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u/12GaugeSavior · 2 pointsr/portablism

Can't find that one, but now I'm thinking of adding a spindle to something like this. Thanks for the idea!

u/dhcp138 · 1 pointr/portablism

So what you want to do is get one of these :

Then put the cart on the tonearm and set the stylus down on the scale and see what it reads. then adjust your tracking force knob until the scale says 4.25 (this has been the sweet spot for me with these carts) then set the dial readout to 0.25 since yeah it only goes up to 3.9

also make sure that your tonearm is level

u/topforthis · 1 pointr/portablism

I had this issue and I purchased a skratch steady ring. It keeps the platter from wobbling and keeps it steady when you have your hand on.

It could also be that your slipmat isnt slipping or you're using too much pressure.

Idealy you wouldn't be putting pressure on the motor or stopping the platter when scratching on the pt01.

u/jezburger · 3 pointsr/portablism

Latching Push Button Switch, URTONE UR129, 1NO ON/OFF DC/AC 36V 2A Aluminum Alloy Metal Shell Suitable for 12mm 1/2" Mounting Hole (Black)