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u/baccaruda66 · 1 pointr/photomarket

I'll check that out but I also did say "OBO", thanks.



Well, I checked Amazon and eBay before listing this and they (still) start out MORE expensive than mine. Thanks for your comment but I'm going to leave mine at $1500 OBO for now.

u/H82BL8 · 1 pointr/photomarket

Let me know if interested. It includes several items not included with the initial bag purchase

photo insert

[rain cover] (°-Horizon-Backpack-Charcoal/dp/B00WX8XBTE/ref=pd_bxgy_421_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00WX8XBTE&pd_rd_r=1MQZCZZFZ1QVK0WF6AN0&pd_rd_w=fI6fq&pd_rd_wg=XagUC&psc=1&refRID=1MQZCZZFZ1QVK0WF6AN0)

tripod suspension kit

All that stuffs pretty standard bag accessories but the tripod suspension kit is actually pretty sweet and I debated keeping it, if you aren't interested in it.

u/fatherjokes · 7 pointsr/photomarket

It's $110 on Amazon. Can't beat that with a stick.

If that's too much, check out the Yongnuo f1.8. I picked one up on eBay for $40. Amazing value. It takes great photos.

u/cup-o-farts · 1 pointr/photomarket

There's a few different ones. Nice ones and cheap knock offs like anything else. I don't personally own one but I've looked at some. If I were buying I'd probably buy one of this guy's grips.

He's the most popular. Considering size is an issue the ones with a thick base could help with that. Just Google wooden grips for the x100s you'll see others.

u/lawxninja · 1 pointr/photomarket

Great tripod. I love the grip and the quick release. Here it is on Amazon:

Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum 5-Section Tripod Kit with Hybrid Head, Black (MKCOMPACTACN-BK)

u/MegsHusband16 · 1 pointr/photomarket

You can purchase these brand new on amazon for $125 or used for about $80.
This is a great lens and I know you’ll be happy with it when you get one!

u/D1rty0n3 · 7 pointsr/photomarket

That's a stretch paying that much for a used camera. With warranty or not.

$1650 brand new

With 3 year plan= $1725

Battery grip $160

total is $1885.00

50 af brand new $230.

Now total is $2115. That means you are selling used equpiment with a partially used warranty for $15 less than buying everything brand new.

Not being a dick, but that is a rip off bud. I just looked on amazon for pretty much everything and didn't even bother looking for the cheapest prices. I bet I could get all of that new for 1900. Might want to check your prices

u/Karmaroo · 1 pointr/photomarket

I've got this lens I'll sell you for $250
or this lens I'll sell you for $100

I'm in the Bay Area so feel free to meet up try the lenses and choose whichever you'd like. PM me for more details! Happy holidays

u/nanotothemoon · 1 pointr/photomarket

I have one with the grip/battery bundle pretty much brand new. So I guess not exactly what you are looking for price wise probably. Let me know though because I definitely want it gone.

Edit: this bundle

u/welcmhm · 2 pointsr/photomarket

I'm selling an Altura Flash kit, though it has two flashes and some accessories, which may be more than you need. Plus, the E-TTL doesn't work with some of the newer Canon models. It worked with my 70D, but not my 80D. Details are here: If you're just looking for a single flash, and your camera is supported, you can just buy a single Altura flash on Amazon at your budget: Just make sure that E-TTL is compatible with your camera. There's a compatibility list at the bottom of the Product Description section on the Amazon listing.

u/TheDevitalizer · 1 pointr/photomarket

I'd love to. Currently hauling around a borrowed aluminum manfrotto. Which is great for some things, terrible for travel.

Is this the one you're selling? Mainly curious on folding and carbon fiber.

u/OPisTheBoss · 2 pointsr/photomarket

The 50mm f1.8 is great for this. They're $125 on Amazon, but you can find the older version (still good, what I have) for less than $100.

u/AutoRedialer · 1 pointr/photomarket

Hey there, is Meike specifically with a Sony E-Mount or is like and compatible with all micro 4/3?

u/DontGetEliminated · 1 pointr/photomarket

Yes it does. This is the exact item:

I've updated the description to include this. Thanks for looking!

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 0 pointsr/photomarket

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u/Plan2Exist18 · 1 pointr/photomarket

I believe it is actually the FX. Here is a link to the lens on Amazon