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8. [upgraded 2019 Version] Laser Stars Twilight Projector, Romantic Relaxing Night Light Show, hologram Cosmos Planetarium Sky Constellation Galaxy Projection, Party Lights. by Gifts A Must

  • NEW UPGRADES!!! the Starlight projector MODULE IS REPLACEABLE! if the Green Laser Light burns out, you can replace the star lights very easily, we also added a BLUETHOOTH SPEAKER to this original home planetarium.
  • 2021 NEW!!! the skylight projector cloud has multiple colors to choose from, BLUE GREEN RED PURPLE CLOUD or mix them, The multiple color Cloud night light lamp Formation makes this home planetarium projector much more romantic and relaxing.
  • The only star projector NIGHT LIGHT that the stars are moving slowly NOT IN A PATTERN in multiple sizes, This real star constellation projector will fill your bedroom with thousands of crystal clear green animated galaxy stars, the stars for ceiling is so realistic replicating the motion of the earth.
  • ROMANTIC NIGHT LIGHT PROJECTOR!!! This star light projector for bedroom is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by all its users as the best night light for adults, ITS THE MOST RELAXING home planetarium star projector on the market, Imagine, Galaxy lights with romantic relaxing music through the Bluetooth speaker in the bedroom.
  • Use it in your home as a Party Star Lights, It's a NIGHT LIGHT for the bedroom, party room, game room, Spa, Etc. THE ONLY planetarium projector with realistic stars night lights, its 100% safe as it is Laser class llla 1mW.
[upgraded 2019 Version] Laser Stars Twilight Projector, Romantic Relaxing Night Light Show, hologram Cosmos Planetarium Sky Constellation Galaxy Projection, Party Lights. by Gifts A Must
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u/Markers4all · 5 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

In 4th grade our teacher would give us a king sized candy bar if we could name all 50 states and capitols in their correct location, as well as all the presidents (up to Clinton at the time,) in their correct order. It wasn't required but I used this book to help me memorize them all. They used the mnemonic devices and it was super fun and easy.

Earned 2 butterfingers because of these books.

Edit: spelling

u/GrokEinSpiel · 27 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

I recommend starting off with Hong Kong Old Style. It's pretty easy to pick up IMO, and the rules you learn for it can be applied to just about all variations of the game (Japanese Riichi or American Style for instance).

A cheap way to get started is to get a deck of Mahjong playing cards from Amazon. They're around 10 bucks, and work just fine for learning the game. If it turns out you like it, there's decently-priced sets of the real tiles on Amazon too.

Just FYI - if you're unsure what style you'll end up playing it's usually a safe bet to order an American Mahjong set because it has all the tiles you need for all variations - plus a few extras (jokers, extra flowers/seasons) that are specific to American style.

edit - Also, the American sets will have arabic numbers in the corner for the character suit and letters for the cardinal directions (NSEW), which makes it a little less daunting for new players since you don't have to immediately learn the Chinese symbols up front.

u/rjchawk · 7 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Really like the idea, but not going to pay $10 plus shipping and wait until after Christmas to receive it - I will wish them luck and hope that in the future I can pick one of these things up for 5 bucks at Walmart or Amazon. After all its only slightly better thanwhat I'm using now.

u/Badgerfest · 7 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

> What about economic programs? They turned Germany into one of the largest economies in the world in just a few years.

All smoke and mirrors: vast and unsustainable borrowing and a focus on militarisation with no long term economic benefits.

> All the amazing architecture they produced?

A subjective matter I suppose, but you might be interested in this documentary

> Military reforms that produced the most futuristic battle tactics the world had seen up until that point?

The German doctrine which came to be known as Blitzkrieg was in development before the Nazi Party came to power (see James Corum's The Roots of Blitzkrieg). It also worked once against an equivalent opposition: the Fall of France in 1940. It didn't work in North Africa, it didn't work in Russia, it couldn't defend Western Europe.

Under Hitler, Germany went from being the most powerful nation in Europe to the fifth most powerful nation in Berlin.

u/LethalRabbit · 3 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

I have a similar light, except it's little green laser dots that move all over the ceiling and bedroom walls. It also has a blue nebula-like light in the middle, really makes it feel like you're floating through space. Have used it every single night for years, it's awesome for falling asleep.

