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u/BewareofHumans · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

It depends on your budget and your personal needs, but the best therapy option is CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). I'm going to throw a ton of info below for you or anyone interested with links throughout. Please DM if you have any more questions!

The very best trained in CBT you can find in Philly is at UPenn, who I have gone to for treatment with great success. They're renowned for their CBT program, you can't go wrong here, though they do not accept insurance, but you may be able to submit for reimbursement.

However, from my personal experience, I found the greatest relief using Skype therapy. I must emphasize though, NOT through the trendy apps like 'better help' ...but through a private therapist who lives in Australia. It was much cheaper and incredibly effective - I once hit a point in my life where I could not leave the house, gave up driving, and only left bed to eat. I was pretty sure the next step on the list was death...after CBT therapy I've done a complete 180. Other therapists had unfortunately made my condition worse. I can't recommend CBT more if it's coming from the right source - will list 'cbt' therapists, but it's not the same or as in depth as a center with CBT as it's main focus.
(Please DM for the personal info of the therapist I used.)

Also, this self help book (clinically proven in double blind studies to help depression), is written by the founder of CBT. It's helped my brother and multiple friends through rough patches and helped to change their thinking before committing to therapy. It's called "Feeling Good, the new mood therapy" by David D Burns.


Lastly, there is a site available through Australian gov't healthcare program. They're mental health treatment is much more regulated, focusing on CBT methods. There are so many free worksheets tailored to specific concerns. It's an amazing resource and should be required reading for all humans!


TL;DR: Click the last two links for inexpensive/free self help resources that are actually legit, and DM me if you have questions. I never had anyone help me or point me where to go and as a result suffered for over 10 yrs. I feel it's my duty to pass on what I've learned!!

u/iaintbrainwashed · 1 pointr/philadelphia

i often love people that promote one thing. Kodály may not be your thing, but Starker was the best cellist that ever lived. when i saw him in person playing solo Bach at the Walnut Street Theater many years ago, it was so beautiful I cried.

"This is Janos Starker's fifth recording of Bach's cello suites. His third set, for Mercury, is even more perfectly played. But the musical maturity, the subtlety of inflection and expression, in this set is truly incomparable. Unlike his earlier recordings, Starker now plays all the marked repeats in the score, making them an even richer experience. This playing satisfies all requirements of the head and the heart; it makes every point you want to hear, and it's profoundly moving. This recording is one of the best Bach sets in the catalogs, and one of the most justified Grammy awards ever." --Leslie Gerber

u/derlum · 3 pointsr/philadelphia

Totally doable, but know that neighborhood and elevation will matter. I bought a refurb of a Winegard FL5500C for ~$25 that is essentially the same as the Amazon amplified antenna. If you can afford to wait check and regularly, one will pop up for cheap.

Take your time and experiment patiently with placement. Second floor would've been most convenient for me but when I moved it to a window on the third floor over a lot of my neighbors' rooftops in Graduate Hospital, I got better results and a few more channels -- about 55 in total including all subchannels. A lot of those are 24/7 infomercial, religious, or foreign language, but there are some hidden gems. Channel 35 has multiple English-language subchannels of 24/7 news including France24 and NHK (Japan).

Another bit of info that doesn't surface often with these Leaf-type antennae is that you get much better reception if you keep the lead wire running in taut, straight lines. Not sure what the signal theory behind that is, but before I secured my lead to the window frame and it curled in lazy circles, my reception was spotty.

If your final placement ends up being convenient to a coax outlet, it might be worthwhile to plug in and distribute reception to the whole house/apartment, unless you have cable internet. Cable companies including Comcast use the same frequency bands for cable internet as OTA HDTV, and your TV signal will get stepped on if you try to share the line. I found that out the hard way.

