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u/DunDunt · 8 pointsr/sharks

It's an older book but one I am very partial to because it got me started: Great White Shark by Richard Ellis and John McCosker

Another interesting read is The Lady and the Sharks by Eugenie Clark. This was about setting up Cape Haze Laboratory (now Mote Marine Laboratory) which studies sharks primarily. She has a great writing style and the focus on the research is interesting. During this time Genie was running tests on lemon sharks which ultimately proved sharks were capable of being trained and learning to feed at particular targets. Her papers on this subject are fascinating too. Those are on Google scholar if you're interested or PM me if you need help.

Fora general field guide or handbook on sharks I'd go with Dr. Greg Skomal's guide: the shark handbook
Most overall shark books tend to be geared more towards kids but Dr. Skomal does a great job not dumbing things down. The photos are great too.

u/Zisx · 1 pointr/sharks

Sharks: Perfect Predators one of the best well rounded books on sharks for general information and practical examples. After reading I was finally more hooked on sharks over tetrapods lol

u/bellabs12 · 4 pointsr/sharks

Thank you :) and yes! I just put it on Amazon :)

u/KnyazUK · 4 pointsr/sharks

Saw a post about the shark tee in this thread and decided to share my creation as well :)
You can purchase the tee here-

u/jdlsharkman · 1 pointr/sharks

I have a model of a shark that has all the internal organs modeled, with one side being clear. You can find one here:

Alternatively, if you want to go for a big budget item, Megalodon teeth are surprisingly cheap! ^^^relatively Only $200.

u/tmolesky · 2 pointsr/sharks

This was my first book on sharks that my dad bought me in early 80's:

Still have it - it's awesome.

u/MizukiAyu · 1 pointr/sharks

I suppose that depends on how mature the 11 year old is. Like others have said, you tend to get goodies to represent the shark or the foundation that you adopt through, so there's certainly a tangible aspect there. If you know what about sharks the kid likes, you can gear it towards that. If they like how they look, a nice picture-heavy encyclopedia sort of book teaching about the various species of sharks would be my choice. If they are more interested in Hollywood's violent shark, I wouldn't want to encourage that behavior and would stick with the toys instead. I personally like these wooden puzzles though I haven't used this particular one.

My sisters have bought me various shark things throughout the years (lots of plush toys, so many) such as slippers (can't find the exact ones I got, but they weren't great. Stick to ones that go over the heel) and one even made me a shark laundry bag.

u/ChicagoMemoria · 6 pointsr/sharks

Give this one a go:

There are probably several on the same page that would suffice as well.

u/Bagel_Mode · 1 pointr/sharks

I have that book and have read it cover-to-cover. It's good but it isn't full of a huge list of species, which I think you want in this situation. I feel that this book has a much larger list of sharks with plenty of detail on them.

u/Suicidal_pr1est · 5 pointsr/sharks

Fish Do The Strangest Things

Possibly this book. I’m looking for my copy.

u/Cyve · 1 pointr/sharks

Try Extinct.
[](Book on amazon)

It's decent.

Speaking of the Meg - That series is 7 or 8 books long by Steve Alten and features many Meg's. And sharks and what not.

u/Drugga · 2 pointsr/sharks

Dont know if this is something up your alley. I have one on my wall and the colors are incredible!