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13. 15ft Micro USB & Mini USB Dash Cam &Type-C Hardwire Kit w. Mini(ACS)/LP Mini(ACN)/ATO(ATC or ACU)/Micro2(ACZ) Fuse, Micro to Mini/USB-C Port Adapters & 11.9V Real Battery Drain Protection

  • ONE FITS FOR ALL: With Micro to Mini and Micro to Type C port converters, the kit is basically fit for ALL Dash Cams or Car Charger like NuCam DL, Wireless Charger Phone Holder Nucharger Auto, Rexing, ROAV, Zero Edge, Anker, DDPai, Papago etc(not compatible with Garmin). Also, it comes with most popular fuse types including Low-Profile Mini, Mini, ATO(Regular), and Micro2. It has both left handed and right handed mini USB adapters.
  • ENOUGH LENGTH: Overall 15ft hardwire kit can be installed basically on All vehicles. Input length: 3ft, Output length: 12ft.
  • BATTERY DRAIN PROTECTION SYSTEM: For our 2019 updated version, we increased our cutoff voltage from 11.6V to 11.9V to protect vehicle battery voltage from dropping below 11.9V and not starting up. It’s also suitable for 24V systems.It is recommended to turn on parking mode for your dash cam to save your battery power. Find another listing B0787LD92N if you need different or adjustable cutoff voltage.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installation is easy and clean without any help from professionals! However, our customer service is also immediately responsive if you do have questions.
  • WARRANTY: One year free service for any question you are facing with this dash cam hardwire kit.
15ft Micro USB & Mini USB Dash Cam &Type-C Hardwire Kit w. Mini(ACS)/LP Mini(ACN)/ATO(ATC or ACU)/Micro2(ACZ) Fuse, Micro to Mini/USB-C Port Adapters & 11.9V Real Battery Drain Protection
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u/Varathane · 12 pointsr/ottawa

For socks - you'll probably want wool or two pairs of socks at a time.For boots in the winter - You want a thick rubber bottom to them and a waterproof or resistant kind of fabric that goes high enough up your leg that protects you from deep snow. Some are actually rated for the cold so something that will keep your feet warm in -30C. (Ottawa can dip that low, and windchill makes it colder) They'll look like this: can maybe get a good deal on them at thrift stores, or even buying on clearance before winter hits (Sometimes it starts in November, other times we luck out and it isn't til December. Jan, Feb and March are bound to by snowy and sometimes April)

For Pants: You'll want jeans, and a layer underneath the jeans of leggings, or long johns, you can get those in wool and that is warm. You can also get snow pants or slush pants for over top of your jeans but typically people don't bother with that unless doing winter sports or spending long times in the snow in the woods.

For Shirts: Layer. You can get long sleeve undershirts ( again wool is warmest but other fabric will do) and then you can put a sweater on top.

For Jackets: Something with a water resistant outer to it. So the snow doesn't get you damp. The puffy ones that are filled with air pockets, or down feathers, or synthetic fill are the warmest. Had a roomie from India that was wearing fleece jacket --- it got so wet and holds the water so he got very cold! Again some jackets are rated for the cold -40C etc. A hood is probably going to be your friend.

For your face/head: Scarf for over your face or a balaclava for those bitter windy days. Or a hat like this: (You don't have to spend $50! though! You can go to the dollar store and look around and see if they have that style. Pick them up for $3 or so. Walmart would have options for cheap too that would be just as warm. )

For your hands: Mittens! You want them to have a waterproof fabric as well so you can play with the snow all you want and not get cold hands. Something like this: Again you can probably check out the dollarstore selection and get a good deal.

There are lighter winter jackets, and lighter winter boots and mittens and so forth available. You might like those for the fall months or for when you are out shopping and just going a short distance as all the warmest options can feel heavy on ya. But to be able to enjoy being outside, or when you are stuck waiting for a bus you'll be happy you dressed appropriately.

The air will hurt your skin in winter. For that I am sorry. I hope you can love it here in Ottawa anyway. :)

u/carloverzz · 3 pointsr/ottawa

If you're open to Windows laptops, there are tons that would be a great fit.

This one here is ~$1600 and has a great design plus similar or better specs than a base MB Pro for a lot less money.

