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u/material_methods · 2 pointsr/occupywallstreet

>I want to be free of this neo-liberal nightmare and see the end the corporate takeover of our government. I want to see the power put back into the hands of the people.

Do you? From what I am reading - a lot of people seem to think a political 'revolution' includes putting a capitalist into a capitalist system. Even if we elected Bernie, the status quo would not have changed because the people with the power are the people who have the capital.

Nearly all of Bernie's key points can all be traced back to the central problem: capitalism. Income inequality, tuition hikes, increase in the amount of student debt, and jobs being sent overseas are symptoms of a capitalism. The root of a lot of our problems is an economic system that puts greed as the main driving force.

If you want to be free of this neo-liberal nightmare then you need to support candidates that are fighting for democracy at work. If you want to end this corporate takeover of our government, you need to support candidates that want workers to take profit from their labor. If you want see the people put back in power, let them take back their work places and let's fight for democracy at work.

None of the national political parties share this ideal: green, blue or red. Stein supports a universal basic income but there is a reason that some conservative intellectuals also support it: all the modern day safety nets of capitalism is in one convenient number. Oh how easy it is to cut down a forest when it is only a single tree. UBI would not give the power to the working class because we would still be begging for that check every month from the people who create capital with their capital; we would be begging for that UBI check just like we beg for a raise at work even though wages have stagnated for the last 30 years.

Real change is hard. Real change won't come in a single national election. We could elect Eugene Debs to the presidency right now and not much would change. Real change takes decades of workers coming together to overthrow a system that has bankrupted their futures. Real change is starting at the city councils in your town instead of flashy national television campaigns focused on fundraising rather than governing (this is where the Green party is seemingly fixated on). Nobody will elect a party nationally that can't even manage a city. However, if a socialist party took control of a city council and then that city started doing better we would have an example; we would have something to point to as a stalwart of our movement.

Real change is going to come when we start learning about leftist revolutions that have come before us; we need to learn from their mistakes and successes. The system is corrupt now but leftists have overthrown governments with much more authoritarian powers. I just finished this book (Kautsky, "Road to Power") and it centers around leftists gaining power in a political system:

Kautsky was the main inspiration for Eugene Debs (the most successful socialist in US history) to change from liberal to socialist. Debs is also a great place to start if you want to learn about leftists in the US. We do exist and we say: do not accept the mirage of a 'well regulated' capitalist future

u/Jasper1984 · 1 pointr/occupywallstreet

Well, banned from /r/europe after a dumb comment. Here is the motion

Afaik, as of now no economic measures in Europe, yet, of course, they still have them in Britain, right?

Emphasis mine:

> A. whereas the EU has committed to guiding its actions on the international scene in compliance with principles such as democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as media freedom, access to information, freedom of expression and media pluralism, the last of which can, nevertheless, be limited to a certain extent as stipulated in international law, including in the European Convention on Human Rights; whereas third-party actors aiming to discredit the Union do not share the same values

Unfortunately, i suspect media pluralism is about avoiding media concentration. The opposite, of "limiting" it. (i.e. this, or this)

> H. whereas the propaganda war and the intrusion of Russian media is particularly strong and often unmatched in the countries of the Eastern neighbourhood; whereas national media in these countries are often weak and not able to cope with the strength and the power of Russian media;

Keep in mind that the RT/Sputnik and others we see might not be the same as those over there. They state it as "tailored to match EU Member States’ profiles".

> 25. Requests that the competent EU institutions and authorities closely monitor the sources of financing of anti-European propaganda;

> 26. Emphasises that more funding is necessary to support freedom of the media in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries within the scope of EU democracy instruments; calls on the Commission in this respect to ensure the full exploitation of existing instruments such as the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), the ENP, the Eastern Partnership Media Freedom Watch and the EED with regard to the protection of media freedom and pluralism; [...]

> 56. Condemns the regular crackdowns on the independent media, journalists and civil society activists in Russia and occupied territories, including Crimea since its illegal annexation; stresses that since 1999, dozens of journalists have been killed, disappeared without trace or have been imprisoned in Russia; calls on the Commission and Member States to reinforce the protection of journalists in Russia and in the EU’s Neighbourhood and to support Russian civil society and invest in people-to-people contacts; calls for the immediate release of journalists; notes that the EU is strengthening relations with its Eastern partners and other neighbours, and is also keeping the lines of communication with Russia open; recognises that the biggest obstacle to Russian disinformation campaigns would be the existence of independent and free media in Russia itself; considers that achieving this should be the goal of the EU; calls for special attention and sufficient resources to be provided for media pluralism, local media, investigative journalism and foreign language media, particularly in Russian, Arabic> B. whereas Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees freedom of expression but also stipulates that this freedom may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society;

, Farsi, Turkish and Urdu as well as other languages spoken by populations vulnerable to propaganda;

And i am actually sure that is right. Russia isn't exactly free. And it should try improve itself. But we have to improve relations, and juxtaposing it with ISIS like that is not helpful.

Edit: ah minority opinion. Including the idea that there isn't propaganda in the EU. Well, NOS misses out on plenty. I also count PR and advertising, though more indirect, the amounts of propaganda from it is at unprecidented levels.

Also notice "OPINION of the Committee on Culture and Education (23.6.2016)"

> B. whereas Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees freedom of expression but also stipulates that this freedom may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society;

But that is a catchall, and taking away RT or sputnik is certainly not necessary. (it is an and in there)

Btw, i am actually pro EU, it is very fixer-upper.

Edit: this happened too

u/notacrackheadofficer · 23 pointsr/occupywallstreet

Back before the internet, it sorta was. Things were never really reported accurately, & got forgotten about, to where not many in the US can speak upon WWI , WWII, Korea, or Vietnam, with really any clue as to what happened, especially Americans when it comes to WWI. I'm gonna throw the Spanish American war, and the US>Phillipine conquest in there, too.
It may be hard to believe for Europeans, but at least 75% of folks in the US have not a single clue about WWI. Most in the US , I'll say 90% do not know anything about THIS , the defining moment of world imperialism for the US.
Check out public school history books up against the real story . wow
So now we have had a short period of such a flood of information, and a flood of debate over said flood, the people are flooding into the street.
I'm not sure there was a clear view of truth through the internet, to most people. Reddit is really good. It's still good, but real crowded. Most folks didn't get the internet to try to catch up on history and politics. So was there a great period of truth? Not sure.

u/BlindGrapefruit · 9 pointsr/occupywallstreet

10 pounds of sodium bisulfite costs around $9 and makes up about 90 liters of sprayable solution... (antidotal for CS "tear gas" 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile). EDIT: 5 tablespoons in a 1 liter container fill with water to 1 liter.

It's a food preservative used to keep fresh greens crisp.

The only way to deal with OC (Oleoresin Capsicum "pepper spray") is to dilute it as quickly as possible using a mild detergent like Dawn dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo. Both are pretty safe to get in the eyes or mouth though neither are particularly tasty... and both are dirt cheap.

So, the amount these packets cost for one person I'd say it's fairly likely that using these two things together is by far the better economy.

Maalox antacid liquid has also been reported to have good results, but these are fairly expensive too, though I venture to say they taste a bit better.

Update: (I just grabbed links to sources for illustration. Better prices could possibly be found)
The best price I've found for
Maalox has been about $24 for (3) 12 oz bottles). Cut 50/50 with water as recommended by protesters using this and that is just over 2 liters.... 3 of these would treat 6 people at a cost of about $72. ($12/liter)

as opposed to a 65 lb bucket of sodium bisulfite for $60 that would be about 590 treatments ($0.10/liter)

Johnson's Baby Shampoo 20oz 120 teaspoons/ 3 applications= 40 treatments = $5.50 ($0.14/treatment)

u/upslupe · 2 pointsr/occupywallstreet

Peter Schweizer was a foreign policy advisor to Sarah Palin. He works with Andrew Breitbart and has authored several books with titles such as Makers and Takers: Why conservatives work harder, feel happier, have closer families, take fewer drugs, give more generously, value honesty more, are less materialistic.

