/montreal

the way I see it, you need at least 2 springs with each 25lbs force.

the closest matching spring they have here is only ~11.7lbs ( so you'd need 5 of them.

Personally, I'd modify this cheese press to have an X bar pressing down for a more even distribution of pressure, in which case a 3, 4 or 5 spring columns makes sense.

If we're keeping to 2 springs and we're fine with the built-in wobble, then perhaps this one is the best fit:

31/32'' diameter, 3-3/4'' long, and 27lbs.

Also this seems acceptable:

0.968'' diameter, 3,75'' long, and 27lbs too.

Alternatively, you could get this 10-pack

and then you use a stack of 2 per spring column, with 3 of them around the cheese (instead of 2 in the design... a tripod is more stable than a bipod!) to get the maximum amount of control over your pressing because of the longer length of 2 springs back to back giving you more adjustment length.

edit: I had a thought... If you swapped the springs out, and instead used dumbbells placed on top of the press? Kijiji lists 2x 25lbs dumbbells for like $55 and "Cast Iron Grip Olympic Plates – from $0.67/lb" (so $33.5 for 50lbs), both of which can be used for training too ;)

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/montreal

Keep trying craigslist and kijiji.

Steve's can have good deals. Personally I refuse to shop there because every time I've been they acted like doing their job was a chore. "You want to try that guitar? sigh... hurry up". I heard that has changed though.

Archambault has a decent size selection but are often over priced.

Italmelodie shifts wildly from awesome employees to complete assholes. I have gotten my best deals from them though.

Jimi's on Sherbrooke sells a lot of second hand stuff, but they also tried to completely rip me off so...

Alternatively, I have a Norman Encore B20 High Gloss that I never use. Mine is black though. I'd be willing to sell it for $200, or $225 if you want the gig bag too.

u/Embe007 · 2 pointsr/montreal

Wow - super useful, thanks! Also exercise bands...50$. These ones reputedly don't snap (they have a rope inside them that won't let you stretch them 'too far'). See:
When I used to go to Fit for Life - later in the evening - it always seemed to be almost only guys working on their form. May not be the best time for your schedule though...

u/OperationIntrudeN313 · 2 pointsr/montreal

>Le journal personnel de Marc Aurel était en latin, c'est les Méditations qu'il >a écrit en grec.

Show me his personal journal in Latin.

Nevermind that Meditations was his personal journal, show me this latin version.

>Marcus était un maître de la prose dans les deux langues [...]

Thanks for trying to give me a lesson in a language I've been intimately familiar with for 30+ years.

>Les romains n'ont absolument pas surtout utilisé le grec, ça c'est de la >pure invention.

Latin was the princiapl government and military language of the Roman Empire (though the Roman Empire had two official languages), and the most commonly used language in the western reaches especially in administration. However, around the Mediterranean and further east Greek was principally used since it was the language of commerce and had been well established for centuries prior to the establishment of the empire. Not long after Diocletian effectively split the Empire in two, the eastern half dropped Latin entirely as an official language. They weren't really using it much and teaching your fresh recruits and bureaucrats a new language when you both already spoke a common one was pretty pointless.

u/shellylinda · 0 pointsr/montreal

Actually, this could help, too:


It's never too late. Please, please get help. You not only scare me, you scared everyone else who came across this thread. Wow, is it ever easy to push your buttons! Quite sad.

All the best, and good luck.

u/Spitfire_Harold · 1 pointr/montreal

Good research. But sure, there are schools and a mesh of institutions that offer french services, but to be honest the health and future of french as a spoken language in the ROC is pretty bleak.

Graham Fraser's (The Commissioner of Official Languages) "Sorry I don't speak french" is a trove for more info about Canada's two official languages.

u/ilesflottantes · 2 pointsr/montreal

Try doing a search for Montreal and/or Canada on /r/Coffee. I forget the names of the shops I found there the last time I did that search, but I was able to find both online vendors and certain shops that sold "third-wave" coffee gear.

> looking to buy little outdoor supplies like cups

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Have you looked at MEC? Do you mean something like this?

Or are you thinking of old-fashioned enamel ware stuff like this?

Don't forget to check out your local (or not-so-local) thrift shops for old-fashioned mugs.

u/segacs2 · 4 pointsr/montreal

I know a lot of people will mention some obvious ones, like Mordecai Richler or Gabrielle Roy. Here are a few more contemporary novels worth checking out:

  • Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O'Neill - probably won't give you the nicest view of Montreal, as it's set in the seedy drug scene of the 70s, but it's a pretty good read.

  • Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan series - the original basis for the TV show "Bones", these murder mysteries follow fictional forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan. They're light, easy reads with an identifiable Montreal backdrop.

  • Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner - originally published in French but available in English translation, follows the seemingly separate lives of three different characters who eventually end up in Montreal.

u/MikeyMadness · 8 pointsr/montreal

How about using a portable air conditioner? They don't sit in a window; instead they just sit on the floor. A small one like this might do the trick for you. I included that link so you could read the reviews. That particular model is available in Canada at places like Leon's, Sears, Corbeil, to name a few, according to

Good luck on your search!

u/pimceau · 1 pointr/montreal

I got my RHCE certs pretty easily with Michael Jang's excellent book.

u/emZi · 1 pointr/montreal

Something like this can be great :

There's a lot of models available on Amazon, check the reviews to find the best one for you, but I strongly suggest choosing one that includes an amplifier (or purchase an amplifier separately).

u/denpanosekai · 1 pointr/montreal

Can anyone please help me understand my tvfool "rating"?

Does this mean I won't be able to pickup FOX and ABC? I'm 100ft in the air (10th floor?) with clear line of sight to NY state.

Should I buy a Mohu Leaf 50? I believe it's their latest product. It's rated for 50 miles and FOX is 76 miles away so I wonder if this will help at all.

EDIT: I might try this CANT1650 from Future Shop and return it instore if not satisfied instead.

u/mahi-mahi · 2 pointsr/montreal

If you want some exercise books, the Grammaire Progressive series are quite good. I've used them often in class, and I like the simple, visual explanations. They have 3 levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced. Answer books can be bought seperately, too.

I recommend going to the Librairie Michel Fortin (on St-Denis) which specializes in language learning books. You'll find these exercise books, and plenty more, maybe more suited to your needs.

If you're looking for more of a reference book, the previously-suggested Grevisse (for general grammar) or Besherelle (verb tenses) are good. Also a must (though harder to carry around...) is the Multidictionnaire, which is basically a dictionary but with tons of add-ons : grammar tables, verb tenses, tricky usage, etc. Plus, it's made in Québec, so it's actually in tune with the french we use here, and includes a good amount of Québecismes.

u/splinter44 · 1 pointr/montreal

Hey can i ask you a long question about this then.

I got this turntable as a gift for someone.

It seems to already have an AMP built in and connects to speakers via RCA LEFT & RIGHT.

My speakers are vintage and connect with the copper + - so it needs two copper openings PER SPEAKER.

I was gonna buy an RCA wire and strip one side to show the copper like this wire here :

But I see in the wire picture each RCA color only has 1 wire attached to it so only one copper but I need EACH rca COLOR to have two copper wires attached because my speaker has the + and - needed.