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u/whole_nother · 1 pointr/organic

-Don't think you have to have 500 acres to turn a profit. People make a good living on 100, 40, 10, 2 acres...the extra money you make on such a humongous tract will likely go right back into the humongous equipment expenses required to keep it up. Don't be afraid to go smaller, especially since organic crops carry additional value.
-Look for niche crops in your area--once you've chosen one--by going to the nice restaurants and taking notes on the fancy vegetables they serve. Those are the ones you can get a premium for.
-Consider farming intensively rather than expansively...A guy named Jean-Martin Fortier up in Quebec grosses 100,000/year on 1 1/2 acres with no tractor (and a shorter growing season than the U.S.)
-For certification, check out this site: Help With Certification and scroll to the links at the bottom. Edit: formatting

u/-Mediocrates- · 2 pointsr/organic

I have been using natural and organic deodorants for over a decade. I have used all the deodorants mentioned in this thread at on point or another (and a lot of others too). For me, hands down the best natural deodorant I have ever used is by ORGANIC 101.

ORGANIC 101 deodorants are USDA certified organic so you can actually trust the ingredients. There is no aluminum at all; no potassium alum or ammonium alum (a more dangerous form of aluminum found in crystal deodorants). There is no baking soda (so it doesnt cause any rashes) unlike most natural stick deodorants that do contain baking soda and cause rashes. Also it doesnt stain my shirts.

I cannot recommend it enough. All their scents are legit. Lately I have been using their "Lemon Haze." Perhaps check it out: