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u/TroyDowling · 41 pointsr/physicsgifs

If you mean near the anode of the battery between the two humps of wire, I don't think so. Looks like the reflection on the hump whizzing by the camera real fast. However, in an inductive load like a motor, if not handled, you can expect to see sparks when the circuit is broken.


u/prospective_client · 25 pointsr/physicsgifs

Wrong subreddit u/AgileStretch but That's the Clue Luxury Edition by Winning Solutions. They make pretty cool editions of classics.

u/mrhamsandwich · 40 pointsr/physicsgifs

If anyone is interested, there's a really fun board game based on this concept called Yikerz. Basically, you try to fit as many magnets onto a game board as you can without causing a chain reaction.

u/SoobieDoobieDude · 50 pointsr/physicsgifs

Saw a guy at a music festival a few weeks ago wearing one of these as a bracelet and was definitely mesmerized! watching it crawl up and down his arm as he danced was fantastic and I wanted to ask him what it was or where he got it but lost him in the crowd before I could. So thanks for posting this with the name. That allowed me to find it on Amazon.

u/tmakaro · 10 pointsr/physicsgifs

In my experience, most physicists write spaghetti code with no documentation that is a nightmare for others to work with, and even the original author of the code after not looking at it for a while.

While I don't think my code is that bad, I do think that I could have structured it to have fewer global variables by making better use of functions.

Here is a few quick tips for jupyter notebooks specifically. Here is a book on writing clean code. I would also recommend reading the python style guide (pep8 and pep257). I'd also highly recommend learning how to use a linter such as pycodestyle or pylint.

u/7LeagueBoots · 1 pointr/physicsgifs

Not too difficult with a lathe and careful measurements.

You can buy a really high-end one here though.

This page as some good ones too

u/ExperimentalFailures · 1 pointr/physicsgifs

Levitation kit is easy to find

Haven't seen any of these you can spin before though.

u/RyanTheCynic · 1 pointr/physicsgifs

Same principle as the thin film that does the same, except easier to see how it functions.

The film I’m talking about

u/SirSoliloquy · 3 pointsr/physicsgifs

I think this is it, but the one review of the book on Amazon makes me believe the author is, in fact, a crackpot.

>Manson explains how most of the anomalies we find on this earth and its most dramatic features are only 6 to 12 thousand years old. Most all occurred in the year of the flood of Noah.

I think I'll stick with the other book of the same title. Seems more scientifically accurate.

u/warsy26 · 5 pointsr/physicsgifs

Found it on Amazon here, but it might be cheaper on Vat19 or elsewhere. Google "blue magnetic putty".

u/adamwho · 25 pointsr/physicsgifs

I bet you are not from the US because "pipe cleaner" means something slightly different ( and no, I am not making a dirty joke).

u/tresser · 8 pointsr/physicsgifs

reading your post i was reminded i own a similar game, but i never play it