Finally, if you like what you get over the air, think about possibly eventually hooking up a DVR solution to ease the transition from cable. I got an HDHomerun Plus and a Synology NAS that work together with Raspberry Pi boards connected to my TVs running XBMC. The end result is a whole-house DVR system with program guide that looks and feels very much like cable/satellite with the bonus of being able to watch on laptops/phones/tablets. It dumps recordings to H.264 MKV files on my NAS that I can copy and take with me. It's worked so beautifully for me that I've been meaning to put together a howto of my whole project but just haven't gotten around to it yet. In the meantime I'd be happy to answer any questions.

I hope this info is at least a little helpful. Sorry for the text wall, I guess I have a lot of info to dump since I just completed the transition myself. Good luck!

u/ZWXse · 3 pointsr/philadelphia

I hope you're doing your speed tests with a ethernet cord directly into your computer. Wifi can be affected by so many external things, especially in highly populated areas. If you need internet in your room and the modem is downstairs, think about getting a wall plug adapter.

FIOS is the best line of internet you can buy right now, so you should probably stick with it. Google Fiber can rival FIOS, but it's not here. I don't necessarily LOVE verizon and how they handle stuff (the strike is a good indicator of that) but they do offer a fast internet option for competitive prices.

My argument is basic: Comcast relies on old technology while Verizon offers high tech, literally light-speed technology. Comcast uses copper shielded cables, aka coaxial cables, they look like the same cable you plug into the back of your TV. Data is being sent over a copper wire. Fiber Optic relies on the speed of light to transmit data.

You share your cable internet with everyone on your block. Good luck trying to stream game of thrones when it comes out and everyone is trying to stream it simultaneously. With FIOS you have a dedicated line, so you get what you pay for.

With comcast or any cable provider, you'll run into more of the same, but with no fix in the future: they'll promise 120/60 and you'll get 20/10 during peak. Comcast ads love saying stuff like "not even FIOS can offer those speeds!". Yes, Comcast offers high Mbps speeds, but rarely can actually offer them. Especially at peak hours. Don't be duped by advertisements. Remember, you're sharing your internet access with all your neighbors. At least in the future, your FIOS can be fixed.

Sounds like they have an issue with their fiber lines, which you can only hope go away. If I were you (that is, have had experience with what comcast and fios really offer), I would stick it out with FIOS.

If you have Verizon DSL, that's your problem. Definitely don't use that.

tldr: Stick with the Fiber option, here's a video explaining the difference:

u/Mines_of_Moria · 1 pointr/philadelphia

I got this:

It works well, I get something like 20 channels. It does occasionally stutter or have issues, but for the most part the signal comes in clear. We pretty much use it to watch the news. It worked extremely well for the super bowl. I would be a little reluctant to watch a show I really cared about with it, as there is a good chance you would miss pieces of the show when you lose signal from time to time.

u/boot2big_bot · 1 pointr/philadelphia

Hi just adding flowers to their coffins.

McClure must be mentally ill.


By the way, my dad ran the Bordentown, NJ movie theater back in the 60s. I know the routes from there to where the incident supposedly happened. 130, 295 and the New Jersey Turnpike. Tons of gas stations. I hear they upped the passage west to Philly up again from 4 to 5. Glad they don't charge coming back. Unless she has an EZ Pass, with no cell phone and no money, she would have been homeless!!!

What has been just coming out in the press is what I knew back in January. Bobbitt, McClure and D'Amico signed a book contract VIA the Foundry LLC and the author is supposed to be Loretta Hunt. When me and Thom Nickels tried to pushed the Foundry in commenting whether or not this was a legitimate contract. All of a sudden the image of the contract was removed from Instagram.

The reason why that piece of paper was important to me was because Bobbitt was boasting about being an Author and that all of the people should purchase 10 to 15 books so he could become a New York Times Best Seller. Which was echoed with pay you back, name mentioned in the book and thank you in every way. Bobbitt, McClure, D'Amico and Hunt were all in party mode.


In one of McClure's Tweets, dated November 10th, she says:

Oh, and he's always right off the Delaware Ave/girard exit on I-95 south. If someone sees him do what u can please. He's always out there.