But I don't bring this up to discredit the man. I think it's great to see a person of his character addressing such a pertinent issue like insider trading in Congress. The fact that it is him delivering this message encourages unity between conservatives and liberals so that we can more effectively confront the extensive corruption within our state and corporate systems.

Edit: This story was also covered well by Newsweek. Peter Schweizer's new book, on this topic and based on his independent research, is Throw Them All Out.

u/wievid · 7 pointsr/occupywallstreet

The Secret Service is no longer a part of the Treasury and is now run under Homeland Security.

I read In the President's Secret Service, a book that takes a look at the birth of the USSS to the modern USSS under Homeland Security and agents that were interviewed and the author all reach the same conclusion - putting the USSS under HS was a huge mistake. The USSS is also still very old fashioned and has not modernized its personnel management in the same way the FBI has, leaving the USSS with a huge attrition rate. USSS agents are extremely valuable because of their training and other agencies and private companies snatch them up whenever they can, making this attrition rate even higher since there is little incentive provided to agents to stay in the Service.

Give the book a read - it's very well written and very interesting. I had a flight from the US to Europe and finished pretty much the entire book while flying over the Atlantic since I couldn't put it down.

u/JeffBlock2012 · 2 pointsr/occupywallstreet

put the whole pyramid on a platform that sinks into a vat of champagne.

In "The Gardens of Democracy" the authors argue that job creation and true wealth are a "middle out" proposition. According to their stats, adjusted for inflation each middle class household is now earning $12,000 less per year than they did 30 years ago. The authors posit "can you imagine how the economy would be today with each middle class household having $12,000 more each year?

But back to the illustration and your comment - I don't think anyone truly is concerned about how rich the rich are, nor even the ratio of the spread. If the "bottom" where floated to a higher level or "rising tide floats all boats" then nobody would care how many millionaires or billionaires were having their yachts floated too.

u/trot-trot · 1 pointr/occupywallstreet
  1. (a) Source Of The Submitted Link

    * "Daniel Sheehan 2019: The Trajectory of Justice" by Romero Institute:

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    Via: "A Closer Look At The Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Phenomenon" at

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    (d) Oil, United States of America (USA), Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, And Operation Desert Storm: "The Trajectory of Justice in America: 2019" by Daniel P. Sheehan

    Start at 11:30 (11 minutes and 30 seconds), 4 April 2019, "From Desert Storm to Donald Trump: Daniel Sheehan 2019 Class #2":

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    (e) Information for Class #7, 23 April 2019

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    See also: (9 March 2007, "Taking TNI's Advice: The Global Oil Rush : In the Summer 2006 issue of The National Interest, former National Security Advisor Robert C. McFarlane addressed Brazil’s potential contribution to American energy independence.")

  2. (a) Read

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    "The US: An 'Empire in Retreat' : In his new book, Victor Bulmer-Thomas argues that the US needs to accept its imperial decline and reinvent itself" by Paul Hockenos, published on 6 May 2019:



  3. (a) The National Press Club, 18 October 2016, Bradley C. Birkenfeld "talked about his book, Lucifer's Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy, about exposing efforts by Swiss bank UBS to shelter billions of dollars for American clients. Mr. Birkenfeld was a banker for UBS and informed the Justice Department and IRS about the bank's practices in 2007.":

    "'Lucifer's Banker' Book Launch Party" by The National Press Club -- the event was held on 18 October 2016 at The National Press Club in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America:

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    Audio file:

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    - Citizen Investigation Team:
u/jason64128 · 7 pointsr/occupywallstreet

First, this is a pretty minor case historically and old law that has been succeeded by plenty of more on-point cases for your purposes.

Second, the majority of the justices agree that the ordinance is void on its face because it "does not make comfort or convenience in the use of streets or parks the standard of official action. It enables the Director of Safety to refuse a permit on his mere opinion that such refusal will prevent 'riots, disturbances or disorderly assemblage.'" [emphasis added]. So, if an ordinance is curtailed to specific and legitimate regulation such as maintaining safety & comfort in the park and is also actually enforced that way, then it's constitutional. As other comments have said, your reading is too broad.