Hope this helps and good luck in school!

u/Ottawa_Brewer · 2 pointsr/ottawa

Wireless integrity depends on a significant number of factors such as distance from the router and number of users/signals in your immediate proximity. If you`re in an apartment building it can be rough. If you`re like me, where you have a house and being hardwired isn`t financially viable at the moment but you are still relatively close to your router, results are much better. I am using one of these guys ( and have zero issues. Can play games such as WoW, Overwatch, destiny, BF1, etc etc etc with zero issues and zero disconnects.

u/fissionvsfusion · 1 pointr/ottawa

I also have an RCA flat antenna from a few years back, which only gets me Global and absolutely nothing else. I've tried a few other things, but I live in the middle of a concrete walk-up in Centretown so there's no real hope for me. The one I currently have is this one, and I can get about 10-14 channels with it. Maybe 4 of those channels are desirable ones. It's not 100% reliable, but it's decent.

Do you think that rabbit ears with a loop would be better than the amplified antenna I linked above? It's infinitely better than the flat RCA antenna in my experience.

u/Rob26536 · 1 pointr/ottawa

I use this antenna. It works very well for me, I get all 14 local channels, however I live downtown in an 8th floor apartment. I'm not really knowledgeable enough to recommend an antenna for your specific needs, however I have found many posters on this website are quite antenna savvy and may be able to help you more. Good luck!

u/lafreniereluc · 2 pointsr/ottawa

> ?
Hey, this is a copy/paste from a response I gave to someone else, but seems appropriate.

Figured you may find my post interesting. I used to live around the Riverside/Hurdman bus station, with a set of VHF/UHF cheap antenna, I used to get most channels since I was up high in an apartment. 5 years ago, I moved to the burbs of Barrhaven (townhome). My tv was in the basement, so I interconnected coax cables up to my second story and had that same antenna there and barely got anything.

I proceeded to invest in a better antenna. After some research, I settled on this one:

It's a little large, but for myself, I was able to install inside my attic so it's completely out of sight. Pointed it at the Gatineau hills (the source of the signals) and programmed my tv.

I get a VERY SOLID set of channels that work though all weather.

They include channels: 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 24, 30, 40, 42, 43, 60, 65.

u/yourboyfriend · 10 pointsr/ottawa

good luck - i feel for you. parking lots with walmarts tend to have a higher ratio of inconsiderate drivers, but this may just be bias on my part. my ex girlfriend had the same thing happen to her - my recommendation is getting a dashcam with collision detection that will start recording if your car is bumped or nudged in any way - it's not fool proof, but it's nice having that extra peace of mind. this is the one i have:

u/NekoIan · 8 pointsr/ottawa

For anyone looking for a cheap (indoor) porch camera. I have this one pointing on my porch. It's pretty great for the price.

u/CrashXCC · 3 pointsr/ottawa

So far this year I have removed over seven ticks form my dogs. This year above all seems to be a bad one. No that there are no more pesticides being used they will only increase in numbers. I'm not an advocate for pesticides before anyone starts tearing me a new one. Only explaining why they are getting worse every year. They have no predators here to eat them so they can live and grow freely.

The best for this is prevention and having the right tools.


Here is the best tool for removing them. Slide it on and twist, the head and everything will come off with no hassle. I took one of my daughter and my dogs and no pain at all. Best tool for this buy far. If you stuck and have no tool. Take a credit card and cut a small Y in the card. The head will slide into the card and then you can twist. I have had mixed results as sometimes the head stayed inside.


For prevention this is the best stuff on the market. It kill's 99 to 100% of the ticks that bite.


How to identify ticks.


One last thing, when you remove a tick always put it in a bag and freeze it. This way if anyone gets sick after a few days or weeks you can have it tested and see if it's positive for lime disease. I keep mine for a few months then toss them in the toilet.


Hope this helps.

u/arkeetek · 1 pointr/ottawa

I made a coat hanger antenna following these plans. 8$ of parts, 10$ amplifier and it beats my 80$ RCA antenna. I'm in Vanier surrounded by buildings and manage to get channels from Herbert's Corner.

I also use the Terk HDTVa, it works great! Terk makes quality product IMO, worth the price compared to the generics.

u/postfu · 9 pointsr/ottawa

An author here in Ottawa (Jim) sells a book on Amazon called "Lay Down Daddy Games" ( Basically, a bunch of games us dads play with our kids when we try not to do anything as much as possible.. like the Quiet Game, Stone Man, Don't Wake the Sleeping Giant, I'm Frozen, etc.

I figured the book would make a funny, and potentially useful, Father's Day gift. Maybe you could reach out to him and see if you can get some in a small bulk quantity instead of paying the retail cost. I have no idea what Amazon's cut is, but I imagine it's probably high.

u/Coolsam2000 · 1 pointr/ottawa

I've had this one for a year and it's been fantastic.

This is a new one they didn't have when I bought mine. Looks similar and is a lot cheaper... not sure of its performance though.