If you are from the area, you are already laughing. Delaware and Girard run parallel with I-95. Can you image he pileup because motorist got to where that had to decide to go straight down Girard or left. The left to Delaware Ave and the Sugar House Casino.

All of the images in my book are from Google Maps. A bit fuzzy when zoomed in but you can see Bobbitt there in October wearing his usual street clothes and in November, wearing that Red and black Windbreaker McClure gave him and a gas can with a silver funnel.

Only problem is, that gas can is round and reddish orange with a yellow band around it. That particular kind of gas can costs over $30 and is not sold in the area. The dark red plastic type is.

I sent the images of October and of November to Badway.

McClure's Twitter post has since be removed. I think you can understand why.


Please read my book. Its free for people with a kindle unlimited. And you can help me to smooth out any rough edges through your comments here.

This Vietnam Vet thanks you!


​, I'm dad!

u/redwoodser · 1 pointr/philadelphia

Hi, if you’re interested, and you can either install this yourself or find someone that can, and it’s pretty easy, you’re welcome to have it. I bought it as a suprise for my elderly next door neighbor last month, after hearing her complain for years about buying bottled water. After giving it to her, she declined to accept it. It’s brand new. In the box. Old habits are hard to break I guess.

I have a similar product, made by Nahla, under my kitchen sink, that I installed recently, that will last up to 3 years, and I fucking love the thing. I have NEVER paid for bottled water, and never will.

I would place the Woder Filter, which is in the box, in a bucket on my driveway near Temple U, and you would pick it up and we would not meet. I have given away stuff on my driveway to 5 or 6 redditors this way.

Also, unscrew your kitchen sink aerator, if that’s where you drink water from, and see if there are any pieces of lead or metal in there. Cleaning it out can be good for you. Later.

u/poopsicle88 · 5 pointsr/philadelphia

Theres a great book on philly that I'm working my way thru that any one from philly would love. So much stuff and the story of how the book was written is pretty cool as well

Philadelphia: A 300-Year History

u/gibberingfool · 21 pointsr/philadelphia

So I took the recipe a mixture from here (for core recipe) and here (for some advice on technique).

The recipe I used was this:

  • 3 cups of bread flour
  • 1 cup of tap water
  • 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter (slightly melted)
  • 1/2 tablespoon of dark brown sugar
  • 1.75 tablespoons of kosher salt
  • 1/2 tablespoon of instant active yeast
  • 1/8 cup of food grade lye (I used this) + 2 cups of water

    Some thoughts about the process:

  • I don't have a food processor/mixer, so I had to knead the dough by hand. As a result, the dough was not very stretchy, which made it pretty hard to achieve ideal Philly soft pretzel shape.
  • With regards to the shape, I really need to work on my technique. I feel like defaulting to normal pretzel shape comes more naturally. Any tips here?
  • Very happy with how the taste turned out. The dough was really good, and the lye provided the perfect golden brownness.
  • Handling lye sounds scary but it's really not that bad. I used a plastic bowl in an empty sink. And I made sure to carefully use gloves the entire time. Still, if you decide to use lye, proceed with caution. I don't really plan to use baking soda, since no legit bakery I know uses this method.
  • I accidentally forgot to set a timer when I put the pretzels in the oven, so half of them came out a little dark. Actually kind of glad this happened, because they didn't burn but achieved more of a dark pretzel-type flavor.
u/turnpikenorth · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

If you are into this sort of thing, the book Philadelphia: a 300 Year History has a lot of great pictures from all throughout the city's history as well as great text to learn everything there is to know.

u/sparkyy192 · 11 pointsr/philadelphia

I have this filter on my sink's cold water line. Last month out of curiosity I bought an EPA water test kit. Came back negative for any heavy metals, bacteria, nitrites, pesticides, or chlorine. Good enough for me.