Third, regardless of the above, it's only a plurality, not a majority, with respect to whether the 1st Amend. applies via the 14th's due process clause (which is the generally accepted way) or the privileges & immunities clause (which Roberts & Black use and Stone, Reed, & Hughes criticize, believing it would limit the right to (a) citizens and (b) legislation like the Nat'l Lab. Rels. Act). This matters because it makes the opinion less weighty and could affect the type of speech and speakers who are protected (see Stone's concurring-in-judgment opinion referencing Roberts' opinion).

TL;DR - There is no TL;DR when you're dealing with the law. I'm not sure I know resources on how to interpret case law offhand, but I can recommend Legislation and Regulation by Manning & Stevenson for statutory interpretation and Constitutional Law by Sullivan & Gunther for Constitutional Law (but I recommend finding a library copy, because law books are way too expensive).

u/WilliamBonney · 1 pointr/occupywallstreet

Gonna have to agree to disagree here. I think the world needs more people, not less.

But the propaganda works well. Just go and reread the original article. The elites really want us to believe that resources are stretched, while they stretch the resources.

Larger numbers of people become harder to control, and are more likely to allow for the influx of new ideas. The world can actually change as a result of new people much faster than we think. But because we allow control, and even invite it (in the name of defense), some things have lost their obviousness. And one of those things is just how fast we can solve the problems we think we have.

Sometimes the solution is counter-intuitive, as anyone that's ever studied Bobby Fischer or Albert Einstein.

For instance, more sex is safer sex ... is a highly recommended read.

u/wherethefuckswallace · 0 pointsr/occupywallstreet

I've got to be honest, though I agree entirely with the theory presented in my previous post, I wasn't actually stating my own speculative opinion, I was (accurately) parroting the empirically based works of Chang. I think that if you read his book [Kicking Away The Ladder] (, or for a more accessible work [Bad Samaritans] ( you would be hard pressed to disagree with his account of economic history.

Indeed, almost all predominant advocates of free trade begrudgingly accept Chang's view, but counter that such policies are no longer possible nowadays, given how globalized and intertwined the various national economies are. For an example of this kind of argument see Martin Wolf's [Why Globalization Works] (

I didn't really want to challenge your various retorts of my previous comment, because as I stated it's not my argument. But I would like to say that I think it is fair to describe your depiction of South Korea as inaccurate. Whilst true that Korea produce goods that are exported to other developed countries, this is no bad thing - all developed countries trade between each other, as it has been shown to be the most efficient way to produce things. Also, you imply that Korea has a particularly unequal society, but a cursory look at the national [gini-coefficient rankings] (, which ranks countries by income equality, shows that Korea has a more equal society than Canada, France, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, and a significantly greater level of equality than the United States.

u/fitzydog · 2 pointsr/occupywallstreet

Yes, protests ARE a great start! But there needs to be steps beyond that also that are in place. A plan to get to what you need.

Good book:

u/JawsJVH · 3 pointsr/occupywallstreet

Thank you for your response! I am glad at least one person read the link.

If you want to watch the documentary, here's a link. Its a bit old (1992), and Chomsky is sometime difficult to keep focused on with his style.

If you want to go all out, here is a link to the book on Amazon.

u/absinthe718 · 4 pointsr/occupywallstreet

> It's quite possible for societies to exist and thrive without legal tender.

BTW, We had free-money banking in the US where banks issued their own notes. You know what happened when a bank went under? Often some notes would be declared preferred or prime and would pay out at or near face value. Others would pay at pennies on the dollar. And the bank owners would make this discussion, without disclosure, on their own. This is detailed in A Nation of Counterfeiters if you care to look.

If you think banks have less power in systems without legal tender laws, I'm really curious why.

u/aardvark2zz · 2 pointsr/occupywallstreet

Schizophrenia effects on group-splitting theory is discussed in the following good book.


u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/occupywallstreet

Read Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media by MIT professor Noam Chomsky and you will understand why OWS is being misrepresented in the media.