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u/das_baconator · 16 pointsr/nekoatsume

I had bought one for myself as well! [Here it is] ( for anyone interested. So cute. :3

u/ImPhotoshopper · 1 pointr/nekoatsume

It was a gift, so I do not know exactly where this was bought, but I think this may be the one I had. Here is another one, which is cheaper and gets good reviews. I think this one is two inches larger, but seems to look exactly the same as mine.

u/nmrk · -1 pointsr/nekoatsume

>We spent more than half our Japan Trip budget on UFO Catchers


Oh FFS they were giving these toys away at combinis like Lawsons and 7-11. They could have bought them on eBay or Amazon Japan for twenty bucks. But no, they wanted to "have fun" flushing their money down the toilet.

u/mmmpoptarts · 1 pointr/nekoatsume

I'm actually not sure where he got it, but a quick amazon search yielded this!

u/Pathogen-David · 11 pointsr/nekoatsume

It's a little more expensive, but there's another version with a remote. It looks the same, but you can set it to extra colors and have it be a solid color without animating.

u/xcarex · 17 pointsr/nekoatsume

I know you were joking but Downton Tabby is actually a real book. I bought it for my mom for xmas last year.

u/Paperskittles1 · 7 pointsr/nekoatsume

This is the one I got! It's incredibly soft.

u/fluffy-ears · 2 pointsr/nekoatsume

I got him on the UK one but he's now unavailable, but here's the [.com link!] (