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15. VIOTEK GN32DB 32-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor with FreeSync, 1440p 144Hz WQHD Samsung VA Panel, DVI HDMI 2.0 DisplayPort - VESA

  • Pro-Gaming Specs – The extra-large pc monitor clocks in at a blistering 144Hz refresh rate, pushing seamless frame transitions across a 2540x1440p WQHD monitor resolution. Automatic Overdrive guarantees an ultra-smooth 4ms response time.
  • Dynamic Colors – The bezel-less 1440p monitor panels deliver a wide color gamut, displaying 115% of the sRGB color spectrum. The LED monitor’s anti-glare screen can push 16.7M colors with a 1M:1 dynamic contrast ratio (3000:1 contrast ratio).
  • Connection Versatility – Mount the thin bezel monitor to a wall or any compatible 75x75 VESA mount monitor stand. Connect to other devices using DVI, HDMI 2.0, or DP 1.2. The GN32D works perfectly as a console gaming monitor and with external sound systems through its 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Enhanced Gameplay – Jump right into a winning streak with the GN32DB’s FPS/RTS viewing modes. Customize the LED monitor’s dynamics to suit your vision. Activate GamePlus manual targeting crosshairs and keep your aim razor-sharp. And with FreeSync, monitor lag is minimized.
  • Gold-Standard Support – 100% U.S.-based customer service support, available 7 days a week. New Viotek computer monitors are protected by our Zero-Tolerance Dead Pixel Policy and 3-Year Limited Warranty. We don’t play with dead pixels – neither will you!
VIOTEK GN32DB 32-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor with FreeSync, 1440p 144Hz WQHD Samsung VA Panel, DVI HDMI 2.0 DisplayPort - VESA
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u/ElonMesk · 1 pointr/pcparts

Sounds like you're making a killer build. Not familiar with blender? What does that do? The i9 is great for multithreaded applications like photoshop or after effects.

And yes, the 2080ti is an example match up for that card. I'd definitely recommend the EVGA FTW3. It's not cheap but it's the best silicon, with the best cooler, with a high boost clock, and with the best customer service which is something that is important for such an expensive component. Sometimes they do go on sale for like $60 off.

That monitor is an excellent pick for that card. There is also the LG ultragear ultrawide 144hz monitor but it's had quality issues so no longer recommended. Or you could go full ultrawide masterrace and go with the CRG9. It's popular on /r/ultrawidemasterrace that's for sure.

u/KingJanIIISobieski · 1 pointr/pcparts

Nice great monitor.

I'd go for slightly cheaper case. Either the Meshify C is a great option or the Cooler Master Masterbox if you wanna stick with the RGB.

I'd go a little higher end on the PSU. The Seasonic Focus Plus is a great tier 1 PSU and fully modular but if you don't want to spend more then go for a Corsair CX series which is semi modular at least. Or if you wanna maintain the RGB theme you could go with this Thermaltake PSU.

Double your SSD capacity and get a higher tier one for only a few bucks more with the WD Blue.. Or go with a M.2 form factor one since your MOBO has a slot for it.

Just some ideas. CPU and GPU are good combo, as is the RAM.

u/HugePair · 1 pointr/pcparts

What are you going to be using it for? Unless you are going to be using it as a workstation, I recommend stepping down to a i5 CPU. It's better for gaming and great for all around use.

Also any reason you went with that cooler? It's overpriced and the Hyper 212 will perform well, even with overclocking.

Now you can afford a nice motherboard like this one =]

Lastly, minor cost savings but this PSU is cheaper and more highly rated. Looks like it got restocked finally but I'd order it soon because these go out of stock a lot.

Otherwise looks great =]

u/johnnywahl · 1 pointr/pcparts

What's your build looking like right now?

FYI the 5700xt is a good choice. It's slightly better then the 2060 super and is on sale for a bit less

u/Sheilamainbattletank · 2 pointsr/pcparts

The Masterbox is a good option for that motherboard. Not the cheapest, but definitely cool looking.

edit: You could also go with the Lite version to save some $$.

u/Drone_U · 3 pointsr/pcparts

The ones that I am hoping for at the VIOTEK 32" monitors. I saw they had a decrease in price last week and I decided to go for them as they seem very high quality monitors. I had a VIOTEK before and was really satisfied of their quality so I am looking forward for these ones. If you have any other 2k-144hz monitors other than the Acer Predator you linked, I'd be happy to look at them. Though try to make them more around my budget ($600).

u/yeetus_said_fetus · 2 pointsr/pcparts

jesus christ- this one has more or less the same specs (I think it's a bit better actually) and it's at a reasonable price point

hope it helps

u/HankTheFrankTank · 3 pointsr/pcparts

Airflow is another important characteristic. You wanna get something like the Meshify C.

Also, you gotta like how it looks!