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u/dragontology · 1 pointr/nexusplayer

Fair point. In my case, my trackball is wireless, so I can carry it to the couch. I also have a Logitech K400. Used to be $25 shipped, but Amazon woke up and realized how popular and great they were, and now they want another $15. The K400 Plus is $26 shipped, but I don't know about it. Considering getting one just to have one in both rooms. The K400 is absolutely a wonderful keyboard to have. Won't measure up to a mechanical, obviously, but for something you can put on your lap on the couch, it goes above and beyond. Again, no experience with the Plus.

u/warmaster · 1 pointr/nexusplayer

Yeah, ES File Explorer can mount external storage without root through a method no one else uses, sadly. Plus, I don't want to use a file explorer UI, I want to use a media library UI with an interface like XBMC, Plex, or Mizuu. But check the problems that arise with each scenario:

Nexus Player with root: I want to receive updates as soon as they are released, and root is a problem in this scenario. Plus, I'm afraid my girlfriend could mess it up by mistake. Never underestimate the powers of the dark side.

XBMC: Only local streaming, it isn't compatible with Chromecast, so I wouldn't be able to cast to my room. Also, it doesn't work for me as a UPNP server, since it doesn't expose subtitles via UPNP. This is a no go.

Plex: seemingly ideal solution, dumb-proof setup and operation, compatible with chromecast... BUT it needs an always-on computer that acts as a server, or a NAS. You could also get transcoding capability depending on how much you want to spend. But the least you can spend is $300. AND you need transcoding if you want subtitles. So, for me... it's $300 or nothing in regards to Plex.

Mizuu: This app acts only as a library, it uses external player apps to actually play media. It works with local storage as well as SMB and UPNP/DLNA servers. I could buy a QNAP QGenie, use my 256GB SDXC and connect my 1TB WD Passport USB drive, and all of it would be shared via UPNP/DLNA or SMB, plus... it would be useful for storing photos on vacation trips. BUT, I don't know if Mizuu works on the Nexus Player since I haven't received mine yet. And, I don't know if the DLNA/UPNP server on it exposes subtitles, so... there is a risk.

I don't know what to do...

u/industrai · 1 pointr/nexusplayer

I ended up going this route, but use Kodi instead of Plex (I didn't want any transcoding). 3 days in and so far so good.

I just purchased a hub, this is what I got:

Hopefully it works. I'd like to control my nexus player with my harmony one remote (no bluetooth), so I got one of these:

If this remote works with it then the harmony will too.

u/omegatek · 1 pointr/nexusplayer

Not sure about your network issues, but I will say this.
I use a USB Gigabit Ethernet Hub Converter and stream live HD Channels, Kodi, Netflix and HBOGo in 1080P with no stutter. I also attach my external hdd to view my local movies as well. In addition, I also rooted and installed a custom rom, specifically Pure Nexus 6.0.1 which allows me to sideload apps, have a custom dashboard, a secondary launcher and cool remote apps like Droidmote Server so I can use my phone as a remote and a gamepad. Also, the Pure Nexus Rom supports audio control which the stock rom does not. I have 4 NP's and all are running exceptionally well. Sorry to hear you're having problems but I'd say give it a chance and do some tinkering. This is a great little unit.

u/FaberfoX · 2 pointsr/nexusplayer

I'm using one like this. I had issues ar first with the storage merging using a micro sd card, it would work for a little while and then stop being recognized, so I replaced it with a really old WD Passport 120GB USB HD I had and so far had no issues. With this hub, the drive works without needing an external power supply. I also tried just a micro USB otg adapter and a regular hub, but that didn't power the drive. I also used an ethernet usb adapter plugged into the hub until recently, when I replaced my router with an AC one. I haven't tried moonlight as I have an ati card, but remotr works pretty well.

u/OMFGitsBob · 1 pointr/nexusplayer

Awesome, thanks! While I was looking for it I came across this; would that be sufficient? Would I just plug it up underneath?

u/ProperNorf · 3 pointsr/nexusplayer

Keep it connected to your router much easier to setup and you can share media through different devices.
I store my media on NAS device and managing it through /r/PleX media server. Works extremely well and does all the transcoding.
The NP though is connected through [Ethernet Network Adapter] ( and [4-Port USB 2.0 Hub] ( just make sure its 2.0 usb dont know why but 3.0 wont work.

u/nexusx86 · 4 pointsr/nexusplayer

The Hauppauge Xbox one branded tuner works 200%

Source: tested by myself. Now you need a usb hub so you can provide a flash drive for storage if you want to schedule recordings. Simple pause skip through commercials when you come back works fine with the limited onboard storage. With the latest update to the live channels app you can scan for local OTA channels, and schedule recordings and pause live tv.

Short story is we have a repaired LG tv that has no functioning coax and we needed antenna support for Sunday football games, thus the Xbox one paired with this tuner from frys electronics' (got a deal via the instore 'promo codes' thing you have to sign up for and seeing the tuner was a weekly deal down to about $30 IIRC) saved us. The android TV team announced the tuner support and the Hauppauge tuner we already had matched, so I moved it over to test things out.

u/goodhur · 2 pointsr/nexusplayer

You may be interested in this:

TV Remote Add-on for Fire TV Stick Remote (Control your TV directly from your Fire TV remote)

Not great but works well. Remote actually feels a little more comfortable. I tend to cover up the ir emitter with my index finger.

u/jtwizzy · 1 pointr/nexusplayer

Logitech 996-000118 Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote (Refurbished) - Black

u/KidGixxer · 4 pointsr/nexusplayer

I bought this one. Works great. It is confirmed working be several people over at XDA. But you will need to buy an OTG cable with it.

The Gigabit Ethernet is what sold me. My local collection of media files are quite large.

Inateck 3 Ports USB 3.0 Hub and RJ45 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Hub

u/kheszi · 2 pointsr/nexusplayer

I searched around and found a couple of cheap USB NAS adapters which you might be able to use to host your existing large hard drive to the Nexus Player over Wi-FI or LAN. I'm not sure they support EXT4, so you would have to check the specs. Good luck.

u/JayClear · 1 pointr/nexusplayer

I got mine on Amazon for like $7.


Works for my needs.

u/etihw_retsim · 2 pointsr/nexusplayer

This is the one I have. I can also use this to plug in my 360 controller receiver, so it's pretty useful.

u/spartacus317 · 1 pointr/nexusplayer

I've been using this one off Amazon. I like that it has the power switches for each plug and it's powered from the device. It's only got 4 ports so I'm not sure if that meets your need.

u/mad212 · 3 pointsr/nexusplayer

USB ethernet adapters are hit or miss on the np. I bought one off amazon that didnt work. Then I bought this one and it did work.

u/gadjex · 2 pointsr/nexusplayer

I use this one

But I am sure this one would also work without the USB hub

u/implante · 2 pointsr/nexusplayer

This is the one I bought and it worked fine:

Of note, I couldn't get the wifi and ethernet to work at the same time. If you lose internet when you are on the ethernet, it won't reconnect automatically and you have to reboot the NP.

u/Andrroid · 1 pointr/nexusplayer

Thats the one I had. Worked fine for me.

u/xBIGREDDx · 1 pointr/nexusplayer