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u/gaiden_ninja · 2 pointsr/shieldbro

I would suggest amazon. Its where I got all 13 volumes that are currently out. They're pretty lengthy. But they're (mostly) fantastic. I found 1-7 to be really fun and great reads. 8-10 I got very bored of and trudged through. But 11-13 is even better than the beginning volumes and blew my mind it made the previous slog worth it.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 01

u/KKHHFF · 1 pointr/shieldbro

I'm not sure if you can read it online for free but you can order the books Kindle and physical version on Amazon. I'm sure most book stores likes Barnes and Noble will also sell it.

u/theguyfromuncle420__ · 1 pointr/shieldbro

I’m honestly glad they tuned naofumi down. Honestly he’s so edgy especially in vol 4 when he’s renaming bitch and trash, it honestly was hard to keep reading

The amazon review section agreed with me too: The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 04

u/Konigwolf2 · 5 pointsr/shieldbro

Is this official merch? If so ill pre-order right now!

PULCHRA The Rising of The Shield Hero: Raphtalia 1: 7 Scale PVC Figure, Multicolor

u/huex4 · 3 pointsr/shieldbro

The Reprise of the Spear Hero/Yari no Yuusha Yarinaoshi light novel is currently licensed by One Peace Books and volume 1 seems to be already translated to English.

Regarding the WN version, I don't think there is anyone is translating it, I'm not sure.

u/JMACOB · 1 pointr/shieldbro

You can buy them from YenPress here
Or you can read the translations from here

u/DarkestSeer · 1 pointr/shieldbro

I recently bought the first 2 volumes of the manga in store and decided I'd check when the 3rd manga volume would be available on amazon. Saw that underneath was a link saying people also bought these with it... And bam book covers for 5 and 6.

Book 5 August 23, 2016
Book 6 November 22, 2016

Hell it was hard just finding it again. They might be listed in different categories than the first few books.

Also the descriptions can be a bit spoilery.

Book 5

Book 6