I don't know what it would be like unfiltered, but for peace of mind I always run it through a filter just to account for things like old pipes.

u/beansjawns · 1 pointr/philadelphia

Ah, yes. Meant to say if you don't buy your own modem/router. Also, u/beep41 -- I have an ARRIS Surfboard SB-6121 rated for up to 172 Mbps if you want it. You'd still need a wifi router to complete your setup, but it's a solid little modem in perfect condition.

u/MRC1986 · 3 pointsr/philadelphia

This is a better book.

Saw the author and illustrator at The Rosenbach back in May. Got myself a signed copy. There's a recipe for Fish House Punch inside. The lecture event had some, it was strong but good.

u/lost-picking-flowers · 9 pointsr/philadelphia

In the meantime.. :D.

Art museum/fairmount area strikes me as quite quiet and very nice in general - I stayed around there for a week before my apartment was ready to move in to and it was really quite peaceful at night.

u/Jethro_Cull · 1 pointr/philadelphia

I have a new AppleTV w/ Netflix and Hulu subscriptions. I also use my parents password for cable TV channels like FX, ESPN, and NBCSN. I also use this antenna, which works great 100% of the time:

u/My_Business_Acct · 3 pointsr/philadelphia

Mine mute/dampen enough noise that I can read uninterrupted, but they're not canceling 100% of noises without music. I just bought these a few months ago. It looks like the price went up, but you can set an alert on camel camel camel for when they come back down. I found them using The Wirecutter blog, which I've found very accurate based on multiple products I'm now using.

u/ragingblackmage · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

I use this antenna in my attic, it gets all the major networks flawlessly.

compact outdoor antenna

This is by far the best guide for setting up an antenna that I've found, from the sidebar of r/cordcutters

how to use TV Fool

u/Green_Go5 · 1 pointr/philadelphia

I just received this today, and I'm on the 10th floor of a 26 floor building in center city, my windows face another building, and I just pulled in 50 channels.

The good - I get CBS, FOX, and NBC, so the majority of games are covered.

The bad - No 6ABC, but you'll probably have a better chance.

u/ID10T_Err0r · 3 pointsr/philadelphia

Check out a front basket like the classic Wald:

Get some bungees or old innertubes to keep stuff from bouncing out of the basket. You can also strap a foam cooler in the basket for a cheap insulated solution.


u/envriogis · 2 pointsr/philadelphia

You can rent their modem for $7 a month or buy one of your own. I have this one. It's a decent modem, keeps up with the speeds and it's pretty popular for people who are trying to avoid the rental fee. Keep in mind you will need a wireless router also if you want wifi. A lot of the modems Comcast gives out with their service have built in wifi/modem combos.

u/MichaelMoniker · 1 pointr/philadelphia

Bought this but a 50 mile version.

Been running the channel search a few times. Turned everything off and on and unplugged and plugged stuff back in.

I'm just confused why it showed up when I first plugged it in and was coming in perfectly and now it's not coming in at all.

u/bltst2 · -2 pointsr/philadelphia

Do yourself a favor and buy one of these (Chef's Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station, Platinum

It's worth every penny.

u/[deleted] · 26 pointsr/philadelphia

Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair - 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Work, Travel & Loud Events

u/modus · 1 pointr/philadelphia

You're going to want to use a directional Yagi antenna. I got this one and get ABC at 100%. If you need other types of mounting hardware, has a good selection.

Also, remember not to use an amplifier first. Using an amplifier unnecessarily, can overmodulate the signal.

u/Brolonious · 5 pointsr/philadelphia

This book has a recipe for it.

City Tavern would be your best bet but looking on the website now, it doesn't seem to have it.

Also ask the folks at Art in the Age this book is recent from them and they might know more.

u/phiberoptick · 1 pointr/philadelphia

there is a lot of mis information out there. is pretty good. i wasted a lot of money and effort. people say DE is good but you want 100% silica powder like this and these strips. the powder put all over. then put all your shit in plastic tubs with one of those strips. as you put stuff into tubs clean it with rubbing alcohol. its a metric fuck ton of work, but it can be done.