I remember when my girlfriend spent her first night at my place, she was totally amazed by it. Now she's my wife and we both can't sleep without it on anymore.

Edit: for those who are interested, this is the laser projector I'm talking about and this is what it looks like in my bedroom while I'm writing this!

u/riverblue9011 · 6 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

I undestand that this would come with a warning and the majority of people that would get one wouldn't use it while driving, but it's always the minority that spoils things, right?

Here's the page

The comments are pretty funny though, worth a read:

>My husband Brad always warns me not to try and update my Facebook page while I'm driving. "You'll hit another pedestrian," he says. "This isn't the Enterprise, there isn't a deflector array." Then along comes a miracle product like this! I can now happily fly at warp speed down the streets of Los Angeles, laptop or mobile device perched right in front of me, so I can keep both eyes right on it AND on the road. It's so much easier to ignore all the frightened screams and annoying honking when you've got Facebook to look at while driving. Thank you, Wheelmate!

u/bearsdriving · 37 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

I haven’t bought it yet, but plan to tonight, looks like it will go nice with my other bible-esque books my family isn’t happy about.

u/9vapors · -1 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

The Original Spider Prank Box- Hilarious Wooden Box Toy Prank, Funny Money Gift Box Surprise Toy, and Christmas Gag Gift Prank for Boys, Girls, Adults by FunFamz

u/Tourney · 3 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Not OP but I have an Elephant ear washer (specifically this one) and it works great. I've had it for about a year now and have had no problems. Honestly, everything a doctor does is so expensive that I think it's totally worth it to just be able to clean your own ears at home.

u/unfeelingzeal · 5 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

i actually have several of these. two in paper lanterns under our patio awning, one in another paper floor lantern indoor and the last one is in a faux fireplace.

they really do look pretty incredible as long as the bulb itself is concealed. even if they're out in the open, they look pretty damn good from a distance.

i also have 4 of the solar yard lights that you stake into the soil designed to look like oil lanterns that have a bigger version of these bulbs built in. a few weeks ago when we had people over for BBQ my sister asked me, as soon as the sun set and they came on, if me and my bf went outside to light our lanterns when no one was looking.

pretty realistic if you don't know these things existed.

u/theskymoves · 12 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

I love amazon for those reviews. The tuscan milk and three wolf t-shirt are great ones too.



u/zehamberglar · 14 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Yep. I have really waxy ears, and they once got so clogged that I couldn't hear. Doctor used one of these to clean it out and it worked great. You can buy them for less than the cost of the doctor visit (but it was worth it to learn about this).

u/pojobrown · 3 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Here’s the amazon link.

Ear Cleaner Earwax Removal Kit Smart Ear Swab with Soft Spiral Cleaner Prevent Ear...

Pretty cheap

u/kyote42 · 1200 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

For those interested:

Edit: Thanks for the gold! I figured since I looked it up and found it, someone else may like the convenience too.

u/nannerpuss74 · 1 pointr/ofcoursethatsathing

every year our town has a rubber duck race, welp im off to the dark corners of the internet to find one......



wow less than 15 seconds and amazon has em. what a time to be alive.

u/OstentatiousSock · 2 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

The Elephant Ear Washer is amazing and can be used at home. I have to use it about every 6 months due to the fact that I over produce ear wax(weird family trait).

ETA: Use warm water. Hot or cold can make you pass out.

ETA: I use 1/4 peroxide and then the rest warm water.

u/SuperDuper_88 · 2 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Poor reviews on Amazon - Ear Cleaner Earwax Removal Kit Smart Ear Swab with Soft Spiral Cleaner Prevent Ear-Pick Tools Ear Care Kit with 16 Replacement Tips

u/babydeathclaw · 266 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Seems like it'll always give a quick indication of the time down to the 1/6 of an hour since the tens digit isn't changing.

I'm fine with that trade for style.

Seems like this is a collector's item now, $55 for one online and it was actually officially licensed Tetris merch.

u/Smazmats · 42 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Dont forget Space Raptor Butt Invasion which was nominated for the prestigious Hugo award.

u/ultimatedebate · 1 pointr/ofcoursethatsathing

I was interested until I saw it’s $27 ...